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Hey everyone!

I finally managed to post something after so long, yay!!! Since it’s a bit difficult for me to write super long reviews nowadays, I decided to make a sort of “corner” for anime so that my blog doesn’t die of loneliness and I at least post more often. This is a bit of an experiment but I hope you enjoy the anime corner ride nonetheless and, of course, feel free to leave comments O(≧▽≦)O

Again, this will be sort of an experiment to see how it goes. Ok, let’s begin!!

The Gems

erased-1   Mob-Psycho-10-41

As much as I love anime, it’s very unusual these days to find one that makes it to my top favorites. But last year, there were 2 series that left me astounded: Erased (Boku dake ga Inai Machi) and Mob Psycho 100. These two series are freaking masterpieces. Even though they are very different in itself, both show how people connect with each other.

‘I said that out loud!’

In Erased case, we have our main character Satoru, who’s involved in a murder incident he has to solve by going to the past with his special power of “revival” (which usually takes him back a few seconds in time but, for some reason, succeeds in taking him back to when he was 10). During this time, he needs to prevent the death of three children that were murdered and left a hole deep inside his heart. At first, Satoru sort of “fakes” his feelings to be part of a group, but soon, he genuinely starts to change for the better. Especially after meeting one of the girls he needs to protect: Kayo. Although Erased is esentially a murder mystery, it isn’t only just that. Erased shows how the way we live can influence our way of thinking and just how much having the right people with you can bring you happiness and fill the holes in our hearts.

Says the “con psychic” lol

As regards Mob, nuff said that the premise is completely different. Mob is a high school kid with psychic powers who ocassionally helps his “wonderful master” (Reigen is still wonderful but for other reasons) perform exorcisms. Mob Psycho 100 not only has incredible animation, but also a lot of character development. Even though it’s quite short, many characters get their moment to shine. It’s an anime that also teaches us a valuable lesson; quoting Reigen: “Even if you possess psychic powers, the fact that you’re human doesn’t change”. Mob understands this very well as he would very much prefer being a normal high school student. Another point to mention about this anime is that many characters change for the better and the bonds they share with Mob touch your heart.

The Oldie but Goldie


Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) is a good old classic that everyone needs to watch. Though it may seem like a simple comedy with an ex yankee but still violent and perverted dude who wants to become a teacher (and succeeds), it’s much more than that. Although Onizuka-sensei has no problem whatsoever in making bad students learn their lesson by extreme measures (like bungee jumping, spanking bullies’ butts or beating the crap out of some of them 😆 lmao), he is also someone who helps his students overcome their problems and enjoy life to the fullest when most of the other teachers turn a blind eye (bullying, to mention one).

A model teacher

Understandably so, many teachers dislike him due to him constantly breaking the rules and being…well, being himself 😆 (let’s face it, who wouldn’t be concerned if a fellow teacher came to school dressed like a monkey?). I have only watched 20 episodes, so far, but I’m definitely planning to finish this series as it’s not only able to make you laugh beyond belief, but also move you to tears. Good old perverted (and virgin) Onizuka never fails to put a smile on your face!!

The Dropped one


I have dropped many series but the most recent one is Days, from last year. Gawd, After having watched 6 of 24 episodes, I couldn’t stand it anymore and had to say said goodbye to Tsukamoto and company. While the “main character isn’t initially sporty” idea attracted me, it worn out very fast. For some reason, everyone in the team sees Tsukamoto as a sort of god. At first they’re all like “omg, so lame” but then they are charmed by his running and his “I’ll try my best/non-giving up” attitude. The pattern of the episodes went like this: character is mean to Tsukamoto –> character sees how Tsukamoto does his best –> character changes. It’s always like this, the characters surrounding Tsukamoto change but Tsukamoto himself stays the same!!!

