Recommended Mobile Otome Routes


Hello, hello! It’s been a while since I last posted, huh? I’ve been quite busy with my finals but, luckily, I’m done with them so I’m more free now!! Well, truth is I also didn’t know what I should post next; this blog’s main focus is about otome AND mysteries but I haven’t posted any mystery-related content yet. I definitely will, though, it’s a promise!!

Ok, putting that aside, I made a post before about the worst mobile otome routes I’ve ever played, right? So, this time, I wanted to make a post about the ones I actually enjoyed!! I won’t really make a top 10 or anything; this’ll be more of a recommendation post but I may do a top 10 or top 5 or top something someday 😛 Ahem! By the way, I won’t talk about mobile games that are actually brought from PSP (like Demon’s Bond or Eternal Vows) since they’re not really mobile games. Also won’t be talking about Mystic Messenger, despite it actually BEING a mobile game because that one is a whole new category in itself. It doesn’t have the quality you can expect from a mobile otome game, it’s much much better so I don’t think it’s fair to put it on this list; I’ll just make a full review on Mystic Messenger after I finish it. I’ll also structure this post by game and tell you which routes I recommend the most from them (I hope this makes sense 😆 ). As for East Tower, it’s also a mobile game but I’ll cover it on a full review too since I want to ramble about a lot of good things the game has to offer yet sometimes is ignored for the not so great art. In the case of Voltage games, I might add things about their sequels and such but this will be mostly about the main routes.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these recommendations ♡ And tell me what you think, I’d love to read your comments! Also, remember these recommendations are my personal opinion so that doesn’t mean everyone has to agree with me 😛 . This post has mild spoilers so it should be alright to read 🙂 But WARNING, it’s a bit long 😆 Let’s start!


Be My Princess

This Voltage game is quite old but there’s a certain guy here that I really like so I felt like I had to mention it. In BMP, the MC’s a regular exchange college student who’s living in Charles Kingdom. One day, while taking a stroll, she helps an old man who’s not feeling well on the street and as thanks he gives her his number and tells her to call him if she ever needs his help. Afterwards, circumstances lead the MC to get her clothes soaking wet and, as an apology, she’s invited to a party being held by Lord Michel. There, she meets six princes and you choose their route by deciding who she’ll dance with.

Except for Edward and Yakov, I’ve played every main route in this game but the only one I can truly recommend is Joshua’s. Wilfred’s route is stupid af; poor Glenn is a sweetheart but had a constant cockblock; and Keith is a jerk. Roberto’s alright but kinda boring 😆 . Zain’s route was nice, from what I remember, but I really can’t say much about it since…well, I don’t remember lol.


Joshua’s truly the best character in this game. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have even bothered to include it in this post, but he really belongs in this list. Let’s begin with the fact that the guy starts on not so good terms with the MC because of a misunderstanding, HIS misunderstanding 😆 . What’s so great about this route is the interactions between Joshua and the MC. The guy is super stubborn and set on rules but, when he does something wrong, the MC tells him off!! At first, he doesn’t care about anything he doesn’t believe in but he slowly warms up to the MC and starts listening to her views about several things. Also, Joshua may be rude but he’s secretly very kind! The development in this route is quite incredible for a mobile otome and you can really feel the character growth and how Joshua and the MC fall in love. Secondary characters like Joshua’s butler, Jan, also play an important part in the route and it’s nice to see.


My Forged Wedding

Another old Voltage game, haha! Aside from a certain amount of cheesyness in some routes, the game is quite good. Except for Kuni, Akito, Takao and Tamaki, I’ve played everyone’s main routes. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion but Ren’s route was boring af 😆 . It started REALLY well but then my face did a 180º turn from wow to wtf. Haruka’s route…I don’t really remember it lol, so I guess it didn’t leave much of an impression in me. The best routes imo are definitely Kyoichi’s and Saeki’s but I also really liked Yamato’s and Yuta’s. In this game, MC’s looking for a job so her uncle Kuni suggests she helps one of his friends…and helping them ends up with her pretending to be their wife!! I have to admit, in some cases the reason was pretty dumb, but in others it made sense.


Let’s start with Yuta. He’s a comedian and you’d expect a fun route from him with some laughs but nooooope; the route’s actually pretty sad, so it feels very rewarding when the MC finally gets together with him. It’s not the best but it’s certainly very romantic. The interactions between him and the MC are really nice; like how you’d be with a close friend, but then it develops into something else (love, of course fufu).


Yamato is an all-girls high school teacher and VERY confident about himself lmao. He’s bossy, blunt and can come off as a bit selfish but he really cares about his students. His interactions with the MC are really nice and they develop a lot throughout the route. I love how he teases her and calls her ‘pouty’ 😆 . Really, he’s actually a very nice husband.


Saeki’s the flirty scriptwriter, haha 😆 ! I don’t usually like flirty-type characters but you can’t help but like this guy (he calls you honeeeey). Saeki is kind of a workaholic but very good at what he does. Yes, he might be talented but he works his butt off! Like Picasso once said: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”. He also tries to hide his pain…Saeki’s very sensitive. Maybe the main difficulty of living with him is that he makes a COMPLETE MESS of the house lmao 😆 .


Kyoichi is a diplomat who comes off as cold and unfriendly, but that’s really just a mask he puts on in the beginning. In reality, the guy has a difficult problem he has to deal with all alone so the MC helping is pretty much a blessing from the sky, even though he’s not precisely kind to her at first. As the route progresses, though, you see just how sweet and caring he actually is. The MC is really great in this route and I love how they tease each other ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).


