Anime Corner – NOVEMBER


Hello everyone! Time for otometantei’s anime corner!! This time it’s november’s tuuurn!!! ( ゚▽゚)/  Let’s get started!! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ



Akatsuki no Yona is, to my mind, the best shoujo series I’ve ever had the pleasure to encounter. It has comedy, romance, drama, action, an amazing main cast, a strong heroine. Really, what more do you need? Let’s start with the fact that Yona’s not your typical damsel in distress heroine who needs to be protected 24/7. Ok, she does need to be saved from time to time but it’s all very well justified and she always strives to improve herself. This is because Yona’s a princess who was exiled from her kingdom after having her father (the king) killed in front of her very eyes (by no other than the man she loved). Escaping a certain death with the help of her loyal bodyguard and childhood friend Hak (who’s been in love with her for who knows how long), Yona then begins an adventure where, guided by a legend, she needs to meet with 4 dragons (and a handsome boy lmao) who will help her in her journey. Nuff said that the character development in this story is EXTREMELY GOOD. Seriously, guys, if you haven’t watched it I strongly recommend it. If you don’t do it for bishounens, do it for this adorable cutie pie.

All good things come to an end…WHY


Net-Juu no Susume might be one of the best anime from this season. It’s so freaking relatable but also SO cute. KAWAII LEVELS GO OVER 100% I KID YOU NOT. Moriko is a 30-year old woman who willingly becomes a NEET to play MMOs 24/7 😆 . The thing is that she plays as a male character lmao and meets a very cute female character, called Lily, who also happens to be a man in real life 😆 . But of course Net-juu doesn’t leave you there, oh nonononono. Moriko actually MEETS this man in real life (without knowing who he is, of course) due to an unfortunate (or fortunate?) incident and, from then on, things start getting hilarious (but the cuteness never leaves the show). Maaaannn, I’ve already lost count of how many times I squealed watching this show. And waiting for the next week to watch the following episode was torture. But having it end this week is ever worse. I just hope they release a second season (┳Д┳)

Short and Sweet


Love is like a cocktail has a very similar feel to I can’t understand what my husband is saying. They are different but both have married couples who are really sweet to each other. While the latter focuses more on the characters’ married life, Love is like a cocktail is about a serious and capable office woman (assistant manager if I remember right) turning cute everytime she drinks one of the cocktails her sweetie pie makes for her. Still, even though alcohol is the main theme of this 3-minute episode anime, the lovey-dovey married life is always present (sometimes even from her co-worker friend).

Just as good as the first season


Osomatsu-san never ceases to amaze me with its brilliant comedy. The first episode combining different animation styles was truly an unforgettable experience 😆 I love how this series is never afraid to go overboard, never afraid to be completely ridiculous and…it works!! Not many comedies can do that. Even though it’s true that this series has its share of “meh” episodes, the good outweight the bad. An interesting point I’ve come to notice is how Osomatsu is no longer the “undefinable” standard Matsuno brother, but the worst of them all 😆 . I remember how season 1 would joke about him being the base for the others (or even the fans recognizing him as “the one who’s not the others” lmao) and how everyone used to think Totty was the worst of them all. But now…I think it’s pretty clear who’s the most inconsiderate of the sextuplets 😆 Ichimatsu remains my favorite though.

WTF…No, just no


Himouto! Umaru-chan was an anime that I’ve always been curious about because I saw the weird chibi girl everywhere. Welp…in case you were wondering, I dropped this shit after the first damn episode. I can understand how playing videogames while eating junk food is relatable, but this girl…oh my god. I wanted to slap this stupid and selfish kid until leaving her unconscious, I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING. Why, you may ask? First of all let me tell you what this anime is about: Umaru is an apparently perfect high school girl who’s super kind, helps everyone in need and is an excellent student…until she gets home. When she returns home, she becomes this weird chibi hamster-like girl who does nothing apart from playing video games, watching anime and reading manga. Then there’s her older brother, who cooks, cleans and basically does everything in the house while Umaru is being a selfish and ungrateful shit. In fact, it’s so bad that everytime Umaru wants her oniichan to get her something and he says no…she cries. I’M FUCKING SERIOUS, SHE THROWS A TANTRUM EVERY TIME HER BROTHER SAYS NO AND THAT’S THE WHOLE FUCKING ANIME. It would be ok if she somehow slowly changed into a better person or AT LEAST suffered from the consequences of her actions (like in Watamote). But it never happens. I’ve read some reviews about this anime and it’s the same damn thing every single episode. Umaru gets away with everything just because she’s cute. Sorry, but if this is supposed to make me laugh it’s not doing a very good job.

Pretty Cute


Blend S is nothing beyond extraordinary, but it works well and is very enjoyable. Maika is a girl who’s looking for a part-time job but is rejected everytime because her smile is scary-looking. In reality, she makes that face whenever she’s nervous, but everyone misunderstands 😆 Luckily, Maika meets Dino, an italian (and very handsome) cafe manager who’s actually looking for a new waitress. The peculiar thing about this cafe is that every waitress has a “role” they have to interpret. Maika is given the sadistic role because of her scary eyes 😆 (and she’s actually good at it lmao). From then on, it’s just your typical slice-of-life comedy anime with charming characters that are very cute and funny. I think this anime is perfect for anyone who needs to cheer up 😉

When something goes beyond predictable


Juuni Taisen is an anime that basically revolves around a killing-game between 12 assassins, each of them who represent one of the chinese zodiac animals. The problem with this show is that it’s too predictable. Like, extremely so. Everytime a character gets their backstory told…they get killed. Yes, you read that right. In fact, I think even the ending sequence spoils the order in which each participant dies (with the exception of the Snake who is already dead before the killing game even starts). I don’t even care that much about the not-so-good animation, it’s the storytelling what’s bad. With the exception of a select few, you don’t really care about the characters. It’s as if the anime was desperately trying to make you pity them before their imminent death. And, no shit, it doesn’t work very well. There’s no excitement, no suspense, no nothing. Having the backstories forced on you before a 40-second fight really kills the mood. Still, with all the criticism aside, I guess it’s not terrible. Just really mediocre 😆

Interesting in more ways than one


Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World follows the journey of a girl named Kino who travels along her bike, Hermes, from country to country (staying 3 days in each one) to see what they are like. This anime is actually based on a light novel series, but it’s also an alternate version of the previous anime adaptations that were produced a few years ago. When I say this series is interesting in more ways than one, I mean it not only story-wise but also taking into account how the 2003 anime adaptation-fans received this new version. There are many mixed opinions, but a vast majority of the 2003 anime-fans criticize this version because of Kino’s lack of empathy. The thing is that, apparently, 2017 Kino is more faithful to the light novel. Curious, right? In my case, I’ve never watched the previous versions so I can’t really compare between them. However, I did have some problems with Kino’s tendency to resolve stuff with a gun whenever things didn’t go her way. Episode 3 in particular made it really difficult for me to like her (I liked her in the rest of the episodes, though). Also, even though this anime makes you think a lot about what’s truly right or wrong more than once, it shows it through the perspective of an impartial protagonist who’s merely observing (unless forced to act because of imminent danger); this, in my opinion, is a really clever and interesting way to tell a story.

Thanks for reading till the end! Hope you enjoyed the ride! See you next post! (≧∇≦*)/



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