Why I’m done with Voltage Inc.


On this post I share my reasons why I will no longer buy anything from Voltage Inc. Before I begin, though, I want to mention that this is just my opinion and it’s perfectly ok to disagree. I’m simply rambling and ranting on why I’m tired to deal with this company. Anywho, let’s get on with the post!

Before I share my reasons on why I’m done with Voltage, let’s first get a bit of background on who they are:

Voltage Inc. is a mobile game company from Japan that has been making otome games for several years. In 2011 they started releasing these games in English and, thus, gained a lot of popularity. A thing to note, though, is that Voltage sells their customers a license for them to play whichever story they decided to buy (that’s right, they do not sell the game to you). Since this is a license, they’re free to delete all of your data after one year of being inactive (or should you commit any of their prohibited acts mentioned in their terms). This wasn’t always like this. Some of you may not know this but, in the beginning, Voltage didn’t use to have so many terms (at least the deletion of customer’s data after one year of inactivity wasn’t present that I remember). I suspect things may have started to change when certain people began uploading videos of Voltage’s stories on youtube (and maybe even other issues that I don’t remember since it was a long time ago). While many game companies have no problems with let’s players showing their games on youtube, there are companies that suffer a lot from this type of “publicity” and it’s no wonder Voltage suddenly raised their security measures.

Despite having a bazillion terms of use, Voltage became more and more popular as they started releasing more and more games. However, the number of games they made increased so much that last year they announced the unfortunate news of having to delete all of their standalone apps in order to transfer them to a sole app called Love 365. The reason basically has to do with money and a lack of staff: it is very expensive to maintain several apps in the app store as well as time consuming and, considering they’re mostly giving their attention to their new app Love 365 (which will eventually contain all of their games), the other apps suffer from this not only by not being updated as regularly, but also by having bugs. Because of this, Voltage decided to make a campaign in order to let their customers transfer all of their purchases from the standalone apps into the new one.

And this is where I think they went too far. Be prepared.


Voltage’s “transfer campaign” of sorts is something they announced a few months ago (that is, during the last months of 2017). They released a schedule showing their games’ apps divided into two groups which announce the likely dates for them to be deleted and unable to be accessed. However, this isn’t the only schedule. There is another one (which is constantly changing) where they basically show you the transferring dates’ DEADLINES; meaning you have until that day to transfer all of your purchases to Love 365 or they’ll be gone FOREVER (unless you buy them again haha 😐 yeah, no).

The first 3 games that appeared on this list were Love Letter from Thief X, After School Affairs and Era of Samurai: Code of Love. The transferring dates were as follows:

  • Love Letter from Thief X: February 12th, 2018 JST
  • After School Affairs: February 12th, 2018 JST
  • Era of Samurai: Code of Love: February 12th, 2018 JST

If you missed the dates, you won’t be able to transfer your purchased stories anymore. And I learned that the hard way because I was one of the people who missed them. This isn’t all. One of Voltage’s oldest apps, Seduced in the Sleepless City, had a different problem. Since the app was very old compared to the other games, Voltage was unable to give it a Token ID for people to transfer their purchases to Love 365. Because of this, they made ALL of their stories in this app FREE for 3 days (not including special stories since, for some reason, they haven’t been included in the 365 app). Now, while it’s not exactly cool to know that a lot of people got these stories for free while others paid, that’s not what bothered me. No, what’s EXTREMELY UNFAIR is that if you happened to be one of those people who purchased stories in this game but missed the dates in which they were free…well tough luck because you won’t be getting them EVER AGAIN (unless you’re willing to pay for them encore).

And that brings me back to the transfer campaign. The apps are not even deleted yet but if you already missed the transferring dates of the first 3 games you can’t get your purchases back!!! What the hell? People have lives out of gaming, not everyone can be constantly up to date with the news (to give an example, I have a friend who spends her time mostly outside during the week because of her work and college, so she barely has time to check twitter). I mean, it would be one thing if you discovered the transfer campaign after half a year but we’re barely in late February!! And even if that were the case, people who purchased stories shouldn’t have to lose them forever because of the impractical way in which Voltage handles things. I’m no programmer but I think it would have been fairer if Voltage handled the transfers with the customers’ emails or something to make sure they didn’t lose anything. Heck, I was even able to bear this “your data will be deleted if you don’t log in for a year” (despite being unfair as heck) because even though I could spend months without playing a Voltage game, it was never a whole year. But this “time limit” bullshit is what made me think they took things way too far. And I know I’m not the only one who thinks so. In fact, to make matters worse, there are people who lost over $300 over bugs or transferring issues because Voltage “couldn’t do anything” to help them. I’m not saying I don’t feel bad for Voltage’s staff who spent so much time into the standalone apps only to have them removed, but I feel much MUCH worse for the customers who lost a lot of money unfairly and haven’t been given any sort of compensation. Even if what they give customers is a “license” to read the stories, no one should have to pay twice for something they already bought. Much less to lose it forever.

