The T.A.P Tag: Games


Hello everyone! This is a fun tag that’s been going around recently to make tanka poems about Anime or Games. Tanka (which literally means “short poem”) is a genre of  classical Japanese poetry. In this tag I’ll explain three games in tanka form.

Tagged by sweet Annie. Check out her blog, she has lots of adorable poems ❤ .

The Rules:

  • Headline your post with “The T.A.P. Tag!” and put “tanka” as one of your tags.
  • Make sure to link back to the original post that started the tag (this post!).
  • Make sure to mention the person who forced introduced the tag to you!
  • Pick 1-3 of your favorite anime. (Games in this case)
  • Write your tanka about the anime/game you’ve chosen. It’s fine if you decide to do only one or two if the schedule is tight.
  • Tag at least 3 or more bloggers you know, and get their creative muscles flowing.

NOTE: It’s very difficult for me to pick favorite games since there are a lot that I love; the only one I can truly say it’s my favorite is Rune Factory 4. So the remaining two will be games I like a lot.

Rune Factory 4


Fall from the sky

Onto a dragon’s head

Into a foreign land

Grow crops and befriend people

Get married and defeat evil

Collar x Malice


There’s a collar on you neck

And a criminal on the loose

Work together with detectives

Your morals may be questioned

But not your aim

Ghost Trick


Your death is a mystery

Your soul can save lives

Possess objects and do tricks

Go back four minutes

Rewind time

Spread the love ❤

I hope it’s okay to tag you, I’d love to see your poems 😀 Feel free to ignore the tag if you don’t want to do it, though! 😛

Leafy @ Leafさんの夢が。。。

Krystallina @ Daiyamanga

Pokeninja @ Nice Job Breaking it, Hero

16 comentarios sobre “The T.A.P Tag: Games

    1. Hehe ❤ I hope to see more of them!! Your writing is really nice heartwarming 😀

      Collar x Malice is such a good game that I really hope the fandisk is localized ;__; Hehe, yeah, Rune Factory 4 is pretty simple, but soooo good 😆

      Le gusta a 1 persona

      1. Lol wth 😆 I wonder why the gender bending? Maybe because it’s an otome game so there’s a reverse harem??? Dunno, really weird lol. Mind bending…well, the game does make you question what’s right and what’s wrong so maybe that’s why? Who knows 😆

        Le gusta a 1 persona


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