The Sunshine Blogger Award


Hello everyone! I’ve been nominated by fujogeegames for the Sunshine Blogger Award 😀 Thank you very much for this!! I’m really happy to know you enjoy my blog <3. I actually didn’t know there was something like the sunshine blogger award before, but now that I know I’m glad because it looks fun and cool!!

The rules are:

  • Thank blogger(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate new blogs to receive the award and write them new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.


Time to answer some questions! Let’s do this! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

What is the hardest game that you have ever played?

Waah, this is a tricky question. I can’t remember the hardest I’ve ever played but I usually have trouble with games that have a time limit or chase scenes (like the ones in RPG horror games, for instance)… or chase scenes WITH time limits, those are the worst omg. In the end I beat them but they scare the heck out of me 😆 .

I DO remember a game I’ve played recently though that I had a lot of trouble with and eventually gave up. But more than being difficult, it was the fact that the gameplay was unfair and many players complained about this. I’m talking about Remember, Remember.  Basically, you’re a butterfly in a semi-dark maze and you have to rescue your butterfly friends by putting a ring around them before the limit (otherwise, the friends you didn’t save will die). Looks simple enough, right?


Oh my god those freaking mazes were a nightmare. The first two were alright but the last ones were downright impossible. This is because not only do you have a time limit but there are also monsters who attack you. And if they do… YOU LOSE TIME from the already freaking short time limit. But this isn’t even the biggest problem. The biggest problem is that there’s a HORRIBLE LAG in the maze game which makes it even more difficult to win. The story was cool but, to be honest, when a game is THAT difficult (and even has bug problems) it risks taking the player out of the story. I ended up seeing a gameplay of the true ending cause’ the maze game made me want to flip my desk (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ .

Conclusion: hard games that are a challenge are COOL, games that are almost impossible to beat and take you out of the story ARE NOT.

Which game do you think has the best plot and narrative?

Man, this one might be the most difficult question I’ve ever answered because there are just so many great games out there. Hmm, okay, maybe this isn’t a popular opinion but I think the game with the best and most original plot I’ve ever played so far is Oneshot.

I’m a huge fan of the Ace Attorney and Danganronpa franchise and there are certain otome games (like Collar x Malice and Hakuouki) which have amazing plots that hook you like you wouldn’t believe. However, all of these have some BIG flaws that sometimes make me facepalm. I know that no game is perfect, but I just can’t say these have the best plots ever (especially when it comes to Danganronpa, which seems to recycle a lot of things from game to game and goes too heavy on the fanservice).


Oneshot is a game where not only Niko (a cat-like kid) is the protagonist but YOU, the player, as well. And I’m not talking about a pre-defined character who appears in the story and is supposed to be you (as in 95% of the cases). I’m talking about how YOU, the ACTUAL player, are the protagonist. Yes, you read right. YOU, my friend, are the protagonist in the story. You need to guide Niko through a mysterious world on a mission to restore its sun (which happens to be a lightbulb that Niko finds at the beginning of the story). Of course, being able to guide Niko, you can also talk to them.

Oneshot is immersive in a unique way that I’ve never seen before. And believe me, I’ve looked for more games with a similar feel and found none. Oneshot is one of a kind. It’s more than a game, it’s an experience and every freaking story-loving person in the world should play it.

PlayStation or Xbox (make or break question…just kidding!)

Playstation all the way! Well, mainly because I don’t own an Xbox 😆 but I think I wouldn’t, still, since there aren’t really any games from Xbox that catch my eye. So Playstation for me! 😀

I’m always clumsy at the gym, have you done anything embarrassing at the gym (if you go)?

I actually stopped going to the gym this year because it got painfully boring to me. If there’s something I can’t stand is routine and… well, gyms sort of intimidate me with all those great bodies exercising while I try my best not to look ridiculous 😆

I do, though, remember an embarrassing story from this one time I went to try a spinning class. The problem didn’t come during the class but afterwards. Even though I tried not to make too much effort since this was my first class, as the teacher advised me, for some reason my legs still thought I went too far… because I could barely stand. Every time I flexed my knees, my body would fall on the ground like a sack of freaking potatoes. To make it worse, I had forgotten my cellphone so I couldn’t call my dad to pick me up. Thankfully the gym was only around 3 blocks from my apartment but it was still difficult to get home while trying not to flex my knees (especially because people on the street looked at me as if I were crazy T▽T ).


