Danganronpa V3 Collector Edition’s Unboxing


Hello, everyone!! Woah, it’s definitely been a while since I last posted. The reason is…life, I guess 😆 Sometimes, stuff happens and you just don’t feel like posting or you don’t really know what to post. There are some reviews, in fact, that I have half-written but need to get to them so that I can finally post them (for instance, Period Cube’s one of them, but I’m missing the last route and, tbh, I’m not looking forward to it at all). In the end, I decided to post about Danganronpa V3 collector edition’s unboxing (I’ll be reviewing this game as well since I have A LOT to say about it – both good and bad).

Anyway, without further ado, enjoy the unboxing!!

Usually, I’m someone who doesn’t get limited editions since they tend to be pretty expensive. But I just had to make an exception with this game because Danganronpa is one of my favorite series ever. The problem was that this edition was NIS America exclusive and I live in Argentina, so how was I going to get my hands on it? At first, I decided to pre order it myself, but my Dad then adviced me against it since our country’s national courier system isn’t that good (and there wasn’t a DHL or Fedex option). Before cancelling my preorder, however, I checked with a seller from Buenos Aires who I used to buy to (before this whole DRV3 nightmare started, that is). Long story short, the guy was completely unprofessional, rude, didn’t accept his mistakes, made a lot of excuses, took ages answering messages and didn’t even get me what I asked for so I stopped dealing with him for good (not before telling him all I thought about his unprofessional ways). I found another seller who actually had the version I wanted, the vita version, and, even though it was INSANELY expensive, I swallowed my tears and bought it. And I don’t regret it. The ps4 will have to wait.

It’s good though, cause I’d rather spend a bit more money than have to deal with an asshole of a seller. The guy who sold me this collector’s edition was actually very kind and polite. The prices for his other games are a bit pricey too but not unreasonable. Guess he only goes overboard with limited editions 😆 .

Anyway, let’s take a look at the stuff, shall we?

Kaede’s backpack is a real treat. The clasp is made of metal (how cool is that?) and the purple insignia is well attached. The backpack certainly has good quality and I’ll be sure to wear it sometime. It’s quite fashionable!


Even my cat appreciated the backpack lol

Now, let’s get on with the collector box. This, like everything else that comes with the limited edition, was inside the backpack which, imo, is a great presentation. From what I heard, the design on the collector box was voted. Can’t complain, really, Keebo’s freaking awesome, I’d probably have voted the same cover. Yes to the cool robot!


I love how even the inside of the box is designed!! Those Danganronpa-style blood spots are a really nice touch.
The backcover is really cool too; all 16 students are here!!

Let’s continue with Shuuichi’s cap. Man, the details!! My Dad thought the bill was defective 😆 but it’s actually part of the design and makes it look super cool!! Will I be wearing it? It’s not even a question, of course I’ll be wearing it. Even more so now that it’s starting to get warmer in Argentina!!


Now, the hardcover artbook. I really liked it, the inside is filled with “reports” about all the characters in the game, some backgrounds and a height chart with all the students standing next to each other. My only complait is that the cover wrap is very fragile. I barely touched it and it’s already creased. Other than that, I love it!!




I think Ouma’s like 2 cm taller than me lol
Sorry for the awful quality, my cellphone’s camera sucks. This is the back cover. You can see Monokuma and the Monokubs spying on you haha. I though it was a really nice detail, personally.

Headphones’ time!! Goodness, the design is really cool. It has Monokuma on one side and the Danganronpa logo on the other. As you may have already suspected, yes, I did wear them!! The sound quality is quite good, the only problem is that they’re a bit too tight for my taste and, thus, wearing them for a long time makes my head hurt a bit. But, whatever, they’re still awesome!!

Kiki likes them too!
Or maybe she’s actually more concerned about Kaede’s backpack lol

Then, we have the actual game, of course, and the OSTs!! For some reason there are two: one called “Killing Harmonies V3” and another one called “Kuma Records”. The first one has 24 tracks while the Kuma Records’ one only has 10. Not really sure why they divided them, maybe lack of space? Who knows 😆 . Anyways, the OST is fantastic; after all, one of Danganronpa’s main charms is the music, which never disappoints. In fact, I think this may be my favorite OST from the series!!




I actually already played this game when it came out in Japan. Danganronpa has a habit of being spoiled EVERYWHERE and it can really ruin the whole game for you. That’s why I prepared in advance and bought the digital japanese version so that I wouldn’t be spoiled. While I didn’t understand the full extent of it, I did have quite a good grasp of what happened. Still, it’s not the same when you play it in a language you know from head to toe, of course. I’m already done with chapter 1 (which left me feeling as salty as I was when I played it all those months ago in japanese) so, when I finish it completely, I’ll share my views over here in a brand new review!!

Anyways, that’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed the ride and I’ll see you next post! (≧∇≦*)/






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