Short Anime to watch when you’re sad


Hello everyone! Happy new year! It’s been a while since I made a recommendation post and I figured, why not make an anime one, for once? I’m someone who’s prone to get sad and stressed duringholiday-season so, in order to cheer myself up, I tend to watch anime that’ll make me smile. This got me thinking: “How about I share a list of anime that made me feel a lot better when I was going through tough times? I bet someone could do with it when they’re sad and aren’t sure what could cheer them up”. Another positive thing about this is that these series of anime that I’ll be recommending are pretty short (12/13 episodes usually, unless there’s a second season), so you don’t have to worry about taking ages to complete them like Detective Conan or some other lengthy one 😆 .

Without further ado, let’s begin! (*^▽^)/


The anime in this section are ones with episodes that last less than the frequent 25 minutes. They range from 3 to 12 minutes but are totally worth it!! Also, most of the series here come from 4-koma manga.


Tsurezure Children

Ah, young love…who hasn’t seen a good shoujo romance anime at least once? I’ve already mentioned this anime before, in this post, but since this is for the sake of a recommendation list for anime to watch when you’re sad, I thought it deserved a mention. This anime follows several high school couples (or couples-to-be) and the way they interact with each other. Each couple has its own share of difficulties and it’s fun to see what each may be. In the end, it all comes down to hilarious love and, while there’s certainly a lot of comedy here, there are heartwarming moments as well.


Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san

This one is fairly recent since it barely got out of season, but I really think it deserves mention nonetheless. To be perfectly honest, when I first saw the promotional art, my first thought was “wtf is this shit”. Then I saw the first episode and resolved: “oh, it’s shit, alright, it’s very good shit”. This anime follows the (mis)adventures of Honda-san in his place of work: a library. That’s it. It doesn’t have any complex story or anything, just a daily recap of several situations that can happen to you if you’re a librarian. My favorite episodes are the ones involving foreigners 😆 .


Uchuu Patrol Luluco

If you thought Honda-san was ridiculous with his skull-face, you haven’t seen anything. Everything about this series is ridiculous. So ridiculous that it’s funny. For starters, aliens and humans live together with each other. And in this bizarre world you have Luluco, who, ironically, wants to be normal 😆 . But unfortunately for her, she accidentally breaks her dad into little ice pieces and has to replace him as an employee in the Space Patrol, an organization that fights crime in… well, space, lmao. To make matters worse, Luluco’s costume makes her bend in such a way that she turns into a freaking gun 😆 . What a whirlwind of events!


Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara

Even though I don’t drink alcohol, it didn’t prevent me from enjoying this adorable series. Chisato is an office worker who’s very serious and apparently “dislikes” drinking alcohol. Truth is, though, whenever she gets drunk, she lets out a cute persona that she only shows to her husband Sora, a bartender who, coincidentally, makes her a tasty drink (and meal) every evening after she arrives home from work. Each episode also comes with a little bonus that shows you the ingredients for each drink that Sora makes. Apart from the alcohol focus, I also like how this series portrays a cute and healthy relationship between a married couple.


Ojisan to Marshmallow

Hige is a middle-age office worker who absolutely ADORES marshmallows. So much so that it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say he’s obsessed with them. His 24-year old coworker, Wakabayashi, is in love with him and uses his marshmallow-obsession to her advantage by teasing him every day, so as to get closer to him. Hige, however, has no clue she feels this way 😆 so this ends up with hilarious situations every single time. What truly shines in this series, as you may have imagined, is Wakabayashi. She’s super funny in her attempts to seduce Hige but, truth be told, her love is so sincere that you can’t help but root for her. I SHIP IT!!


Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken

My personal favorite from this section. What good can come from a marriage between a hardcore otaku who makes a living as a blogger and an office lady who gets drunk pretty easily? Apparently a lot of good since this series even got a second season despite each episode being 3 minutes long. There isn’t a single marriage-focused anime out there that I’ve seen which surpasses this one. Yes. It is THAT good and EVERYONE should watch. I’m totally not biased on this one. Comedy aside, which is hilarious, this anime explores Kaoru’s and Hajime’s married life and how you don’t need to share interests to be compatible. Like every couple, they have their insecurities and their fights but they always strive to support each other through thick and thin, and to make each other happy.


