Comedy-Horror Otome game review: XOXO Blood Droplets (Expanded Demo)


Hello everyone! It’s been a while since my last post, but here I am with a brand new review. XOXO Blood Droplets is a spin-off of the hilarious comedy dating-sim XOXO Droplets (where the only horror is in failing to get a wonderful jerk- boyfriend by making everyone at school hate you, resulting in a game over).

You play as JB, a cocky guy-loving girl who desperately wants to get a boyfriend…even if he’s a serial killer.

Let’s begin!

First of all, before getting to the actual review of XOXO BD, I just want to say, even though it’s not necessary to play XOXO Droplets before this one, you should. Not only because you’ll get a fuller grasp and enjoyment of the characters, but also because it’s good. Very good. There aren’t many otome games that explore the possibility of dating deeply flawed characters without justifying their behavior with a painful backstory or some other insipid excuse. There are even LESS otome games that make the protagonist be a jerk herself (seriously, it gets boring real FAST when you keep playing as heroines whose only real flaw is being too kind). Of course, a good character with no flaws doesn’t exist, but XOXO Droplets takes this to another level: being good or bad is irrelevant; as the protagonist, you just wanna date some hot guy. And, actually, no matter how bad these guys may seem at first glance (or chat) they all have some good traits. Well…most of them anyway 😆 . The only thing I would critique about the game is the clique system, which can get a tad frustrating when all you want to do is date the guys. Thankfully, the game has cheats you can use if you want to avoid that.

I like all of the guys but Jeremy will forever be my favorite ♥

Now, let’s get back to the main point: XOXO Blood Droplets.

As I mentioned before, much like in the normal dating sim version, the main goal of this game is for you to date your favorite jerk-guy. Only, this time, you need to add ‘killer’ to the list of flaws. Which, of course, means you should also be careful not to get killed yourself! No, wait, scratch that. You MUST be careful not to get killed. Killed or manipulated. Especially when Shiloh ‘innocently’ bumps into you and steals *cough* borrows your phone right off the bat. Yikes.

It’s no mystery that this group of unpleasant yet handsome guys is responsible for the increasing deaths in your school. And these deaths have absolutely noooooothing to do with you whatsoever (this is totally not sarcasm). Well, not directly, at least. Unlike the normal version of the game, here, your potential boyfriends-to be already like you from the start…

Too much, even, if you know what I mean.

Meaning they don’t fancy you talking to, sometimes not even being near, other people. So be very careful cause’ one wrong choice move and:

There are less fatal (for the protagonist at least 😆 ) ways to get a game over, like breaking your guy’s heart or even your guy getting killed! The possibilities are numerous and, honestly, pretty hilarious. GB Patch Games did a good job adapting the setting and the characters to this horror-comedy version. The art is disturbingly cute and very fitting to the style of the game (I’m freaking in love with the new sprites), the music has moments where it turns creepy, there are bloody transitions and there’s even a new feature having to do with the characters’ eyes’ shinies. The various types of shinies (my favorite is the star☆shiny!) mean different traits to a character’s personality.

Of course Shiloh had to have the evil type of shiny *gulp*

And that’s not all! Some characters from the main game who appeared only in name now have their own sprites! I’m not sure we’ll get a chance to date them, probably not, but boy would I totally make Waldo my boyfriend. That pink-haired glasses guy can call me anytime.

Where’s Waldo? Right here in my heart ♥

The demo is short but has many bad endings available (13, woah, I wonder if it was intentional because of the bad luck and all that jazz, that’d be neat), many of which are pretty funny. I’m not sure if there’s a walkthrough yet but XOXO Blood Droplets is pretty straightforward so you shouldn’t have any problems in reaching all of the endings fast. Sadly, there are no good endings in this demo but, hey, the longer the wait, the better the reward! SO, WAIT FOR ME, JEREMY!

What I would say as a critique, though, is that this game really needs quick save, quick load and backlog/history buttons. I know Renpy games usually have default keys for certain actions, like skipping and such, but not everyone knows of these and the thing with buttons being included in the GUI is that they’re always pretty convenient to the player.

Just like XOXO Droplets, which had a kickstarter campaign, XOXO Blood Droplets will have one of its own coming very soon. If you liked the demo and think you can give a hand, please consider backing this cute (and slightly creepy 😆 ) project. I can personally vouch for GB Patch Games’ efficiency and responsibility when handling a kickstarter campaign. I was a backer in XOXO Droplets and not only did I receive the promised rewards (I’m especially happy with the OST and Jeremy’s personal message to me) but the game was completed in the promised time and I always felt at ease with the frequent updates.

That’s all folks! Thanks a lot for reading until the end, feel free to comment and see you next post!! (≧∇≦*)/


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