Anime Corner – OCTOBER


That feel when you said you were going to post once or twice a month and it’s already been 5… (−_−;)oh well, what can you do. At this point, I’m not going to think too much about it. Reality is that sometimes life gets in the way, stuff happens and you feel you need to take a break for a while. I may not be the most consistent blogger ever, but I always come back and that’s something (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

Anyway, folks, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! And welcome to otometantei’s anime corner. It’s october’s turn ( ゚▽゚)/

During these past months, I’ve been watching a whole lot of anime. This is because I came up with a nice way to do so: watching while doing the dishes!! It’s great because I kill two birds with one stone: I don’t get bored and the dishes get cleaned up (plus I watch more series, so maybe I kill 3 birds with one stone 😆 ).



Tsuki ga Kirei is an anime original high school romance story about two kids, Akane and Kotarou, who start talking due to their families going to the same restaurant to have dinner 😆 At first, they’re both embarrassed about the ordeal and try to ignore it, but they start getting interested in each other (let’s face it, that’s how love always begins) and, ultimately, getting closer. The story does a great job in showing human interactions, I feel this is one of Tsuki ga Kirei’s strongest points: everything feels very real. It’s not at all like the implausible love stories we tend to see in anime, where the characters are completely ridiculous and chibi scenes tend to be added for a “cute/funny” effect that may or may not appeal to the viewers. This series isn’t like that. No chibis, no usual ‘popular guy falls for quiet girl’, no exaggerated reactions, no tragic backstory, nope, nada. Just two normal high school kids falling in love with each other, getting to know each other and going through a romantic relationship together (yup, they date). Also, quick note: Roman deserves an award for best friend ever (while Chinatsu deserves a fucking punch in the face).


Mahoutsukai no Yome is one of those amazing and out of the ordinary series you don’t find very often. Starting with Chise, the main character, who’s a very peculiar heroine that didn’t exactly have a wonderful past. It’s not very often that we get to see a protagonist suffering from depression and even less in a fantasy-filled world. The story begins with Chise being bought by a magus who has a skull-like face…doesn’t sound very good, does it? But truth be told, Elias is actually a very kind person who gives Chise a place to belong to. At first glance, the characters look like an anime version of The Beauty and The Beast, but it’s much much more than that (and the story’s not even slightly similar to The Beauty and The Beast 😆 ). The magic world is not as simple as we think, and even Chise starts to learn this. Lastly, of course, we mustn’t forget the astonishing visuals this series has to offer; they are BEAUTIFUL, they are INCREDIBLE. If the story hooked you, the art will hook you even further. Seriously, give this series a try if you still haven’t.

Short and Sweet


Tsurezure Children got me hooked from the first episode (I mean, seriously, that’s gotta be one of the most creative and funny love confessions I’ve ever seen). It’s basically a light-hearted series about high school love with lots of comedy (which makes sense because the anime’s adapted from a 4-koma). There are a lot of characters since the episodes focus on more than one couple. Some are dating, some aren’t (but have a crush on someone) and EVERYONE is ridiculous in some way or another 😆 and that’s what makes this series so good. There’s not really a ‘story’ here per se, you just keep track of what’s going on with each couple in the different scenarios (which almost always end up being hilarious, but there are some that are very sweet).

Reminiscing Old Memories


Sket Dance is an anime that I started watching quite a few years ago (it’s from around 2011 after all) but never got around to finishing it. Recently, though, I resumed it and was finally able to complete it!! For those who don’t know what Sket Dance is about, it’s basically a shounen set in high school where a group of 3 students form a club to help people in trouble (usually students, but teachers as well). If you’ve never watched this series before, I recommend you give it a try. Why? Because it has a really nice balance between comedy, heartwarming moments and drama. There are very few series which can make you laugh like a freaking hyena in one episode and make you cry a river in another. Believe me, the experience is totally worth it. So worth it, in fact, that I find it to be such a shame that the whole manga wasn’t adapted when it was so good…but anime’s expensive, so it isn’t always easy to get a manga fully adapted (especially when it’s on the long side).



