My awful experience with Nippon Yassan and G2A


Hello, everyone!! Happy new year!! It’s quite sad and frustrating that my first post in 2017 has to be about this, but felt like I had to get it off my chest and warn anyone who’s thinking of buying in these sites.

Without further ado, let’s continue!

Last December has been a very stressful month for me, not only because of the exams (which I luckily passed, yay!) but also because I had to deal with these scammers called Nippon Yassan and G2A.

I’ll explain a bit about them. Let’s start with Nippon Yassan.

Nippon Yassan is a website that specializes in exporting japanese goods; including figures, manga, anime, videogames, food and clothes. They also sell prepaid cards like nintendo eshop cards, psn cards and even itunes cards. I had previously bought psn cards from them around May and the codes arrived, but they were still rather slow about it. However, I did get my products then, so I figured: hey why not buy from them again? Nuff said that I made a BIG MISTAKE.

When I bought from them again in December, for some reason my credit card wasn’t being accepted so I used another one which allowed the payment. My relief only lasted for about 2 hours because, afterwards, I received an email from these jerks:

Where it all started

Fishy as hell, isn’t it? Why, why the hell would you need my passport??? I investigated a bit and it seemed they had sent this email to other people before so I figured there would be no problem…But then they started ignoring me. I sent a whole bunch of tickets (NY has an awful ticket system for you to contact them and there’s no way to know when they’ll reach you) which they never replied. I started panicking, because what if these assholes used my identity for something else? Asking for a passport is no joke, it could lead to a whole bunch of problems.

The useless ticket system

My Dad advised me to pester them, send them another ticket, send them tweets, send them a facebook message. What do you know? After these shitheads ignored me for almost a week, I finally got a reply telling me I’d get a refund because they “didn’t have the product available”. For pete’s sake, what a bunch of liars. I then investigated about them a bit further and learned they had to deal with stolen credit cards in the past, so that’s the reason they ask for this fishy “supplementary information”. Still, that’s no fucking excuse to accept the money. I mean, if the credit card is “so fishy” as they claimed, then WHY THE HELL DID YOU ACCEPT THE PAYMENT DUDE?! Usually, if you feel something’s off, you would reject the payment NOT ACCEPT IT AND THEN DEMAND SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION.

The “unfortunately we don’t have the product” email (in spanish)

The conclusion I came to is that these people are a bunch of fools combined with a share of jerkness. Everything’s alright until you have a problem. I don’t recommend dealing with them. Only positive thing is that, at least, I got a refund and I learned I should never EVER step on ther site again.

Now, on the biggest assholes called G2A. G2A is a global digital market that specializes in selling digital goods, video games and prepaid cards. The thing is, G2A aren’t the ones actually selling. Much like a website from latin america called Mercadolibre, you can participate as a buyer or a seller. The buyers rate the sellers and that’s how the sellers become more “secure” in a sense, depending on how many successful transactions they had. G2A also offers you a system they call G2A Shield which supposedly protects you from being scammed. Meaning, if the seller sells you an invalid code, the shield makes sure you don’t lose your money. BULLSHIT.

Let me share with you how this whole nightmare began. It all started on December 23rd, when I was excited for Christmas and wanted to buy my friends some Christmas presents on steam. I bought 2 steam cards, one was for the game “Stardew Valley” which worked, and the other one was a 50 USD card…which didn’t work because the code was used. Of course, I didn’t like this one bit so I contacted G2A live chat support to explain the situation and expecting I’d receive another code or a refund soon. WRONG! Not only did I not get a refund, but these assholes beat around the bush so much!!! Basically the “shield” doesn’t do shit because you have to resolve the problem on your own. I was expected to contact the seller to explain the problem and this scammer was such a piece of garbage, oh my god. They first told me to contact steam about the date of the activation code, so I did. After steam contacted me, I learned that they really can’t divulge that type of information (which is completely reasonable) but the code had been indeed used. G2A’s way to contact a seller, by the way, is by reporting the problem and solving it with them as a dispute. If an arrangement is not reached, the buyer can turn the dispute into a claim, and this is were G2A’s “solving department” will intervene.

Meet the scam seller (or sellers, as they refer to themselves as “we”)

Nuff said, G2A gave the seller another chance so that they could answer me and the seller YET AGAIN insisted on contacting steam and asking about the activation date WHEN I HAD ALREADY PROVIDED A SCREENSHOT WITH THE CONVERSATION WHERE STEAM SAID THEY COULDN’T DIVULGE THAT INFO. He also provided the full scan of the key. Ok, let’s suppose for a moment that the seller DID in fact buy the code in a legit way and it was their distributor’s fault that the product didn’t work. How is that my problem? I bought a product from a suppossedly trustworthy site only to have the claim I made closed in front of my face in favor of the seller who stole my money. I did everything that was asked of me to do and G2A basically laughed in my face.