The anime in this section are ones that give you a sort of fluffy feeling when watching them. They’re very light-hearted and have a lot of adorable things about them.


Beelzebub-jou no Okinimesu Mama

Just like Honda-san, another recent release. This anime is fluffiness itself because there’s so much mofu mofu that you’ll turn into a fluffy alpaca yourself 😆 . The story is set in the Pandemonium (aka hell), something you’d never guess unless it was mentioned since the series’ predominant color palette is pastels; which a demon (who’s a fluffy-things’ enthusiast) called Beelzebub rules over. Her assistant, Mullin, is a tsundere cinnamon roll who is impossible not to love (quite literally, cause’ Bell herself falls in love with him). The other demons who work in the Pandemonium are all equally adorable and each episode fills you with a pretty big dose of fluffiness and sweetness.


Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge

Tanaka-kun is a high schooler who’s, possibly, the laziest person in the world. His biggest dream is to lead an uneventful life and laze as much as possible. If it wasn’t for his friend Oota, who tends to carry him everywhere 😆 , this guy would be quite hopeless. The irony in this anime is that Tanaka-kun leads a school life that is anything BUT calm 😆 . He meets new people who he forms new friendships with, spends time with them, gets into situations where he has to put an effort, among others. I wasn’t sure if I should put this anime in this section or the heartwarming one but, nonetheless, it’s still a cute series that gives you sort of a fluffy feeling.


Miira no Kaikata

My favorite from this section. This anime follows the story of Sora, a high schooler who gets bizarre (and insane) presents from his adventurous father (who travels around the world). However, this time, Sora gets quite an adorable gif: a little mummy; which he begins to look after. This series is a delight to watch and really puts a smile on your face. All of the characters are endearing and each of the main high school kids gets its own “monster” partner. In Sora and Mii’s (the mummy) case, it felt like a mother and son bond and, honestly, one of the most touching relationships I’ve ever seen. I recommend this anime to every single person because it’s impossible not to smile after diving into this adorable world.


The anime in this section are ones that give you a sort of heartwarming feeling, like drinking a cup of hot chocolate. Everything isn’t necessarily cute and fluffy but the characters, their situations and their growth are very endearing to see.


Isekai Shokudou

For some reason, I have a bit of a weakness for heartwarming food-related anime. It’s just so captivating to see someone enjoy the food that another person prepares for them with care and love. This anime is about a Western Restaurant called Nekoya which pops up in multiple fantasy worlds every single Saturday. Fairies, dragons, and other creatures come to this place to enjoy a meal, sometimes for the first time and, later, as regulars. Each episode focuses on two dishes made by a mysterious chef, and served by two eccentric waitresses. What’s not to love about a show with good food and fantasy?


Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori

Another heartwarming food-focused anime. This one has a more ordinary setting but it’s still very good. In fact, I have to say I like it a bit more than Isekai Shokudou because we get to know the characters better. Rokuhoudou is a Japanese tea shop run by four men: Gure (the coffee specialist), Sui (the owner and tea expert), Tokitaka (the cook) and Tsubaki (the patissier). Apart from making delicious food and warm drinks, there are times when these guys help their customers when they’re in a bit of a pinch. It’s no wonder that those situations help making this series even more heartwarming and sweet than it already is.


Kimi to Boku

This anime makes me nostalgic, aaaah! Even though Kimi to Boku does have a bit of romance, I decided to put it in this section because, despite having comedy, the feel of this series is more ‘heartwarming’ than ‘laughing your ass off’. Kimi to Boku follows the story of 5 high schoolers (Yuki, Yuta, Shun, Kaname and Chizuru) and their daily life. Four of them are childhood friends and go about their days boringly; but the addition of Chizuru, a half- German half-Japanese transfer student, adds a little more excitement to their uneventful days. Each of the boys has their own interesting traits but the series certainly wouldn’t be the same without Chizuru who, imho, is the best character of the story for being a good balance of funny, heartwarming, serious and endearing.


Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine

Hey, hey, hey, this show is getting a second season, yo! The story follows Heine, a brilliant man with a childlike stature (much to his chagrin) who is hired by the king to tutor four of his five sons. And each of them has a troublesome personality: Licht, the youngest and flirty prince; Leonhard, the immature and tsundere second youngest prince who loves sachertorte; Bruno, the studious third prince; and Kai, the oldest of the four and most taciturn. This series is particularly good with character development and giving each one of them the time to shine. Seeing such spoiled brats slowly grow into responsible young men who overcome their fears and difficulties is a sight for sore eyes. And, of course, the teacher-student dynamic here is inspiring and adorable.


Exactly what it sounds like. These anime are meant for you to laugh your ass off. Of course, I’m aware that everyone’s sense of humor isn’t the same and there may be people who don’t find them funny, but I’m willing to bet that, if you like anime, you’re going to roar with laughter with at least one of them.


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

That feel when a love story is treated like a joke 😆 . Sakura is a high schooler in love with his classmate Nozaki and is determined to confess to him…only to get nervous and tell him she’s his fan, in the end. Who would have thought that Nozaki would actually be a shoujo manga artist?? And who would have thought that this would be the start of a series of hilarious events mostly revolving around Nozaki drawing manga with the help of his high school friends (including Sakura)? This anime’s comedy is GREAT. All of the characters have funny scenarios and silly situations where you can’t help but laugh. Ironically, Nozaki has a serious face but is the most naive (and dumb) of them all 😆 .


Mahou Shoujo Ore

That feel when a love story is treated like a joke PART TWO 😆 . Another anime that I felt would be garbage and was proved completely wrong! What’s not hilarious about a girl turning into a magical girl who looks like a bodybuilder man? Added to that, her staff isn’t even for magic but to beat the crap out of macho monsters with adorable faces lmao. Even the whole ‘damsel in distress’ thing is given a 180º turnaround since the one who gets constantly kidnapped is Saki’s love interest, Mohiro. Besides, Saki’s not the only magical girl! Her best friend, Sakuyo, also transforms into a macho man with the power of love…for Saki, lol. And, why not, this series comes with a mascot called Kokoro-chan that looks like a freaking mafia boss 😆 . Definitely give this series a try if you want a good parody of magical girls!



My favorite from this section. This anime also has a second season so it’s 25 episodes long. But, oh, so worth it!!! The story follows a group of four inmates from different countries who have escaped from every single prison in the world…except for Nanba prison. There is Juugo, who specializes in opening locks; Uno, a gambler (and womanizer) with great intuition; Nico, an otaku who gets strange (but useful) reactions to drugs; and Rock, a bruiser who loves food. Each day, they try to escape Nanba only to be stopped by the building supervisor guard, Hajime, who has a short temper and is constantly keeping them from getting out of their cells…or trying, at least 😆 . There are some moments in this series that aren’t that funny since the anime also follows a story, mostly focused on Juugo and his desire to learn who put shackles on his neck, wrists and ankles; which he can’t open. Still, a lot of it is pure comedy gold and I’ve laughed my ass off plenty of times.


What’s not to love about comedy-focused anime with good romance? Sometimes you just don’t want to deal with all the pointless drama for some romance sugar, so, if you love comedy with a good amount of amour, then you should definitely give the series in this section a try.


Servant x Service

What would you do if your parents gave you a ridiculously long name? Well, for Lucy, the real blame falls on the civil servant who allowed that to happen in the first place! Thus, decided to get revenge against this person, she decides to work as a civil servant herself. I really like this series because we get to see comedy in a work environment with a cast of good characters who struggle every day at their job. Not only that, it also has some romance, particularly focused on Chihaya and Ichimiya and Hasebe and Lucy. Hasebe teases Lucy a lot but I haven’t seen much teasing men that are so head over heels for someone, you just need to see how he looks when he blushes!!