Bad Boys Do It Better

Ok, I know the “only girl in an all-boys school” is pretty damn cliché but hear me out!! This is one of the newest games from Voltage and I’ve only played Yu’s route, but it was good enough for me to recommend it. Like the game says, these guys are “bad boys” lol.


Yu’s route was quite refreshing in the sense that the MC is the first to fall in love and they start off as friends. The guy’s actual girlfriend is basketball lmao, but he’s short so he has to put in a lot of extra effort! Of course, like most Voltage games, there are some stupid ‘damsel in distress’ moments (ok, maybe only one lol) but it’s something this company always recycles in their stories so what can you do 😆 . All in all, I really enjoyed his route and, apart from the usual choices you’re given like in any ordinary otome game, BBDIB has one extra choice that is represented with a turning heart saying ‘Go for it’ on one side and ‘Pull back’ on the other. Basically, ‘Go for it’ is the bold choice while ‘Pull back’ is the timid choice. This is really cool because the MC doesn’t have to be the meek heroine 100% like…pretty much most of Voltage’s heroines and most mobile otome heroines, really.


Star-Crossed Myth

The MC, who loves stars and works at a planetarium, is the reincarnation of a goddess and must help the god of her choosing absolve his sin…well, at least six of them 😆 . Since these gods are based off the Zodiac signs, this game has a lot of routes. I’ve only played Leon’s, Scorpio’s, Dui’s and Ichthys’s. Aside from Leon, I loved everyone else. Really, Department of Punishments is BEST department. Also, since they are gods, these guys are filled with powers and each of them has a certain special ability. However, since they were banished from the heavens, they can only use them if they touch the MC (since she’s the reincarnation of a goddess).


Scorpio, as his frown pretty much suggests, is extremely bad-tempered and hates humans to the core. He’s pretty rude, but he’s rude to everyone so it’s not like the MC gets “special treatment”, if you get my drift. Since he hates humans, he’s pretty harsh when it comes to punishments; but when you actually see what some of the ‘bad humans’ do, it’s not as if Scorpio’s completely wrong. The route feels very natural and the guy’s quite caring when he starts to fall in love aaahhh. Man, gotta love the tsunderes.


Dui, ruler of the Gemini constellation, is a very kind and gentle man…or is he? Truth is, this guy has developed a sort of double-personality within him; one which is very kind and sweet, while the other is cruel and violent. Like plots concerning double-personalities suggest, this other side of himself obviously appeared for a reason after a certain moment in his life. Gaaah, I really love Dui and his character has quite a lot of depth. He even shares his love of cherries with me, hoho!


Ichthys, the prankster! Man, this guy is so fun and cute, I just can’t get enough. Even though all of the gods have this sin they want to absolve to be able to return to heaven, Ichthys’s actual problem has more to do with his secret ability rather than his sin. I loooooove routes where the MC and the love interest start off as friends and later fall in love, it’s so freaking good and interesting and ksjdgbskdjgb it’s great and I’m weak.


Finally, in Love Again

Lmao, so many Voltage games here even though I have a love-hate relationship with this company…but welp, I have to admit some routes are very good. Ok, this game is about a 34 year old MC who’s working as a pastry chef. Anyway, the MC goes to a singles event on her birthday and suddenly a bunch of men confess their love to her wtf 😆 And, guess what, ALL OF THEM ARE YOUNGEEEER. This is, like, super great, I don’t know why but I usually love younger guys for some reason, ugh (#゚ロ゚#). Still, I’ve only played Yoh’s route but it was good enough for me to recommend fufufu.


Yoh’s actually not in love with the MC at first, lol. This mischievous guy just wants to settle in her home due to certain reasons that would be spoiler 😛 . At first, MC’s like wtf dude but she eventually lets him stay as a sort of ‘bodyguard’ because a creepy dude entered her home one night. As I said before, I’M WEAK to romantic routes where the characters start off as friends and…haha, oops! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Also, the romance develops quite nicely and by the end…THERE’S SO MUCH PASSION I BLUSHED AND GRINNED LIKE AN IDIOT.


Butler Until Midnight

The MC moves into an apartment in Southern Tokyo because it’s very close to her dream job…what she doesn’t know is that she was set up by a group of butlers who serve her dad lol. It turns out the MC is the daughter of a very prestigious man and these butlers serve him. His birthday is coming soon so the butlers decide to train her to be sophisticated 😆 so she has to choose one. The routes I’ve played were Yuma’s, Tomoki’s and Kyo’s. Tomoki’s route is shit so I’ll only talk about the other two.


Kyo is a quiet but obedient butler. He considers himself as a sort of ‘shadow’ and says he doesn’t really need to be thanked or apologized to. The MC doesn’t give a damn and does so anyway 😆 . Kyo is very kind; some may consider him kind of boring but I personally didn’t think so. He’s also adorable when he gets engrossed in the things he likes. Maybe the downside of his route is that his reason to start liking the MC is kind of strange…but if you can overlook that then you’ll probably enjoy it!


Unpopular opinion time! Yuma is BEST butler. I’ve read many comments about how he’s a complete jerk but the guy is not 100% black; he has grays to his personality. True, he’s VERY rude and kind of like an ore-sama. But, in reality, Yuma’s very loyal (maybe even TOO loyal, you’ll see why if you play his route) and cares deeply for the MC. True, he might be a jerk at first, but all he does for her throughout the route has no name. If I were in the MC’s shoes, I would have probably fallen in love too.


Serendipity Next Door

Basically, the MC works at an office and falls in love with one of her neighbors at the apartment complex where she lives. I’ve played Izumi’s, Masaomi’s and Keiichi’s routes and liked all of them quite a lot, especially the first two. This game is very nice and I really like the MC: she greatly enjoys eating food and is often made fun of because the food she cooks always looks brown (but tastes good!) 😆 .