DAYS - 01 - Large 14
Behold the amazing player who got on the team and no one knows freaking why

Oh, and don’t even get me started on how they select Tsukamoto for the main team when he has NO FREAKING QUALITIES apart from running. Like, are you freaking serious?? Not even Tsukamoto thought he should have been part of the main team. It’s just not plausible. I know this is fiction but, seriously, it’s not even believable in the series!! Literally no one fucking understands why he was chosen. Like this reviewer says: “There’s no way in hell the worst player on the team gets a position on a team” and I absolutely and wholeheartedly agree. He can’t even kick a ball properly without tripping. *Sigh* anyway, I don’t recommend it. The characters are too flat and there’s no freaking development. Haikyuu!! does a much better job at that (reason why it’s one of my favorite series and my top sport series).

The Never-Ending one


Conan is probably going to be mentioned in many anime corners 😆 because it really IS a never-ending anime (it has more than 800 episodes, for pete’s sake)!! I remember I started watching it when I was around 6 or 7 years old (the latin american spanish dub version) and then left it on hold until a couple of years ago when I started watching it in japanese from scratch 😆 ohoho.

“I’m taking with my invisible and non-moving mouth”

Being a huge mystery fan, it’s obvious to guess how much I love this series. It still has its up and downs though. After having watched 234 episodes, I still can’t understand how the people around Kogoro (or whoever is victim of Conan’s darts) DON’T NOTICE he isn’t freaking moving his mouth to speak!! Detective Conan-logic I guess…Also, I haven’t even watched 500 episodes yet but I can’t freaking believe Ran still doesn’t know Conan is Shinichi. She was actually the first to suspect him and I get all the “for her protection, it’s better than she doesn’t know” but sooner or later she’ll have to be told about it. Seriously, Ran isn’t someone who would be telling everyone her beloved’s secret. Oh well. Finally, since this anime is super mega long…how is it that everyone’s STILL the same age?? Even I’m older than Shinichi and he’s still freaking 17!!!

Another thing I love about this series is their couples, especially these two!

Complaints aside, I really have to give it to Aoyama, he comes up with case after case!! It’s true that some aren’t that challenging and many have the same pattern, but a lot of them are super ingenious and interesting!! But, of course, the biggest pro Detective Conan has, in my opinion, is the great set of characters.

The Short and (not so) Sweet


Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni (current season) tells the  story of Kujo, a bald priest (the perverted Saitama everyone’s talking about right now 😆 ) who reunites with Fukaya, an old female classmate who used to have (or still has) a crush on him. Long story short, they get drunk and start a sexual relationship after Kujo asks for her help by pretending to be his lover in order to avoid an arranged marriage.

Ok, first of all, this story is based on a Josei manga so there’s a lot of sex. The problem is that the episodes only last like 3 minutes and it’s heavily censored (unless you search for the uncensored version, like I did). I will keep watching this because I’m curious but, to be honest, I was expecting something more along the lines of Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken.

I kid you not, this is the HEAVILY censored version. Instead of the sex scene, they added this weird fish thing at the bottom while you take a peek at Kujo’s childhood lmao

In Danna’s case, the short episode structure works since the manga is a 4-koma at it really is just a short and sweet romance-comedy series. In Souryo’s case…well, I don’t know what they were thinking but they keep cutting everything so you don’t understand what the hell’s going on (even worse if you watch the censored version) plus there is no plot, everything moves too fast. So, yeah, if you wanted to watch something light-hearted like Danna, then this isn’t for you. It’s more of a hentai for women with a “story” though you can’t even have that unless you find the uncensored version which, by the way, has two versions. Basically there are three versions of this 3-minute episode series: the uncensored, the sort of censored and the HEAVILY censored (by which I mean CUT CUT CUT instead of censoring lmao 😆 ).



The Garden of Words tells the story of a high-school boy who wants to be a shoe designer when he’s older. Every rainy morning, he skips school and goes to a pubic garden to draw. There, he meets a peculiar woman who drinks beer and eats chocolate. The two of them grow closer as the movie progresses and, even though it’s a bit of a gloomy story, it’s very moving and leaves room for hope. How to say it? It’s human, beautiful and inspiring. Movies like these always put a smile on my face. It’s truly amazing how you can tell a sweet story in just 45 minutes and leave everyone gasping in awe.