Maika is a high school girl who has trouble finding a part-time job due to her scary smiling-face (which is actually her being nervous) 😆 . Luckily, she meets an Italian guy called Dino who hires her at his café, where the waitresses are given unique “personalities” to act out for the customers. In Maika’s case…she’s a sadist lmao. Though the comedy in this series isn’t particularly mind-blowing, it’s still a light-hearted series that’s perfect for when one needs to cheer up. There’s also Maika’s and Dino’s relationship which is quite cute and makes you root for them despite the age difference. Dino’s also quite the japanese-otaku and it’s hilarious 😆 .


Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

This anime definitely needs a second season because it’s EXTREMELY good. The story follows Kobayashi, a programmer who leads an ordinary life with a bit of work-stress (due to her asshole of a boss), and usually gets drunk to let off some steam. One day, she encounters a dragon outside her door who immediately transforms into a cute maid with horns and a dragon tail. Kobayashi soon learns she met Tooru the previous night while she was drunk and invited her to be her maid at her house since Tooru didn’t have anywhere to go. Though a bit reluctant at first, Kobayashi agrees to let her stay and her life begins to change for the better in more ways than one. Another cute dragon joins her household soon after, Kanna. I’d say this series is the perfect medicine to cheer up because it has a bit of everything: fantasy, comedy, fluffiness, a bit of drama and romance. The romance here is LGBT since it’s mostly between Tooru and Kobayashi and Kanna and her classmate Saikawa. I can’t help but root for both couples cause’ they’re just so cute!!


Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

The series every single adult otaku wanted in their life. This, to my view, is a freaking masterpiece. It’s pretty common to have anime with otaku set in high school, but in a work environment?? Not so much. Bonus, it has romance, and really good one at that. Besides, it has different types of otaku: anime, shoujo manga, cosplay, bl manga, video games, you name it. This series has made me have all sorts of positive feelings but, mostly, it made me have a blast watching it. It’s quite difficult to find a series where you love all (and I really mean ALL) of the characters and root for them as much as in Wotakoi. The couples are also adorable and it’s refreshing to see most of them be in an actual relationship instead of having to wait around 200 chapters for a single confession. There’s a live action coming out but I really hope they make a season two!! I need to see more of Narumi, Kiyotaka, Hanako, Kabakura, Nao and Kou!!


Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

When the teaser isn’t the guy but the girl…oh boy, I didn’t know I needed this series until I watched it. Nishikata is a high schooler who gets constantly teased by his classmate, Takagi, who quite obviously has a crush on him (and most probably he has a crush on her as well). Takagi’s teasing always end up making Nishikata get flustered and he’s vowed to turn the tables on her and make Takagi blush one day. Much like most of the anime I’ve listed in this recommendation list, Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san doesn’t really follow a linear story either; just episodic scenarios. But, man, are they worth it. I don’t think I’ve ever shipped a couple of high schoolers as much as them besides Sakura and Syaoran. Nishikata’s and Takagi’s interactions are priceless and will surely bring a smile to your face ❤ .

Hurray for good anime!!

And that concludes my list of short anime to watch when you’re sad. I hope it’s useful for people who aren’t going through a good time and need something to cheer up with. And for those who are fine, of course they’re welcome to give these anime a try as well!

My blog anniversary is coming soon, on the 16th. It’s incredible how time flies! This will be 3 years since I started blogging, uwaaah! I never did a post on anniversaries but I’m planning to do one each year starting now in 2019. It’ll probably be a recap of what I posted this last year and maybe add some extras. I also have 3 game reviews that I’m planning to post in the near future and, of course, I still have to write the second and last part of my trip to Japan!

That’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed the ride and see you next post! (≧∇≦*)/

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