Keiichi is your flamboyant neighbor who acts like he’s ‘one of the girls’ but in truth he does this because of something that happened in his past. His sense of fashion can come off as a bit extreme when it comes to the MC (like, I like the dude but it was annoying when he told me what I should wear and blahblahblah) but he really is very kind. MC falls for him pretty hard and…well, it gets complicated. Curious enough to try his route? 😉


Izumi’s a college student who works at a pet shop! Only this isn’t his only job…the guy has a lot of jobs in order to be able to sustain himself. He loves animals, especially dogs, and, you guessed right, he’s studying to be a vet! He’s adorable and kind of awkward at times, since he’s not used to girls. I really liked the interactions he had with the MC and how she slowly started to fall in love with him after spending time together. She’s also the first one to fall in love. The downside to this route is maybe…how Izumi’s confession was kind of rushed and cheesy. But, overall, I really liked him!! His sequel focuses more on his family and is very nice too 🙂 .


Masaomi…oh god, his route is the best in the whole game. I’ve always had this thought that I should never fall in love with a celebrity because I wouldn’t be able to bear all the pressure and shit that comes with the package…and then this route was released. Ok, I still think dating a celebrity would be hard but GAWD does this route manage that VERY WELL. Masaomi is a musician who’s on hiatus: he’s very good at composing songs but sucks at directions and cooking. This is really one of my favorite Voltage routes ever because MAN is the development done well. Main reason they start to get close is due to the MC breaking the balcony partition (Masaomi lives next to her) lmao 😆 .


After School Affairs

The MC is a teacher at an all-boys school that suddenly merges with an all-girls school due to financial issues. The main problem is that, in order to make the students focus more on their studies, they are forbidden to date…and that includes the teachers. Yeah, the rule’s pretty dumb but the game is quite alright. I’ve played Rikiya’s and Kiyonori’s route but Kiyonori is the one who caught my heart here, haha!


Kiyonori’s the history teacher and an EXTREME history nerd. No, like, seriously, all he cares about is history. He’s introverted and couldn’t care less about socializing, history’s everything to him and he only ever gets talkative if it’s because of history, his true passion. The MC’s paired to work together with him but the dude really doesn’t give a shit about his students and the no-dating rule…AT FIRST. I really loved how well devoloped he was, how he went from a history otaku to a good teacher and well…boyfriend ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).


Love Letter from Thief X

I used to REALLY love this game before but now it’s kind of a double-edged sword for me. The reason is pretty much because in many many routes (or special chapters or whatever) you get to see just how much the reverse-harem is overused…ALL THE GUYS love the MC (it just depends on the route or special chapter) and sometimes it gets pretty damn annoying. Still, the game is still quite good and one of the funniest Voltage has. Except for Ayumu’s, I’ve played all of the guys’ main routes. My favorites are Hyosuke’s and Takuto’s  but Tatsuro’s route is also nice. The MC is a curator working at a museum and whose great-grandfather was sort of like the Japanese Da Vinci. A group of thieves, called The Black Foxes, meet her and make her an offer she can’t refuse about joining them in order to recover her great-grandfather’s masterpiece.


Tatsuro is the MC’s childhood friend and a police detective soooooo you can see where this is going, right? The route’s main focus is the fact that the MC’s a thief while Tatsuro’s a detective, so she has to keep lying to him every single time. Then there’s a bitch who comes complicate things and…?! It’s quite a good route 😉 fufufu.


Hyosuke’s a security specialist who might be on par with Takuto when it comes to hacking (maybe even faster). This guy is very mischievous and flirty and pretty damn hilarious, aaaahhhh. I really liked him and even though the MC falls in love pretty fast, it wasn’t as bad as other games because the route is filled with action so you don’t really have much time to think about that. The route’s main focus is about how there’s another thief in the picture and…can you guess who that thief is? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Takuto’s day job is working as an engineer while at night he’s the hacker from The Black Foxes. He’s pretty much a genius when it comes to computers and apparently was like that ever since he was a little kid. His personality? Tsundereeeeeeee to the maximum! Maybe even overly exaggerated at times, but still really cute 😆 . Of course, like any true tsundere, Takuto’s pretty cold and rude towards the MC at first buuuuut really kind and sweet when he gets close to her. This route is one of the best I’ve played from Voltage games, again, because the interactions between the love interest and the MC are GREAT. Let’s start with the fact that these two share a love for EXACTLY THE SAME FOOD. So much so it’s hilarious how they always order the same thing 😆 . After Takuto starts falling for the MC, I think every single player secretly plans to select the choices that make him blush lmao. Buuuut, the thing with Takuto is that as the story moves forward (meaning, the sequel, second sequel, etc), this love pentagon thing gets pretty damn annoying and many of the romantic scenes get CHEEEEEESYYY to the point you cringe. STILL, his season one routes are all really enjoyable. It’s maybe from season two onwards where his routes start getting a bit not so good.


Our Two Bedroom Story

We’re finally here! Where my Voltage husbando is!!! In this game, the MC works for a publishing house and her mom is getting re-married. Turns out the son of the man she’s marrying is the MC’s coworker! And that’s not all…since her mom’s re-marrying, the MC doesn’t want to disturb the new couple so she wants to find a new home to live in. Her new step-dad offers her a place but…turns out it’s not as empty as she thought cause’ his son also lives there (aka your new step-brother) 😆 . But he doesn’t really mind her staying, so their life together begins! I’ve played Minato’s, Shusei’s, Kaoru’s, Chiaki’s and Akiyoshi’s main routes but only the last three stood out to me. The “step-brother” thing is kind of lame, but this game is actually one of the best from Voltage.