However, I can’t say the same for 5cm Per Second. I’m well aware that this is a very popular movie but, for some reason, I just didn’t feel it. It’s divided in 3 episodes and only one of them managed to make me empathize with the characters. Afterwards it was just depressing. Unlike The Garden of Words’ protagonist, the main guy in this movie didn’t do shit (after the 1st episode I mean) apart from being emo in 90% of the movie.

Still, I’m really hoping to watch ‘Your Name’ sometime soon. Like the movies I mentioned, it’s also by Makoto Shinkai and it’s getting such amazing feedback it’s getting me excited!!

So this was my first anime corner. Hope you enjoyed the ride! See you next post! (≧∇≦*)/


7 comentarios sobre “Anime Corner – MAY

  1. OOOOOOO I wish I had more time for anime, but liek you said, it’s hard to find any really good ones. I watched the first episode of Erased and was going to continue it but I think that’s when my finals were coming up so i had to stop 😦 I haven’t heard of Mob but oh man did I hear about the priest anime. I saw the art and was like WOW Orihime lol and now I’m in shock to see what it’s about. hahaha

    I also wasn’t a big fan of 5cm per second….and sadly I found Your Name very meh. I think it was so hyped because it’s Shinkai.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Haha, true, anime does take a lot of time (especially the long series!) but if you “plan your way through the watching” you can finish certain series in no time!! I usually watch a couple of episodes while I’m having dinner, or even when I’m washing the dishes (on my ipad lol) and, if I’m not too tired, before going to sleep 😛 hehe

      I recommend going for shorter series first, though, since watching a long series suddenly can either make you bored of it or just lazy to finish it 😆 Also, I think there’s nothing wrong with dropping an anime if it’s not your cup of tea, by all means!! 🙂 I tried watching Jojo this month and it really wasn’t for me, I got too bored 😆

      Erased is a masterpiece, I recommend it to every person I know, you seriously won’t regret it. I hope you have to chance to watch it soon ❤ Same for Mob, it's a completely different genre but it's really good too.

      So true about 5cm per second, sometimes it seems like there's a huge hype for something and it actually makes you enjoy that something a lot less than what you thought you would…5 cm per second was too hyped at the time and I really can't understand what's the appeal in a guy being emo 90% of the movie because of a girl HE stopped talking to. Who knows 😆

      Yeah…Your Name is being hyped A LOT. It makes me excited to watch it but I will keep my expectations mild to avoid being disappointed. I just hope it has a happy ending cause for some reason it seems to be "the new fashion" for romance stories to end bad. Actually, this gave me an idea of what I'm going to write about in my July monthly corner, so thank you!! ❤

      Le gusta a 1 persona

      1. Whoa I never thought about planning out watching a series. I feel like I’ve seen a light after reading this rofl omg

        And nice! I added both shows to my list so hopefully I’ll get to them!!

        Haha right? He’s like WOE IS MOI the whole movie. If he just talked to her!! And yet he does nothing. I think he may be a masochist.

        Uhhhh if you didn’t like 5cm ending it’s a little better but I mean….lol good luck wiht it

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      2. Lololol, I’m glad it was helpful to you!! ❤

        Yeah, once I started planning, I got to watch a lot of anime in a pretty short time!! I need to apply this to books too though…I haven't read as much these years lmao 😆

        Gosh, Ikr?? I really hate it when a character's all emo like that but doesn't do anything to change it and just drowns in their own misery. Like you said, it's as if he was a masochist.

        Oh god, don't tell me Your Name is really similar to 5cm per second nooooo. I hope not xD still, it looks a lot better, thankfully!! (plus it's longer I think)

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      3. Oh thank god, lol, at least it’s more hopeful. If you truly want to watch a romance with a GOOD ENDING I totally recommend Tsuki ga Kirei. That anime OH MY GOD it slayed me with all the cuteness and skdjgbskdjgbskjgb I’m going to talk about it on my anime corner 😆 it was so good, so great!!

        Le gusta a 1 persona


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