What games have you been looking forward to this year?

Oh boy, oh boy, there are so many great looking games that I’m really excited to play!! Being the mystery and otome geek that I am, of course some of my most anticipated ones are these 3:


I say mystery because these three games right here are not only plot heavy but mystery heavy as well, and I never say no to a good mystery. I hope they sell well not only among female customers but among male customers too. Just because the original target of these games are women doesn’t mean guys can’t enjoy a cool story told from a female perspective. I also hope they sell well because I noticed that not every otome fan enjoys otoges that are too plot heavy and lacking in romance. In my case, I don’t mind the lack of romance that much. In fact, I much prefer it when the characters have a strong growth and the romance that develops between the love interests and the heroine makes sense and doesn’t seem forced.

The other game I’m REALLY looking forward to is Long Gone Days.


I don’t know what is it about this game that has me so hooked but gosh, I played the demo, I played the early access and it just looks SO GOOD. Maybe it’s the dystopian plot? Maybe it’s the characters? Maybe it’s the wonderful art? Maybe it’s a combination of all? I don’t know, Long Gone Days was like love at first sight. I was excited to play it from the moment I first got to know about it. This game looks amazing already and I can’t wait to play the whole thing when it’s completed ❤ I’m really glad I backed it 🙂

Then, well, there’s of course the new Pokemon game, Ace Attorney game and Fire Emblem game that will come out sometime in 2018 for the Switch. But, even though I loooove those franchises with all my heart, I’m just not as excited about these games as I am about the ones I mentioned before.


Pokemon Sun & Moon was cool, but even though the graphics look more and more amazing with each new game that comes out, the stories are becoming too mild for my taste. They’re still very good but I miss the old rivals who started being jerks and eventually came to respect the MC. I miss the old teams that seemed much more interesting in regards to their ‘evil ways’ and their reasons for stealing pokemon.

Then there’s Ace Attorney. While Dual Destinies was quite good (not as good as the previous ones but still good), Spirit of Justice felt like a freaking bad joke. Yes, it still has it’s good parts, but the overall game is TERRIBLE. Starting with that prosecutor who’s the master of being annoying and ONLY IN THE END do we know his true intentions. But at that point it’s just too late to redeem his character and it feels stupid. Then you have the main villain who’s evil for absolutely no freaking reason (just muahahaha I’m evil! OK) and finally Apollo, who basically had a backstory forced upon him because the writers forgot to write his past until this freaking game.

Last but not least, there’s Fire Emblem. While I did enjoy Fates very much when it comes to Birthright and Conquest, I can’t say the same for Revelation. Revelation was supposed to be… well, the revelation to the whole mess that began the story in the first place. However, here we have another case of a villain who’s all “I’m evil because I’m evil muahaha” and, when you reach the last chapter, the characters basically share a shounen moment where they keep screaming THEY WON’T GIVE UP and magically defeat the last boss with the power of family and friendship. Peachy.


Sorry for the rant 😆 but that’s the reason why, while I AM expecting those games too, I’m not looking forward to them as much as the others. The stories have been suffering too much and are not as enjoyable as before, in my opinion.

😀 And now my nominees (two of them are spanish bloggers):

Leafydream: Leafy’s blog is well-known not only because of her otoge reviews, but also because of her Japan sections. I like how many of her reviews include her favorite quote from the heroine plus how she talks about the heroine’s strengths and how she’s just as important as the love interests. Her Learn Japanese section has motivated me to improve my own japanese too.

Hayurika: Hayurika is a blogger who mainly reviews otome games (especially Voltage Inc routes). Her reviews have helped me decide more than once if I should or shouldn’t buy a certain Voltage route I wasn’t sure about. She points out the pros and cons in the story as well as a small conclusion in which she mentions who might enjoy it and who might not.