Akiyoshi is the MC’s boss and known as the ‘growler’ in the office 😆 . MC thinks things couldn’t get worse but while the guy is very strict at work, he’s actually very sweet at home. Really, the guy’s a sweetheart but he’s also surrounded by rumors. It also gets kind of complicated when he brings this growler persona home. What could happen?!


Kaoru’s the MC’s cool and silent coworker as well as a cat lover lol. He has this adorable kitty whose name I won’t reveal because it plays a part in the route, even though a small one 😆 . Kaoru sadly suffers from one of Voltage’s recurrent “syndromes” BUT it’s not thaaaaaat bad (thank god). You can enjoy his route perfectly well even knowing about that. I admit the route has certain dumb parts but overall it’s very enjoyable and the romance is sweet. Also, get a smile from Koaru and your heart will explode. But don’t play his sequel; the MC’s dumb af there.


Ok, husbando time! This may as well be another unpopular opinion because Chiaki isn’t as popular as some of the other guys. I don’t think the people who overcriticize him are being fair but, in the end, it’s just a matter of opinion, I guess. One of the things said about him that annoys me is that he’s a homophobe and a gay in denial. Like, seriously? Do fujoshi really need to see yaoi everywhere they go? This is an otome, take your yaoi away. And no, I’m not being a homophobe. The MC is also labeled as a homophobe. Let’s get this straight: if someone from your same gender made a pass at you and you rejected it…would that make you a homophobe? Of course not. It’s ridiculous. Chiaki also makes a certain comment about him not having any problem with gays yet this was also interpreted as homophobic. I really can’t get why some people see it this way. Another reason Chiaki’s kind of controversial is because he’s not precisely a gentleman towards the MC. He is seemingly kind, but hides his true intentions. Most of this is done because of something painful he went through in his past, which made him resentful. Ok, yeah, Chiaki’s not perfect. He’s filled with flaws and a person’s past definitely doesn’t justify treating others like crap. BUT, that’s not all he is and that’s what people overcriticizing him refuse to see. Chiaki’s not a saint, he’s more of a little devil, but that doesn’t mean he’s a complete jerk. The guy has his positive traits: he’s very perceptive and hardworking; he’s very protective of the MC when he falls in love and also very passionate and sweet (he writes you a freaking love letter, dammit!). Yes, he’s very possessive; yes, he can get very manipulative; yes, he’s quite the sadist; but no one can deny just how loyal and in love with the MC he is. I kind of went overboard here, haha! But it’s just that I really like him. ALSO, about the fact that he’s a jerk in the main route: yes, he is a jerk in a lot of ways but, unlike certain characters *COUGHMIYABICOUGH*, he actually apologizes about it; because no one’s perfect and, REALLY, the development just feels very real. Another reason I love Chiaki is because his relationship with the MC is very mature and passionate, and not stupidly cheesy like many other mobile otome games I’ve played. Seriously, give the poor guy a break; Chiaki’s not all sunshine but he’s not all darkness either. This guy gave me a lot of feels, especially in his proposal. Ok, I’m done talking about my husbando 😆 .


Wizardess Heart

Finally done with Voltage, lol. Ok, while many will probably think the heroine in this game is stupid and annoying, I have to say she does have positive traits. True, there are certain things about her that are a bit annoying but, let’s face it, it’s very hard to find a heroine who’s completely likeable and even more so if it’s a mobile otome heroine. The MC in Wizardess Heart is a teenage girl who has lost her parents at a young age yet she’s very cheerful and kind. She can talk to animals and is great at spells involving them but sucks at everything else (involving magic, I mean; cause she’s a great cook, for instance) 😆 . One day, she receives a letter that invites her to be a student at the Gedolune Royal Magic Academy! Yaaaay! What will her future entail?

This game is free and has a ticket system where you need to wait for them to charge so as to continue reading the story. It’s really not so bad considering you even get to keep the CGs and all, unlike other free Shall we date games. The routes I’ve played so far are: Elias, Luca, Yukiya, Klaus, Randy and Joel. Currently, I’m on Leon’s route and Azusa and Vincent don’t really catch my attention.

Aside from Elias’s path, I pretty much liked every route I’ve played. The reason I don’t think people will enjoy Elias’s route (poor guy, he’s actually a cute tsundere but his story…) is because many of the choices the MC has to make to increase his affection are APOLOGIZING. And while it’s good to apologize when you did something wrong, over-apologizing for every single thing is NOT OKAY. Also, there really were no positive qualities about her aside from her kindness…which was disappointing since this heroine is not as bad as she seems.


The route where the MC shines the most is definitely Klaus’s route (who’s Elias’s brother lmaoooo). They start on a rocky relationship since the guy is bad-tempered 😆 but she improves a lot on her magic and THE STORY’S SO ROMANTIC. Klaus’s route is a definitive must. The best in the whole game. Play it!


Randy also has a great route: he’s this super cheerful dude who’s actually surrounded by mystery and a sad past. I love his interactions with the MC and how he actually compliments her magic instead of saying she’s a failure and/or laughing like some of the other guys. The MC is also quite nice here, I liked her.


Joel is just so fun with his bluntness I couldn’t get enough of it during his route 😆 he really says what’s on his mind no matter how rude he may be. The best part is that telling him that what he’s saying is rude is what increases affection so HELL YEAH!!! Also, every route has a certain mascot that appears; in Joel’s case it’s Eress and she’s AWESOME.


Yukiya’s route is amazing because the guy is just SO FREAKING KIND but, how to explain it, not in a perfect-boring way. I don’t know, the route flows really well and you just can’t help but like the guy. It’s no wonder that this is the only route where MC falls in love first fufufu ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°); and the mascot here is freaking great. Nuff said that the MC is pretty cool here too aside from a ‘certain misunderstanding’ that makes you want to slap some sense into her, but that’s all 😆 .