I’m really very upset and disappointed in Voltage for all of this. But most of all, I think I’m sad. After discovering sim dates through Pacthesis, Voltage Inc. was actually the company that introduced me to otome games. And even though their first games weren’t as good as the newer ones, they still hold a special place in my heart and gave me lots of great memories. Having to lose the stories I read because of poor customer service is very upsetting and sad. Right now, I’m just hoping Voltage answers to my email so that I can at least recover my purchases in Love Letter from Thief X and After School Affairs. My purchases in Pirates in Love and Seduced in the Sleepless City…are probably lost forever; I don’t think they’ll bother to compensate me when they haven’t done so with many of the other customers.

My last purchases were today, from the game When Destiny Comes Knocking. I bought Seiya’s main story and his lusty nights special routes. After that, unless I get back the stories I purchased from LLFTX & ASA, I don’t think I’ll bother with Voltage anymore. I’m done. The only remaining thing for me to do is make sure to transfer the other apps. Then, if I ever want to play a Voltage game, I’ll just read what I have available. Not going to bother with them anymore seeing how they handle things with customers.

EDIT: Well, what do you know. Voltage replied to my email:


By this point I’m pretty sure Voltage is just a greedy asshole who doesn’t deserve my money anymore. If they’re really as sorry as they say about “my situation”, they should return what was rightfully bought from them instead of complicating things like a freaking math equation. They just copy pasted stuff they showed on Facebook and, like what happened to other fellow customers, made an excuse on why they “can’t” transfer your purchases because “lol you were too late, too bad, pal”. No matter how much time passed since their announcement, you should never EVER disregard what a client bought from you. License or game, doesn’t matter, it’s still a product you bought and you shouldn’t have to pay for it again or lose it because of a stupid time limit. Oh well, these are the same people who didn’t care about customers who lost around $300 on their apps “because there was nothing they could do” so I guess it is what it is. Now I’m just gonna sit back and wait for their oh so enlightening announcements so that I can transfer the remaining apps and avoid losing more money. But that’s it, I’m not paying another cent for this company and will just play the stories that I had already bought or buy them with the free coins I earn daily and with the transfers. I’m done with you Voltage.


That’s all I wanted to say. I’m sorry for all the rambling (and ranting) and thank you for reading until the end. See you next post! 😀

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  1. Dang, Voltage is being completely unfair and alienating their fan base. This is why distrust mobile games in general, so many close and you don’t get your money back at all. I hope this enables you to expand to consoles, portables or pc games because this sucks.
    Voltage could’ve done a 1 month campaign for the free stories that couldn’t be transfered, but for the ones they have ID’s and emails? Makes no sense to not allow it to be transferred whenever.
    Voltage can’t say they’re doing badly or in a bind because of LP’s, their revenue per year is insane. At this point I just think they’re greedy and digging their own hole. If the their whole fan base speaks out they’ll have to fix issues or lose customers permanently.

    I hope you’re able to find other companies and services that are customer friendly and that you can get your stories saved :/

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    1. Hey there! Thanks for commenting 🙂 Don’t worry, I actually play a lot of console and pc/mac games so I’m not worried on the lack of otoges and other types of games hehehe 😆

      As for Voltage, yeah, it really seems like they’re being greedy and not caring much about their customers. I lost patience (and money) and am not willing to deal with their crap anymore. “Not being able to do anything” to solve customers’ issues is just an excuse and honestly I’m done with their selfishness.

      Again, thanks for the comment! 🙂 I’ll certainly be spending my money on companies that are more customer friendly.

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      1. I’m glad you’re able to get your otoge fix in other other 👌

        Aww, you’re welcome and thanks for the reply, best wishes to you and everyone being ripped off by Voltage :/

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  2. I totally understand because this happened to me too! I lost like 100$ for Kissed by the Baddest Bidder because I uninstalled the app and installed it back AFTER they implemented the coin system back then, which caused me errors and all. When I asked them about it and even gave them my google play receipts, they were able to only return a few extra stories and asked me to “Wait as we’re dealing with many other customers/things” when I asked about the main stories, like what???

