Action-Adventure game review: The Liar Princess and The Blind Prince


Hello everyone! Here I am with a brand new review! This time is from a recent adventure game that came out for the Switch and PS4. The Liar Princess & The Blind Prince is, essentially, a fairytale love story with reminiscences of The Little Mermaid and The Beauty & The Beast.

Once upon a time, in a forest next to a kingdom from a faraway land, there was a wolf who had a beautiful voice and sang towards the moon, high atop a cliff, every night. Her voice was so beautiful that it attracted a young prince, who ventured out of the kingdom and into the dangerous forest, just to hear her song. The wolf noticed the prince and was flattered by his applause, so she too looked forward to sing every night, in hopes that he would clap for her singing again. However, the prince’s curiosity led him to try to figure out the wolf’s identity so, one night, after she finished her song, he climbed atop the cliff. Scared to make the prince horrified by her look, the wolf attempted to cover his eyes, but ended up hurting them instead, leaving him blind. Due to his blindness, the prince brought shame to the royal family and was locked away in the castle’s tower. The wolf was worried about him and angry about how he was being treated, so she went to the witch of the forest to request her help. In exchange for her singing voice, the witch transformed her into a princess, so that she would be able to take the prince’s hand; but still gave her the ability to transform back into a wolf, so that she could protect the prince in the journey towards her magical house.

And so, after managing to escape from the castle’s tower, the liar princess and the blind prince begin their journey into the forest to reach the witch’s house…

NOTE: This review contains some spoilers so, if you really want to avoid them, head to conclusive thoughts.

As much as I like this game, I’m going to start this review with a rant. I had to play the game twice in order to get all the collectibles and get a better grasp of the story. This is because, despite the game always letting you know the mechanics of the game beforehand; for some reason, it doesn’t show you how the hell you should open the pause menu. PS4 controls are more intuitive, but, for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out where the bloody hell the menu was on the Switch, which is where I played the game. Turns out the pause menu opens when you press on the “+” sign. Yeah, I’m probably dumb for not realizing this sooner but, if the game was going to be so detailed in explaining all the game mechanics the way it did (even going as far as to say ‘use L to move’), it really should have included a small message that said “to open the pause menu, press +”. As simple as that.

The pause menu in this game also contains sections for all the collectibles

Okay, now that that rant is out of the way, let’s move on to the actual review 😆 .

The game begins with a cutscene of the summary I wrote at the beginning of this review, which functions as the prologue. It also explains the main mechanics in the game: how to transform into a princess and back into a wolf, and how to hold the prince’s hand, so as to lead him due to his blindness. Once they both enter the forest, chapter 1 begins. Without taking the prologue into account, there are 6 chapters with 21 stages in total. In the first 5 chapters, you’ll need to collect petals and flowers; in the last one, you’ll have a boss fight.

There are five petals to collect in each stage; the white petal on the Sleeping Turtle’s Nest stage means there’s still one left to collect
Each flower gives you a peek of the witch’s story and you can also see the cutscenes from the game whenever you like through the ‘memories’

Like I mentioned previously, I had to play this game twice; so, on my first playthrough, I had not idea what was the purpose of collecting petals and flowers. Once I found the pause menu on my second run, I finally got it: the collectibles in this game give you not only rewards but also a better grasp of the story. The petals reward you with several images of beautiful concept art, while the flowers reveal the witch’s backstory through short text summaries. The pause menu also has a trophy section for certain achievements to complete. Most of them are fairly easy to obtain, but the trickiest ones are those that make you complete a stage without killing any enemies or in a certain amount of time (and by that I mean in less than 3 minutes, haha…ha).

The first concept art image you unlock
A Way of Love was one of the most difficult trophies to get

What I really love about this game is the way the narrative cutscenes integrate into the gameplay. The cutscenes have a fairytale-like feel, with the narrator telling the story as if she were reading a picture book to us (in fact, this is very much the case, since there are “book pages” turning during the cutscenes). It’s fascinating, it’s beautiful and it really lets you immerse yourself into this adorable tale of love. Actually, story-wise, the reason why the game introduces the ‘collect flowers’ mechanic is because the princess wants to make the prince feel better when, at one point, he’s attacked by a raccoon; so she gives him flowers to make him happy 🌼 .

The art in this game is truly fantastic and a feast for the eyes. Even without looking at the concept art images, you can feel just how much care was put into making the characters’ designs, the backgrounds and the animations; they all complement each other and make the full visual experience rewarding. The same can be said about the music. Just like the art, it fits this fantasy love story very well and, to put it simply, it’s awesome.