As regards Luca, it’s difficult to say. I liked him quite a bit but let’s just say he’s not for everyone since the guy lies a lot to get what he wants. STILL, he doesn’t lie about his affection towards the MC, never doubt him on that, BUT he still hurts her and that’s why I don’t know if everyone will be ok with this. It’s justified, though, the guy has a pretty important reason to do what he does so I couldn’t exactly hate him, he just didn’t choose the best ways to achieve his goals. But, luckily, everything turned out alright in the end so, if you’re willing, be sure to play his route 😉 .


Grimm’s Princess

This is a game done by Genius in which the MC is taken to a fantasy-like world where she’s the ‘key’ to recovering certain treasures. Instead of princesses, though, we’ve got princes: Cinderella prince, Sleeping Beauty prince and Snow White prince. Then there’s also Wolf, the bad guy, and Galiza, the wizard who brought the MC to the fairytale world. I’ve only played Wolf’s and Christoph’s routes and, while Wolf was cute, his route is very very lacking in romance so I’m only talking about Chris.


Chris is a science nerd who only really cares about his experiments and neglects his duties as a prince. He pretty much ignores the MC in the beginning, but gradually gets closer after she shows kindness and consideration. Genius is still a bit weak in terms of otome games but one also has to learn to look at the good side of things. The route’s not perfect but quite enjoyable. One of the problems it has is that the fact the MC is away from home is not really much of an issue. It’s like, ok MC, now you’ve got to choose which world you stay at. If there’s really no problem in her leaving her world, then there’s really no problem in her staying at the fairytale world, is there? If you ignore that, though, the route is pretty good. I really liked how Chris went from being an emotionless science freak, only concerned about his experiments, to actually showing feelings and even growing to love.


My Elemental Prince

Another Genius game where the MC is sent to a fantasy-like world. The main problem is pretty much the same as Grimm’s Princess. There’s really no difference whether the MC goes home or stays, but ignore that and it’s quite an enjoyable story. The difference here is that the MC ends up in this world all on her own because she kind of has an affinity with it. I’ve only played Sera’s route but it was very nice. I actually may try the other routes sometime.


There really isn’t much of a story here except for the fact that the MC doesn’t know why the hell she’s there and she has to choose who to spend time with until she figures how to get back to her world. Still, Sera’s route is worth the play mainly because of the nice day to day interactions the MC has with him. The MC is pretty cool: she’s a high school student but her age isn’t really mentioned, it’s not that important. How to explain it? It’s like you’re playing a slice of life game in a fantasy world. Very cool. The dialogues are lovely and the relationship flows naturally. The only other downside, like most of Genius’s games, is that you only have one CG for the whole route.


War of Prayers

OH MY GOD, please play Liam’s and Evans’s routes!!! I will now quote myself about something I wrote in my Worst Otome Routes’s post: “No, seriously, wtf is it with mobile otome games and the stupid “you can’t fall in love” premise, IT’S SO LAME AND UNCREATIVE ISTG, stop using it unless you actually write something with common sense pleaaaase щ(ಥДಥщ)“. Remember this? Well, War of Prayers is a game where falling in love is actually MEANINGFUL. The MC is chosen to be a prayer maiden in order to protect people from creatures called shadows. Prayer maidens are sort of like magical girls that obtain their power from a crystal. They fight along their knights, who transform them by drawing out the wand from the maidens’s crystals. From this game, I’ve played Liam’s and Evans’s routes, which are AMAZING, and avoided Matthew’s and Christopher’s since I didn’t think I would enjoy them, from what I read.


Liam’s route was the first I’ve played and IT’S SO FREAKING GOOD. First of all, the MC is pretty damn amazing. She’s not whiny, she’s not the typical damsel in distress, she’s not stupid. Liam is a magic tailor and actually the one who’s in charge of making the prayer maiden dresses. He’s quite a cynical guy, but also very kind. Also, he’s not a knight but, for some reason, the MC’s crystal reacts to him and he can transform her. At first, Liam feels kind of unapproachable to the MC, especially since he doesn’t really want to be ‘her knight’. But as they spend more time together, the MC starts learning about his quirks and kindness. This route, man, it’s a definite must. The only real downside is that some of the CGs make Liam’s nose look ugly 😆 but scratch that and you have a wonderful route worth every penny.


Evans’s route is just as good as Liam’s. They are both so good that I can’t freaking decide which route is my favorite aaaahhhhhh. Evans’s is the flirty knight of Sapphirus but DON’T BE DECEIVED. He may be flirty but this guy has an amazing route and his character is very well explored. At first he’s all flirty and polite and just a filled-with-roses type of character, which doesn’t seem very interesting, does it? But the truth is Evans is a great strategist, very intelligent, very kind and has an extremely good memory. You can’t help but admire his dedication towards others and how hardworking he actually is, despite what his initial impression may suggest. Of course, the interactions between him and the MC are GREAT and even more so after they both start to fall in love. Only downside is that some of the CGs are not thaaat great, like Liam’s case 😆 . Another route that is worth every penny.


