First Love Story (Otome game, Gal game, BL & GL all in one!) – First impressions


Hello everyone! This time I’m here with a “first impressions’ review” about a recently released mobile game (made by Favary) that combines otoge with galge, yaoi and yuri. It’s pretty unique, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any visual novel combine all genres before.

Let’s begin!

So, unlike most romance visual novels, this game doesn’t have a sole protagonist you self-insert as. Instead, I’d say it works more like The Broken Clock (a mobile BL game), where you need to choose a couple to start their route.

Right now, there are 4 available routes: Chitose & Asahi (otome), Sou & Akira (galge), Chitose & Akira (yuri) and Sou & Asahi (yaoi). We play from the point of view of either Chitose or Sou. Still, there’s another upcoming BL route in this game with 2 different characters and it seems it’ll be a student x teacher romance. Personally, I really hope they make a route for Chitose & Sou and Akira & Asahi, I’d love to see every different possibility 😆 !

When you first open the app, the game will give you a quick summary of what you can expect in each route. Let’s sum up each one of them:

Asahi & Chitose: These two get selected as class leaders and start getting closer as friends. Chitose develops a crush on Asahi but doesn’t know what to do since he has a girlfriend.

Sou & Akira: Sou finds out about Akira’s secret and they start a fake relationship. Sou, however, starts falling in love with her for real the more he gets to know her.

Akira & Chitose: Akira and Chitose become really good friends. However, Chitose falls in love with Akira and doesn’t want to be “just friends” anymore.

Sou & Asahi: Asahi accidentally finds out Sou’s secret and the two begin spending time together. However, Asahi doesn’t know just how special he has become to Sou.

Ironic how Sou discovers Akira’s secret in the galge route but gets his own secret found out by Asahi in the BL route 😆 .

I decided to start with Chitose & Asahi’s route since it’s the otome one ❤ Just like other freemium games, you have login bonuses, a ticket system to read the story, a type of “game currency” (this game uses gems), a shop (to buy gems), a free button to watch ads (in order to earn free gems) and a mini game to earn trust. There is also an event tab but it seems it’s not yet available.

Since the stories are set in high school, most characters are pretty young but I like that they actually DO act their age and aren’t neither too childish nor behave like adults in a teenager’s body. And it makes sense since this game talks about an innocent first love. The music and especially the art are lovely and very fitting to the style; I also like the colors of the GUI. The history button, which lets you see previous text if you accidentally tapped the screen too fast, is also conveniently put on the text box.

As regards the translation, though, it’s certainly not the best; there are a few mistakes here and there but thankfully they don’t take away your attention from the story and, to be honest, I’ve seen translations that were much worse. Still, it’s something to keep in mind.

I don’t really read that many high school slice of life stories anymore (it’s been a long time since my high school years), but since this one had this ‘genre combination’ thing going on and the art is super pretty, I decided to give it a go. I recently finished Asahi & Chitose’s first episode and, even though I’ll only be able to judge the full story once I finish it, so far so good. It’s nothing outstanding and it has its clichés, but I like it and I’m enjoying it.

You can’t tell me the art isn’t beautiful. Look at this!

I may post a full review once I’m done with their route. Like I said before, the only real “issue” would be that I’d like to see a Chitose & Sou route and an Akira & Asahi route in the future to have all possible combinations 😆 .

That’s all folks! Thanks a lot for reading until the end, feel free to comment and see you next post!! (≧∇≦*)/



9 comentarios sobre “First Love Story (Otome game, Gal game, BL & GL all in one!) – First impressions

  1. I am playing the Sou/Asahi route. You’re right that they do a good job making everyone actually sound like a teenager with teenaged thoughts and teenaged concerns. I hate these stupid “missions”, though. It takes forever to get anywhere with them and nothing’s happening while they’re going on (except me watching ads to get gems to get past them, which is probably the point, but still).

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Sou/Asahi route! It looks quite interesting. Glad to know they also sound like teenagers in that story as well!

      Haha, missions can be tricky sometimes, true, but I honestly think this game isn’t that bad with them. There are other freemium games that are much much worse with missions and it really takes forever to get back to the story (particularly those where you need to dress up the heroine and need closet space and money for a million outfits).

      Me gusta

      1. Oh yeah, I played another pretty highly-rated one where the translations were worse (to the point of being almost indecipherable) and they used the Rubies of Doom system, so you couldn’t choose the answer you wanted without using rubies (which I wasn’t gonna pay for!). This one at least lets you choose whichever answer you want while you’re reading the story (thank the heavens for that!).

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      2. Ugh, ‘pay for best choice’ systems are the worst, indeed 😦 They’re not even that cheap when you count how many you need to pay for in order to get the best ending *sigh*

        Me gusta

  2. Is this game availible on Android only or does it also availible on IOS? The last time I play this game it was in Japanese and the app was on Android. Now, I lost my Android device and got a new IOS device. Does this game also availible on IOS, or no?

    Me gusta


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