    And now I’m interested with their new releases but every time I give them a chance by buying new routes, they all end up disappointing me; the guys aren’t that worth it lol. I only will stay loyal to Kiyonori from ASA, but even his route isn’t updated much. ;;;

    Sorry for ranting but like, I totally get why you’d stop buying from Voltage. I think it’s a good move too! I guess we’ll just enjoy what we have and not buy anything anymore from them tbh.

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    1. Hey there! Thanks for commenting! 😀 And don’t worry, if you wanna rant be my guest! Haha, this post is a whole rant anyway 😆

      Yeah, I think the system Voltage implemented to make people get back their stories was awfully managed and extremely unfair to their customers. The fact that you showed them your google play receipts and they STILL didn’t return all of your stories is completely unacceptable and shows just how much of a greedy company they are.

      I also agree with what you said about the quality of the stories. I don’t know if it’s because we played a lot of games or what but the stories just aren’t very good most of the time… Very rarely you find a little gem (like Kiyonori, I love him too! Sadly lost him bc I had more stories in LLFTX) among all the mediocre or straight up AWFUL routes…

      I’m not spending money on Voltage anymore but I am collecting coins from the transfers and logins. And haha…what do you know, they implemented yet another awful system called “hearts”. And despite all the negative feedback they received from it, they still have it. But what can we do, that’s Voltage alright 🤷‍♀️

      Again, thanks for commenting 😀 and I’m sorry to hear you lost money to Voltage 😦

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  3. Hi I’m glad I found this post. I found out about the transfer campaigns a month ago and I feel the same. I missed all the transfer campaigns except for one because I’m not up to date with the company. I’m scared about how the deadline to transfer all games is September 9th because I emailed them seven times within the past two weeks and I still never got a response.

    How long did it take for them to respond back to you? And how did they help you transfer your game data? Because honestly I am so done with the company and will not buy anything from them. I just want to save my husbands from MFW because I spent over 200 on that game and I don’t want my purchases to get wiped.

    Me gusta

    1. Hi! I’m sorry to hear you’ve had the same problem 😦 Sadly, I could only get Voltage to transfer one of the 2 games I missed the deadline for.

      In my case it took a couple of days for them to respond back to me, but I’d say don’t give up and keep trying until they answer you. After all, you just want to save MFW so they really shouldn’t complain. Just remember to be polite to them but explain you weren’t around on social media for a while and thus you didn’t know about their transfer dates. When they answered me back, they told me to give them the email address I used for the app I wanted to recover (in my case LLFTX because I also had spent a lot of money on that one) and to tell them the email and password I used to register at Love 365. Once I gave them that info, they checked the data but told me to NOT delete the app I wanted transferred. When they were done, they told me to check the Love 365 app to see if I got my stories alright. The end! 😆 . I tried to get them to answer me in regards to my other app but they ignored me so I guess I lost that one. That’s why I don’t spend money on them anymore, I just collect free coins and buy stories with that since I too refuse to spend more money on this company.

      Hope I could help in some way and that they get back to you so you can at least recover MFW’s stories!!

      Me gusta

      1. Hey, after sending seven emails over the past two weeks, Voltage finally responded. They managed to save not just MFW, but all my games. I’m not sure if the company changed their process of helping customers or I was just lucky enough to get a helpful employee.

        Their process with me is different compared to how they dealt with you. Instead of giving my 365 love account and password, they asked me for the app’s support id, the email I used for baddest bidder, and all the regular transfer IDs in my standalone apps. After I sent all that information, they sent me an email with transfer ID’s. They said I needed to transfer them fast because the transfer IDs they formulated only lasts a week. So after that, I managed to transfer all my games into 365 which made me really happy.

        So although you weren’t able to save all your game husbandos, I’m still glad I found your post. I was anxious for the past two weeks because I was scared that all my husbandos would be erased. This blog made me less stress and your quick responses (A lot faster than Voltage) gave me reassurance.

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      2. Hi! I’m happy to know you recovered all your games, that’s awesome!! 😀 Thank you for your kind words, it’s nice to know my blog helped you in some way ❤

        I'll try to ask Voltage if I can recover the data from the only one I'm missing. Hopefully they answer me back 😆

        Me gusta

    1. @May Mac Could you please tell me what you wrote in the email?? I just wanna get an idea to what to say so they can recover my games too…I’ve spent so much on KBTBB and 10DWMD and etc. etc so I wouldn’t want to lose it all!!