FangirlNinja: Nozomi actually has an english blog as well but, like me, spanish is her first language. She blogs about a lot of things, from otome, manga and anime reviews to life updates. She also shares posts about merch she buys. Her blog is a lot of fun, super cute and colorful just as she is ❤

Dreamcheffy: Just like Nozomi and me, Cheffy’s mother tongue is also spanish. In her blog, she has a lot of reviews about otome games and a list with free otoges that are available in spanish. Her reviews are very objective and sincere but she can also be funny and make you laugh when she talks about the things she didn’t like in a game 😆

These are my questions for you:

  • What do you like to see in an otome game female protagonist?/ ¿Qué te gusta ver en una protagonista de juego otome?
  • How do you feel about most japanese role playing games (JRPG) having male protagonists?/ La mayoría de los JRPG tienen protagonistas hombre, ¿cómo te hace sentir esto?
  • What’s the worst game you remember playing in the last year (can be otome game, RPG, or anything you want)?/ ¿Cuál es el peor juego que recuerdas haber jugado en el último año (puede ser otome game, RPG, o lo que quieras)?
  • In fiction, sometimes there are characters that are referred to as a Mary Sue or a Gary Stu. What would you call a Mary Sue/Gary Stu character?/ A veces en la ficción hay personajes a los que denominan Mary Sue o Gary Stu. ¿A qué personaje llamarías tú un Gary Stu o una Mary Sue?
  • Do you have a favorite videogame soundtrack? Which one?/ ¿Tienes algún soundtrack the videojuego favorito? ¿Cuál?


That’s all folks, thank you for reading until the end and see you next post!! (≧∇≦*)/


9 comentarios sobre “The Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Omg you nominated me? Thank you! You’re too kind ❤
    I've never heard of Oneshot or Long Gone Days so I'll def see what you think of the latter one to decide if I should get it ^^ Oh man I'm way too awkward to even go to the gym so props to you! Agreed SO much on revelations for fire emblem!! I was like seriously!? That's it? I still think it's a shame that you had to get the LE just to have that dlc for free because I feel like it's a really disappointing waste of cash tbh haha it should've been included. And same! I really miss the "Smell ya later!" from older rivals. They were jerks and you felt so good beating them because it payed off. The newer ones are ok, and I like how they're decent people, but like you said they come to respect the MC through developing after they get their butt handed to them haha. Who's your fav rival?

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Hehe I love your blog so I thought I should definitely nominate you 💖

      As for Long Gone Days, the early access with around 2 hours of gameplay has been released and it’s amazing!! So I definitely recommend it ^^

      As for the gym, yeah, I stopped going cause’ it’s really awkward for me too 😂

      Yeah, Revelations was definitely the worst from Fire Emblem Fates and I thought it was a rip off too…
      Old rivals in pokemon were the best!! Right now they feel so boring to me…they have no substance! My favorite rival is and always will be Silver from Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver. I loved him so much and even though pokemon doesn’t have much of a deep story, I thought Silver had great character development and it was endearing to see how he started as a jerk and then became your friend. Soulsilvershipping (Silver and Kotone) is also my fave ship in pokemon 😍

      Le gusta a 1 persona

      1. ❤ same here, Karin! You have such a professional yet fun blog and you're such a joy ^^

        Wow, it's that good? I'm super interested in LGD.

        Was that your first Pokemon game? I love Silver too^^ I think because Leafgreen was my first game I grew to have an immense nostalgia and love for Gary Oak and his awful attitude haha. Do you think Giovanni is Silver's dad like some theorists say he is?
        And omg yesss Silver x Kotone!!! I'm so glad you ship them too!

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      2. Aww thank you ❤ You're awesome too! I'm happy we're friends \^___^/

        Yes, definitely!! LGD is super good!! Maybe I'm biased ahaha but I can't remember when was the last time I was so hooked on a game like this. The story is nothing super amazing or innovative but for some reason it works really well for me. The ambience of the game, the art, the animations, the characters…all of these things together make it really fun imo.