The scam seller part 2
The Steam conversation

When I contacted live chat support for an answer not only did they tell me they “couldn’t do anything” but they also expected me to reopen the case and contact the seller yet again. What good would that do? I would lose more of my time, the seller would act like a jerk yet again and G2A wouldn’t freaking believe me and close the case in favor of the seller YET AGAIN. The cherry on top was that G2A had the gall to block my account because of “suspicious activity”. So basically not only are they on the side of scammers, they are scammers themselves. Shield doesn’t solve anything, in fact it takes more of you money, and these assholes are shameless enough to say they care about their customers the most. Conclusion: I lost 50 dollars to a piece of shit, I was beaten around the bush, I was not given any solutions and I was even treated like a “suspicious person”. My advice is STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE. Nippon Yassan already has a bunch of people who know they are not very trustworthy but G2A has a lot of positive reviews from people who didn’t have any problems. The thing is…the moment you HAVE a problem, everything goes to hell and nobody freaking helps you. Luckily, some DO get a refund when they deal with the invalid code situation. But there are also many others like me who are treated like thieves and even get their account blocked. I gave them a 1 star on Trust Pilot and they even had the gall to send me this message:

Sure, I’ll contact your awful support with my blocked account. Are you fucking kidding me?  ಠ_ಠ

So this experience was downright TERRIBLE and it wasn’t even solved. At least Nippon Yassan gave me my money back but these G2A pieces of garbage hide their awful service under the “we care so much about the customer” bullshit. In the first place, why the heck can’t we contact the solving department? The people working on the livechat are just employees. Some good, some mediocre, some GAWD SO AWFUL, but they’re employees. They can’t do anything. Why then, am I only able to speak with them? G2A’s solving department takes light years to respond to claims and when they do they don’t solve shit. Don’t be fooled by the good scores G2A has. The truth is we don’t have any way to know if the products sold are stolen or what. G2A doesn’t care cause they make money from the stupid shield and, in the end, the buyer is the one who suffers.

Me, after everything went to hell

At least I learned my lesson. I’m never EVER buying stuff from these type of shady websites again. From now on it’s only Amazon and places I KNOW are trustworthy, like Play-Asia. Now Amazon and Play-Asia, those are worthy of an applause because they actually DO care about their customers and aren’t a bunch of liars.

I’m sorry for all the anger I filled this post with but I needed to get it off my chest. I feel much better now that I exposed these scam websites for what they truly are. If you can, please, spread the word that they aren’t trustworthy sites, they aren’t worth the time. Again, there CAN be no problems, but if there IS a problem…that’s when the drama starts. Nobody deserves to go through this, websites selling stuff that make people happy shouldn’t be this shady and shouldn’t treat their customers like fools/thieves/etc. I know there ARE buyers who are scammers as well, but there are better methods to prove it. This way…you only get stressed buyers having an awful experience and never buying from your site again (plus these buyers have friends, so be sure that they’ll spread the news).

My next post will surely be more happy. If your read until the end, I sincerely thank you for your time. And if you share my experience with others, I thank you 100 times more from the bottom of my heart. Nobody deserves to go through this.

Hope you enjoyed the ride! See you next post! (≧∇≦*)/


4 comentarios sobre “My awful experience with Nippon Yassan and G2A

  1. Oh no this is horrible! I’m so sorry and sad this happened to you :((((
    Congrats on passing your exams!
    Next time definitely only buy stuff from trusted websites. So many websites selling steam gifts, you could even just gift it directly, better than going through that nightmare again yikes!
    Tbh I would have pestered and insisted on those dudes from G2A, that’s just so not right :/
    Definitely nobody deserves to go through what you did, wishing you good luck for this new year 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Me gusta

    1. Thanks, yeah it definitely sucked and made me stress a bit over the issue but oh well…I’m definitely only buying from trustworthy websites from now on :/
      As for pestering G2A, believe me, I did so a whole lot but the assholes just wouldn’t do anything plus they ended up blocking my account so I just left them an awful review on trust pilot and this one on wordpress. Hopefully more people become aware of the scammers they are. No one deserves to go through this 😦

      Me gusta


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