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  4. Hi! I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who is facing the transfer data problem! I’m a voltage inc’s custumer since 2012! And like your friend I was pretty busy because of the college and can’t find time to play their games for the past few months, I just found out the transfer campaigns last week lol
    Plus, my phone has been stolen four months ago.. Like all of my data are lost.. So now i’m asking voltage inc for some help, I still have all of my Google play receipts in my mail box! I just don’t understand why they refuse to transfer our data directly with our mail.
    Btw thank you for your post, I was so frustrated by all of this, but after reading your post I feel so much better lol

    And sorry I might have made a lot grammatical and conjugation mistakes, English is not my first language.

    Have nice day ! Love you 😘

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    1. Hi!! I’m so sorry you lost your data 😦 Yeah, it really sucks how Voltage handled this situation. But they don’t really give a damn about their customers :/ I completely get you since I have all of my receipts as well. Making their customers hostage of social media is a really unfair move, not all of them have time to check every single time Voltage makes an announcement.

      Also, don’t you worry, your english is perfect 😉 English isn’t my first language either 😀

      Have a nice day too!! xoxo ❤

      Me gusta

      1. Hi! Voltage inc just give me an answer and I’m laughing so hard right now.

        They say at first they weren’t planning to make a Transfer data period from standard app to Love 365 and it’s because of “the sake of their dedicated fans” that they arranged transferable data. I mean originally they planned to just delete all of standalone apps and make all of their customers to repurchase all their already bought stories? The reason behind this it’s because Love 365 is just an another standalone app and that’s it, so now I don’t understand why they have the right of to delete the standalone apps. I can still play my purchased stories from they standards apps and it’s become the only way for me to play them.
        Plus, they say that they can’t make an exception for me because it’s unfair for their others customers who had been able to transfer their data during the Transfer period. I’m so done !

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      2. Wtf! Unfair??? Unfair for the people who lost the stories, not for the ones who got them!! This confirms my point that Voltage is greedy as hell :/ God, I can’t believe they put that bs excuse. I’m really sorry this happened to you 😦

        Me gusta

    1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Well, you can always try to send them an email to explain your situation but don’t hold your breath. Most probably they won’t transfer your stories at this point.

      Me gusta

  5. Im having the same problem im literally crying i had 18 of the voltage games where i purchased main stories epilogues and sequels and all of them are gone and i definitely dont hâve enough money to re buy what ive being buying for the last 5 years. I contacted them and all they said was that the transfer time is over i sent another mail saying that other people are having the same problem please reconsider another transfer time. Right now im just hoping that they can give at least one of my stories

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    1. I’m really sorry to know you were another victim. Voltage’s way of managing things is absolutely awful. I hope they at least give you back some of your stories…

      All I can suggest is to stop spending money on this company from now on. We never know when they might do some bullshit like this again 😤

      Me gusta

    2. I know that im probably VERY late but i just played it this summer how is this possible we really need to make a campaign or send mails to them every day because i either want my money or my games back!!!! Is so angry

      Me gusta

      1. It doesn’t matter that you were late; honestly, Voltage shouldn’t have handled the transfers in this way in the first place. Like, you paid for them, you should be able to play your stories. You didn’t do anything wrong. People aren’t constantly checking social media, Voltage should have sent emails or something but not what they ended up doing. Sadly, I don’t think making a campaign will help because Voltage simply…doesn’t care. What we can do is spread awareness of the things they did and stop supporting them with real money (since you can get some free coins with the logins).

        Me gusta

  6. So they replied to me with the exact same thing that they replied before this is really upseting at least iits a little conforting to know that im not the only one having this problem

    Me gusta

  7. Hi, I have the same problem, I found out about this yesterday! And I don’t even know how to contact them. But I think even if i try they won’t do anything… Can you tell me how to contact them? And you talked about free coins, is there a way to have them? I don’t want to buy everything again…

    Me gusta

    1. Hi there! I’m sorry to hear this happened to you too…Unfortunately, even if you contact Voltage you’ll likely receive the same response as everyone else “we can’t do anything”. You can try to contact them with the Love 365 app they have though. There is a contact section there. As for the free coins, everytime you login on the Love 365 app there’s a roulette you get to spin once a day and you can get either 5 coins, 10 coins, 100 coins or a heart (which are used for Love choice stories). Hope this helps!

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