Guilty Alice

I have to admit I love the Alice in Wonderland theme even though it’s extremely overused 😆 . Sadly, not many games with this theme are actually good but, in this case, I found this one quite enjoyable. I’ve only played Mad Hatter’s route but I may try more some other time. Ash and Cheshire Cat got me really curious, hehe. The story goes like this: one day, after entering a cute shop and getting her hands on a heart-shaped jewel that breaks into pieces when she touches it, the MC’s destiny changes forever. That night, she goes to Wonderland through her dream and is accussed by the Queen of breaking her heart. Thus, the MC has now one month to produce a new one by falling in love with one of the bachelors unless she wants her head to roll…


Mad’s route’s main focus is basically that he doesn’t really understand love so he suggests the MC to make a heart with someone else. Still, the MC chooses him and they spend a lot of time together, mainly having tea parties lmao 😆 . But that’s not all there is to his route. Mad’s not only a cheerful guy, make him ‘mad’ and you will suffer the consequences 😆 . Especially after he begins to have feelings for the MC and she’s in danger. Even though the MC has her share of ‘damsel in distress’ moments, I didn’t find her annoying at all and, in fact, it was cute to see how Mad and her went from being friends to something more.


Castle Break

This game may have its share of cheesyness at times, but I assure you it’s completely worth it. The MC is freaking awesome, especially in certain routes. Like the name suggests, the game takes place in a castle where the MC wakes up to find she’s lost her memory and decides she must leave that place…which is no easy task to do alone (especially when it’s controlled by the powerful demon Astaroth). I know, I know, the amnesia plot is super cliché and you’re tired of hearing about it. But hear me on this, give this game a chance. It’s really not bad at all. I’ve played Jordan’s, Roy’s and Noah’s routes and loved them all. Again, it comes with a share of cheesyness but the stories are still very good.


Jordan’s a playful ghost who, for some reason, wants to kill the MC every time he gets. He’s really hard to deal with at first because of this; you don’t know if you can actually trust him but, after getting to know him and the MC gradually recovering her memories, their relationship starts to improve to the point that, well, they fall in love, haha! it’s quite nice, especially after you see an unexpected twist in the story concerning Jordan. Hohoho, I wonder what that unexpected twist might be? 😉


Roy’s a demon who can’t speak at all at first, then gradually is able to after spending some time with the MC. He’s also a servant to Astaroth, which is kind of strange to the MC, when he’s so kind to her, and makes her doubt him, in the beginning. I have to admit the guy pretty much has no flaws but his past is connected to the MC’s and, despite the route being kind of cheesy at times, it was very sweet and adorable. Roy’s like a cute kitty, you can’t help but like him and he’s extremely loyal. Just what is his past with the MC? 😉


Noah’s a powerful mage (or is he?) and the one who sends you to the guy of your choice in every route. This time…he sends you to himself 😆 . The great part about this route is how awesome the MC is by dealing with stuff all alone, trying not to be reliant on Noah’s help to get the easy way out. And it actually does seem like the MC is kind of trapped in a never-ending nightmare, but that’s where Noah comes in to help her for real. Of course…after they both admit their feelings for each other, there are I love yous everywhere and enough cheese to make a fondue (actually, every single route has overcheesyness at times lol), but I still think it’s worth the play 😆 .


And that concludes my recommendations!! What can I say? Even though they are by no means perfect, I enjoyed all of these routes. We also have to take into account that these stories aren’t really comparable to console otome games. I mean, those obviously have better quality overall; starting with the fact that they take much longer to make while mobile otome games are released faster, thus, there’s a chance the story might not be outstanding (and even copy pasta, when it comes to Voltage, in…many cases). Still, I hope you were able to enjoy reading my recommendations and consider playing at least one of these routes in the future. Or if you’ve actually played some already, tell me about it! What do you think? 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the ride! See you next post! (≧∇≦*)/










30 comentarios sobre “Recommended Mobile Otome Routes

  1. Wonderful post, Karin! I really appreciated it, since I still have yet to finish or even really play a mobile otome game and I don’t even know where to start without your help, hehe! I especially liked all the pictures you included, since art is so important to me in a game – I really appreciate getting to see it first. I’ll let you know my thoughts on any of these routes if I play them. ヾ(^ ^ゞ

    Also, I’m the same as you, I don’t care if Alice in Wonderland is overused, I still love it!! (≡^∇^≡) (Same for Wizard of Oz!) ♥

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Thank you, Elle! I’m glad you liked it 😀 I think I could have added a couple more, maybe, but the ones I included are definitely good choices imo. No problem about the images, most of these games have super pretty art ❤ Yes, if you get to play any of these, plese tell me what you think! 🙂

      Haha, high five! Alice in Wonderland IS super cool, right? I just wish the games that actually came from this theme were better…most are from mediocre to really bad. I also love Wizard of Oz theme! There's actually a Shall we Date game that's called Oz but…it's really bad -__-U I'm playing one of the routes right now, and it's seriously REALLY BAD so I don't recommend it at all 😆

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  2. I’ve been looking forward to this post of yours! (≧∇≦)/
    Lots of pretty CGs! ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
    Lots of Voltage, but I haven’t played any of theirs, only a demo because they cost €€€ ಥ_ಥ
    If you haven’t played, I think you might like Destiny Ninja 2, a free Solmare game. The story and art are really good, and the game gives a lot of drawers and in game money, so it’s really nice too!
    I agree that Wizardess is a nice one, but pity about her jumping to conclusions, but aside that I really like her and love to see her in CGs + with eyes! /stares at all the eyeless heroines and shudders
    Oz+ is nice, but nothing outstanding, tho the art is pretty and the chibis adorable, but that’s me just speaking as someone that loves animal ears like Leo has. Tho I can’t go to the end yet because they’re asking for a ridiculous amount of in game currency for the last dress @_@
    I still find Shall we date games are far above some of the other makers that don’t let link accounts to google+ or have a confusing menu @_@
    This was fun to see (-^〇^-)