Going back to the gameplay, apart from the platformer thingies where the game always explains what to do, there are also puzzles. Although they can be a bit tricky, they’re not impossible to figure out. Personally, I wish the puzzles could have been more riddle-like rather than just basic math. Still, there is one puzzle that’s hard enough (it took a freaking long while for me to figure out what the hell I was supposed to do lol) the game lets you skip it; though I don’t recommend it because you’ll be missing a flower and 5 petals. The puzzles weren’t the hardest aspect of the game, though. I think the platformer gameplay was more challenging. Maybe not the first levels but as you advance on the story…let me say that you’ll want to hit the prince for falling so much. Yes, the fall damage in this game is savage. You can even die from barely missing the mushrooms you’re supposed to fall (and jump) on to avoid breaking your freaking bones 😆 . Being that as it may, I was really happy to see that the prince wasn’t merely a lad in distress and actually contributed to the gameplay; in fact, there are many things you can’t do if he’s not with you (like handling fire). Personally, I think the hardest parts of the game were the boss stage (which makes sense being the last one) as well as the pacifist and speed challenges that got you trophies.

Now, let’s move on to the story itself. I really like the way The Liar Princess & The Blind Prince used other fairy tales (The Beauty & The Beast and The Little Mermaid) to create one of its own. Even though the wolf is supposed to be “a monster” she’s still very sweet and innocent and I loved seeing how she slowly started to develop as a character. True, there are certain aspects of her that reveal her most ‘beast like’ personality, but it’s to be expected when she’s a wolf; of course she’s gonna eat raw meat 😆 . Still, the best part of her character is how she can be brave and badass as well as sweet and vulnerable. She was so endearing that I couldn’t help rooting for her. The character I wasn’t very convinced about was the prince. It’s kind of strange and hilarious how he would have no clue about what the hell was going on, even when the wolf was killing monsters right next to him 😆 . I would have liked for him to question his surroundings a bit more but, then again, that would’ve probably been difficult due to the nature of the story. I still like him and think he’s cute but I guess he pales in comparison to the wolf/princess. Speaking of the princess, the way the story handled the ‘big reveal’ of her lie was nice. It’s what followed afterwards that didn’t leave me very satisfied, especially the ending. For one, I found it to be a bit predictable compared to the rest of the story. And, I don’t know, I guess I was expecting more? The ending was still adorable and I loved how the credits showed the prince looking for flowers to make a bouquet to the wolf; that was a really nice detail (even the main menu changes). However, I still wish there was something more to it, I felt it was bit lacking. Well, at least it was a happy ending, only somewhat bittersweet. As for the witch, she was cool, nothing outstanding, but reading her backstory adds a lot to understanding her character, especially the reason for her anger in the last stage.



This was such cute game! It’s not very often we get a strong female protagonist, who’s badass and sweet at the same time, that does the rescuing instead of being the typical damsel in distress. That was a breath of fresh air. It’s not common either to see games with female protagonists and a male love interest when you take otome games out of the picture. Unfortunately, the game world is dominated by the straight male figure, so cute stories like this one don’t get to see the light very often. This game has its share of flaws, though: it doesn’t tell you how to open the pause menu despite giving you instruction on really simple mechanics (like how to move); some of the puzzles are more similar to simple math problems rather than riddles; there isn’t much replay value; and the last part of the story, despite being cute, is a bit predictable and leaves a bit to be desired. Other than that, the game is good. The characters are adorable, the art is beautiful and the music is an amazing treat for your ears. Personally, I don’t think it’s very expensive at 20 dollars considering the Japanese version is more than 7000 yens. Yeah, it may be a bit short and have little replay value but when you take a look at all the visually pleasing aspects of the game as well as the music…I can’t really argue with the price, but to each their own. By the way, if you’re having trouble completing the game, take a look at this walkthrough.

My verdict on The Liar Princess & The Blind Prince? I absolutely recommend it. It will definitely leave a smile on your face.

That’s all folks! Thanks a lot for reading until the end, feel free to comment and see you next post!! (≧∇≦*)/


3 comentarios sobre “Action-Adventure game review: The Liar Princess and The Blind Prince

  1. Great review about the game :)! I had wanted to play it before but I wasn’t entirely sure what with the japanese price of the game being 7000 yen @v@;; (Why thoo??). But I’m happy to know it isn’t as expensive in the English store.

    I’m actually surprised from one of the screenshots you posted that there was a blue background. I guess I got so used to thinking that the entire theme was yellow that I didn’t actually look at gameplay, but honestly the art looks so beautiful!

    I now want to know the full story in the game, so I think I’ll probably get it in the future >v<!

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Thank you! Yeah, 7000 yen is waaaay too much but 20 dollars isn’t so bad. What’s a bit more pricey is the physical limited edition which is 40 dollars, I think, but then again it also has a lovely art book.

      Oh, yes! That stage is really beautiful and looks sort of like an ice cave. I forgot what it was called but it’s one of my favorites ❤ The art really is super pretty!!

      Hehe the story is adorable, I hope you enjoy the game whenever you decide to get it!! 😀

      Me gusta


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