About this blog


Welcome to my humble abode! Here, my friends, is where I’ll be sharing my views about video games and anime that catch my eye. Reviews, lists, you name it. Being a huge fan of detective-like stories, adventure, and quite the romantic, my main interests lie in mystery, otome games and RPGs. Of course, this doesn’t mean that other types of games won’t be mentioned here, but they’ll be less significant.

Regarding reviews, they will mostly contain spoilers so if you wanna avoid those be sure to jump to “conclusive thoughts”, where I give my final thoughts on them. Lists will mainly function as a personal guide to take note of the games I’ve played.

I’ve recently become an indie dev so I’ll make release posts about my own games too. My mother tongue is Spanish so they’ll be available in that language as well. There’ll also be some posts about my translations.

Without further ado, let’s get gaming!