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    1. Thanks for commenting! ❤
      Right? Many of these games have great art!!
      Yeah, Voltage sometimes tends to overprice their routes but some of them are worth it xP what's irritating is that many of their plots (AND EVEN THE ART, SOMETIMES!) tend to be copy pasta -__-
      Ah, yes! I have played Destiny Ninja 2 (also Destiny Ninja 1!) but I didn't include it because I couldn't remember the route I played so well xD it was nice, though, I played the blue-haired shota character 😆 I'm weak to shota lmao.
      Yes, Wizardess Heart's heroine is pretty cool overall, ignoring some of her naivety xD but she's still pretty cute and sweet 😀 Also, yeah, her appearing in the CGs WITH EYES is a big plus!!
      Oz has nice art but the game is really bad…well, I'm currently playing Leonardo's route and at least his path is super dumb 😆 like, really, the story is so stupid…everything is really annoying, including the bachelors so yeah, nope haha!
      Yes, I also think Shall we date games are pretty cool compared to other ones. They don't all have the greatest stories but they do put great effort in their art and that's very nice to see; it feels very rewarding when you play the games 🙂
      Thanks for your kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed reading my recommendations! 😀

      Me gusta

      1. My pleasure (♡ >ω< ♡)
        Good art is something I can't fault most otoges, tho I've seen some Shall we Date with fugly art @_@
        Voltage is really pricey ༶ඬ༝ඬ༶ Copy Pasta? That sucks ORZ
        SHOTAS ARE MY FAVE TOO, SHIROYA IS SOOO GOOD. There's an event going on rn, free ticket, and I'm gunning to get his ending & CG ufufufu (ง `ω´)۶
        I was actually blown away when I saw Wizardess both giving all the CG's as well as her having actual EXPRESSIONS.
        Yeah, aside her jumping to conclusions derp moments, she was pretty cute and sweet~
        I'm too weak to mimi's, so I forgive everything when I see his adorable chibi form, or his ears xDDD;
        I do agree Oz+ isn't the best of stories, but it's a step up from a lot of others with even dumber stories @_@
        Tho, I'll admit I'm weak to the Oz+ art, and MC looks adorable!
        I loved talking with you \(★^∀^★)/

        Le gusta a 1 persona

  3. Thank you for your recommendations! I am actually a bit skeptical with mobile otome games since most of these type of games that I’ve played doesn’t really live up to my expectations…. that’s why I’ve been distancing myself from these mobile games. But now I’m ready to play again thanks to these! ^_^

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Hello! Thank you very much for your kind words 🙂 Yes, the thing with mobile otome games is that some can have extremely bad stories 😆 so it’s completely understandable that many people are skeptical (me included!). I sometimes read reviews, sometimes take a chance and, even though there are a lot of routes which are from mediocre to complete shit, sometimes I’m able to find good ones (and even GREAT ones) along the way 🙂 I hope you are able to enjoy whichever route you decide to play!! 😀 ❤

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  4. Omg thank you for this post!! Srsly, I’m so sick of Voltage games cuz I burn all my money on shit routes. This is why I prefer Shall We Date games. I’m sooooooo glad you loved Liam and Evans! XD Yeah just stay away from Matt and Chris. *Sighs* Why didn’t Liam get a kiss CG? I will forever be heartbroken over this.

    I HIGHLY recommend you play Cheshire’s route in Guilty Alice. Hands down BEST route and I was super into Mad so that says a lot. And it has the whole “friends to lovers” going on so it was super great ^^ I’m planning on trying Sakuto and Joker out later.

    I wish I loved Voltage games more but I honestly just prefer SWD because the heroines usually are great (we won’t talk about Can’t Say No rofl) and the plots are exciting.

    And I have extreme Liam bias.

    Oh did Takuto ever kiss the MC from Love Letter from Thief X? I only played season 1 and there was no Kiss CG just description. I was soooooooooo disappointed.

    Would love to see this post updated in the future lol cuz gotta get all dem ikemans 😉

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Hello Leafy, thanks for commenting! Yeah, I’ m really tired of Voltage games too 😆 especially because of their weak heroines and the copy pasta plots (and sometimes art!). I also prefer Shall we date games even though I mentioned more Voltage games lol. Btw, Takuto does have a kiss CG in the sequel 😉 gotta love this tsundere 😆 . The main problem with LLFTX is that the MC is kinda ‘perfect’ and, in some of the routes (COUGHRIKICOUGH) and/or special chapters, all the guys freaking love her and I HATE love-triangles and harem. That’s why I recommend just Takuto’s season one; because even though there may be cute scenes later on, the story just gets so much less interesting, so much more boring, so much cheesier uuuughhhh. I totally understand why you want to stay away from Voltage games; I rarely play them anymore except for certain characters. Btw, I think you’ll really like Kiyonori from After School Affairs, if you try his route 🙂 he has quite a lot of character development, imo.
      I’m happy you liked this post! I can make another one after I’ve played more otome routes, if you’re interested 😀 . Also, yes I loved Evans and Liam SO MUCH. The quality of the story and the characters was just so good that it didn’t look like I was playing a mobile game adshdhdhfhd.
      Genius is another company that I hope improves; some of their games are REALLY BAD (like the zombie one omg the mc is so freaking stupid) while others are pretty good. Their main problem is that, apart from having only one CG per route in most games, their stories tend to be bad managed. For instance, Fateful Encounter had good potential but everything was super rushed and there really was no development at all with the characters…also, the endings always tend to be kind of rushed. I hope they improve, I liked Grimm’s princess and My elemental prince 😛 .