        My first pokemon game was actually Pokemon Yellow (which is why I'm looking forward to Let's go, Pikachu/Eeevee!; despite it having hate xD I've always wanted to play a Pokemon Yellow remake), which I also love very much, but SoulSilver was really special to me. Even though Pokemon Crystal is the first game that lets you choose a female protagonist, I simply liked Kotone's design better ehehe. SoulSilver and Ruby/Sapphire are my favorites in the pokemon franchise ^^ I also loved Leafgreen though!

        Gary Oak is awesome xDD he's my second favorite rival!! I believe Giovanni is in fact Silver's dad 😀 I think it's actually proved in the game, but it was something like an event with Celebi so I don't really remember. But I hope it's true! It would make his personality at the beginning all the more meaningful!

        Yaaaaay Silver x Kotone ftw!!! I wish I could buy some doujin about them (or any couple I love tbh, like Takumi x Kamui, Henry x Robin, or even otoge shippings) when I go to japan but I have no idea where to go xD

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      3. Same here!! ❤ Seriously, I'm glad we met. I've had such a blast on wordpress thanks to you and others.

        Akdrgai LGD is on my list for sure! xD I'll def get it, since I trust your taste ^^

        Whoa the new switch pokemon games are getting hate? :O I wonder why. I'll always get pokemon no matter what tho lol. Wow, your first was Yellow? I've never played it and I think you're the first person i know who said yellow was their first. That's so cool!! xD Wow, Crystal was the first to give you the option to be a girl? I thought that was FIrered/Leafgreen haha whoops.Soulsilver was SO good! I loved the pokewalker too haha and how you could have your pokemon outside of their pokeball!

        Wow, that's crazy!! I'll def sink into a hole of theories for this now. It def would make his personality stand out, just as you said 🙂

        Have you tried Otaku Republic online? They have a lot! Actually lemme link you to some pokemon doujin. None of these are sponsored or affiliates and I don't think it'll be nsfw but just in case rofl. Couldn't find Kotone x Silver 😦 but i got a few Kamui x Takumi on here.

        They're a really good site albeit a little pricey but I've ordered about 3x from them and was really happy. I hope that helps.

        As for in Japan? I'd try Otome Road in Ikebukuro but I don't know of any shops.

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      4. Hehe, I’m glad we met too!! ❤ And same, I never thought I would have so much fun with wordpress 😀 the otoge community is awesome!!

        I hope you enjoy LGD when you play it!! ❤

        I think people hate on the new game cause' it's not a "new pokemon" perse. Apparently the pokemon that's going to have a new region is set to be released on 2019 so the developers probably mentioned this one earlier in order to give the fans at least something xD Who knows, people like to hate on everything really…I really want to walk around with an Eevee on my head so I can't wait!! XD

        Yup, Yellow was not only my first pokemon game but also my first video game ever!! 😀 I'll never forget it. It was a Christmas present from my Dad when I was around 6 years old 🙂

        Yup! Pokemon Crystal was the first to give a female option 😀 I think the girl protagonist there is called Marina in english, I'm not completely sure though xD

        SoulSilver is great!! I loved being able to walk with your pokemon too 😀

        Oooooh thanks so much for the link!! I'm going to check it out right now *___* I wonder if they ship to Argentina? Otherwise I know a store here that could bring them for me 😀 (I hope lol)

        Ah, Otome Road! I've heard it's awesome. I'll definitely check it out!! Hopefully I find a lot of good stuff there ❤ Do you have any tips on where I could buy otoge too? Especially if they are used, since they tend to be cheaper.

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      5. Awww haha my parents thought Pokemon was some animal fighting hentai game so it took a while before I could play one rofl.

        You're welcome ^^ I hope you find something you like on there!

        Bookoff is a lifesaver in Japan and they're literally everywhere 😀 If the otoge isn't too recent or not well-known, you can usually get one for $30-40. PSP games can be about $10. Animate is good too but it's brandnew as far as I know so no discounts.

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      6. Aww, it’s a shame about your parents thinking that but I’m glad you could play Pokemon afterwards in the end ❤

        So Bookoff is really the way to go, haha! Awesome!! Thanks for all the tips 😀

        Le gusta a 1 persona


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