Ooooh man, the feeling when a series makes you curious yet you don’t even want to watch the second episode because of how bad it is. That’s Ousama game. At first, I was interested because of the premise: a bunch of high schoolers forced to obey the rules of a game unless they don’t wanna die. It’s not really a ‘killing game’ like Mirai Nikki or Danganronpa, but the vibe was similar, so I decided to give it a try. I mean, it couldn’t be THAT bad, right…? SACRE BLEU, JESUS CHRIST, YES IT COULD OMFG. The problem with this series is that it has TWO CASTS of characters instead of one, so you don’t know wtf is going on. At the beginning of the first episode, we see the main character crying and screaming because he watches his presumable girlfriend die. Fast forward two fucking minutes and the guy’s going to a new high school (meaning he already played the game before and was the only survivor). Not only is everyone’s attitudes fucking weird because of how insistent they are with “being fwieeeeends” with the main character (in which planet are high school students so fucking welcoming to a new student??), but he himself is fucking stupid and ridiculous. I checked the manga’s info and, apparently, this series is divided in two parts. The first one is the main dude playing the game for the first time while the second one is the same dude playing the game at the new high school (aka the one in the anime). You see how this is a fucking mess? Instead of having adapted the first part, they decided to make a whole package by bouncing back and forward between the past and the present. This is AWFUL because 1) it makes everything fucking confusing, and 2) it makes you wonder who the fuck should you care about when you don’t have time to get to know any of the characters that well. Nuff said that I dropped this horrible mess.

Should I keep watching?


Black Clover is a new shounen series that made its anime debut not that long ago. Nothing too special really stands out so far but it’s a series that, for some reason, makes me curious enough to keep watching it…for now. As many may already be aware of, the main BIG PROBLEMMO this series has is Asta’s fucking voice. The character’s not even the problem, cause’ I actually like him and find it endearing that he’s so short and positive. BUT THAT SCREAMING MAKES ME WANT TO JUMP OUTTA THE WINDOW, MAN. THAT LONG-ASS VIBRATO SCREAMING SHOULD BE FUCKING KILLED WITH FIRE. Seriously, I have nothing against newbies. In fact, it makes me really happy when new seiyuu make an appearance (well, their voice does 😆 ), I even remember when I heard Yuki Kaji for the first time (playing as Shion in No.6) and I loved his voice. But this…ugh. It’s not even the whole voice that’s the problem, cause’ Asta sounds just fine when he speaks normally, but that screaming is FUCKING AWFUL. It actually makes me feel bad for the seiyuu cause’ even though he’s the one voicing Asta, the responsibility lies within director who thought THAT FUCKING ANNOYING SCREAM would be hilarious. Anyway…I’ll give it a few episodes more to see if this changes. Hopefully it does…hopefully.

Finally! A well adapted otome game!


Code: Realize, the series that’s not only great as a game but also as an anime. While the art-style certainly looks prettier in the game, the anime art-style isn’t half bad. It would be very tricky to animate something with so many details, after all, and I think the anime art-style keeps the characters’ essence, so I’m very content. The script is another thing that was done very well: they took off the bits that were unnecessary and added others to make the story more engaging. Even Lupin’s and Cardia’s interactions are being managed wonderfully. I dare say I’m enjoying ‘Lupin’s anime route’ a whole lot more than his actual route in the game. It’s not that his route in the game was bad but, in my opinion, compared to the others, it left much to be desired since his route also had to connect the dots for every single conflict in the game. Anyway, I’m looking forward to watching the whole thing. Already watched 4 episodes and I’m really happy with it, so far!!

Season 3, come to me (the sooner, the better)


Boku no Hero Academia is one of this year’s greatest successes, and with good reason. The first season was great but the second one is even better. We get more screentime for other characters, more action, more villains and, of course, more character development!! It’s already pretty remarkable to see a shounen main character who’s not your usual screamo, food-loving, cheerful guy; but it’s even more remarkable to see that this main character gains his power from somebody else (instead of the usual ‘hidden badass power’). But BNHA’s strength doesn’t lie in the protagonist alone. It also lies in its great set of characters, its great storytelling, its comedy, its drama, its action scenes…and I could keep going on forever 😆 but one thing I want to mention that really made this series stand out to me was the fact that the characters’ actions have consequences. What do I mean with this? You know how Dragon Ball always has people being killed here and there only for them to be revived by Shenlong afterwards? BNHA doesn’t do this. So far, nobody has died, but many DID suffer from the consequences of their actions. The best example is our main hero, Deku. The guy has broken so many fucking bones that he gained an arm full of scars and the reality of not being able to keep using it if he keeps pushing himself to the extreme. I found this SO COOL because it means that even in a world where people have superpowers, you can’t be ‘the very best like no one ever was’ without going through some shit. Nuff said, I’m super excited for season 3!!!

Thanks for reading till the end! Hope you enjoyed the ride! See you next post! (≧∇≦*)/



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