      Le gusta a 1 persona

      1. I hear you on Voltage, girl. Omg srsly rofl.
        And yay!!! I shall play Season 2 then ^^ Can’t believe the first didn’t get a kiss though like srsly.
        OOOOOO *adds Kiyonori to list* thanks so much. I def will play his route then.
        And same. I played the zombie game and it was like gurl are you THAT dumb??
        And yes PLEASE consider another post like this in the future!!! XD

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      2. Hehe, yes Takuto’s sequel from the first season has a kiss CG 😉 and they talk more about his family 😀
        I hope you like Kiyonori! Tell me what you think when you play his route ♡
        Yeah omg the mc from the zombie game was incredibly stupid and useless ughh!
        Thanks! I shall make another of these posts in the future! 😀
        Do you have any route recommendations for Shall we date games? I so want another route like Liam’s xP

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      3. Oh, that’s very cool! 😀 You have my admiration, I wish I could do that with mobile otome games xD Though I admit there are games where I want to play every character’s main route 😛 Oh, you mean Lost Island? I think I played a route from that one but I don’t remember much about it OTL hmm…oh! But I remember I played Angel or Devil and really liked Ruvel’s route. I’ll add it to my future recommendation post, hehe. Then I played Raizo from Mononoke Kiss and I liked it the first time but, for some reason, not so much when I replayed it after a long while 😆 it was kinda boring, which is a pity with such gorgeous art. Ninja Assassin is also quite alright despite having a not so great heroine 😆 Still, usually the paid Shall we date games are the ones that are better. I’ve never tried Scarlet Fate nor Pirates; wonder how good they are :O

        Le gusta a 1 persona

  5. Woah, this is an impressive list! I definitely agree with a lot of these picks! I’ve played a ton of mobile games, but I don’t think anyone has ever actually taken the time to write up a list like this! So this is super awesome!!

    I’ve never played the Genius games, since I’ve heard they’re kind of meh. But, I have played a bunch of the Shall We Date and Voltage Inc games. I totally agree about BMP, Joshua is my absolute favorite!!! I was surprised to see Serendipity Next Door on the list, not many people like that game very much, but you’re right Masaomi’s route was the best!

    Great post!

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Hello hello! Thank you very much for your kind words 😀 yes, I figured since I played so many routes I could do a list of the ones I liked. I plan on making another list when I play some more, hehe.
      I’m happy to know you liked Masaomi in Serendipity! The game is quite underrated but some routes are not bad at all. And gaaah, yes, Joshua is definitely the best in BMP imo ♡ his story felt really natural and there was a lot of character development 🙂

      Thanks for commenting! 😀

      Le gusta a 1 persona

      1. Aww you are too kind, it was my pleasure after all, you wrote such an awesome post! Ooooh, I look forward to that list when you write it up!

        Well, I can’t say that I ‘liked’ Masaomi’s route per se, but I do admit that it was better than the rest. I actually fell asleep on it a few times before I could finish it lol 😛 I wrote a worst Voltage games list once, and I think SND is on there… but, I did like the premise, it reminded me of a K-drama!

        I love, love, LOVE BMP!!! But Joshua is my absolute favorite (though Edward was a close second), he was just so adorable!! He is definitely one of my favorite Voltage guys!!!

        Also feel free to stop by or shoot me a line! I love talking with fellow otome fans!! 😀

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      2. Thank you!! 😀
        Oh, that’s alright 🙂 not everyone likes the same things after all, but I admit some parts of Masaomi’s route were a bit slow 😆 haha!
        Oh! You wrote a list too? I’ve got to check it out! I’m gonna visit your blog and comment *-* I love talking to fellow otome fans too! 😀
        Hehe, Joshua is a cutie ♡ who was your least favorite in BMP?

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      3. Yeah, that’s one of the things I;ve learned over the years lol.

        Once I woke up from my Masaomi induced nap and played through his route, I realized it wasn’t terrible… Just like you said slooooooooooow lol

        I wrote 2 I think, one for top voltage guys and one for worst mobile routes (the best list is a work in progress 😛 )

        Awesome sauce!! I love chatting!!

        ha ha ha my least favorite in BMP is always going to be Keith. I’m usually okay with characters like that, but Keith just rubbed me the wrong way. Especially when compared to Joshua. Yours?

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      4. Hahaha xD maybe it’s because Masaomi is so…QUIET! But the MC was great in his route, I love cheerful MCs 🙂
        Keith! Lmaooo, actually I preferred his butler Luke so much more…WHY DOESN’T HE HAVE A ROUTE, I THIRST FOR LUKE. I know what you mean, I don’t mind characters like that either but Keith just annoyed me and I wanted to escape with Luke lol. Still, I think my least favorite is Wilfred because his route was so damn boring and cheesy I actually started to fall asleep, haha!!

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      5. Yeah, that was probably it lol. He was just so chill about everything! I loved the way he would stand on the porch thing outside of her sliding door waiting for her, so like a cat!

        Luke was a dream! Didn’t they have that Butler sub story? But it was so short! Not enough butler time!

        LOL, now that is how Keith’s route should have gone! The MC runs off with Luke!

        Ah, Wilfred grew on me! He was just so cute and quiet… But, I did play his BMP Gree story before I played the paid app version lol

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      6. Yes, I played the butler sub story but I agree: SO SHORT! I wish there’d have been a bad ending in Keith’s route were you end up with Luke…
        Haha, I see! I guess I found him too perfect so that’s why he was boring to me. Oooh gree version! I think I played Glenn’s route there but Yu’s a cockblocker even there OTL

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      7. Too short *sigh*

        Yes!! I’d have loved that ending! It would have been perfect.

        Wills is what imagine a prince to be like in real life. Ed is the fairytale prince. And the rest fit in between lol.

        Yup and I played BMP Party too

        I love Glenn, but Yu is a cockblock in every game! I was so hurt that Voltage dragged it on for so long! I was like, poor Yu! But, Glenn….ahh don’t make me choose! 😔

        Le gusta a 1 persona


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