Otome game review: Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~


First of all let me apologize for taking so long to review this game. I started playing in JANUARY, not kidding, and only recently got to finish Lupin’s route so it’s been waaaay too long. Then life happened, haha, but anyway here’s Code: Realize’s review!

Cardia is a lonely girl who lives isolated from the world in a big and abandoned mansion from Wales. Her father has forbidden her to go outside since she has a special condition: a poison-filled body that corrodes anything she touches, being this the reason why she’s called a monster by the villagers. One day, Royal guards from London come to kidnap her. Thanfully, Arsène Lupin, the gentleman thief, goes to her rescue. From then onwards, Cardia begins travelling along with Lupin, and four other men who will join them later, on a journey to find her missing father and a cure for her poison. Will she succeed? Will she find love along the way?

Note: This review contains spoilers so read at your own risk. If you want to avoid them, though, just jump to “conclusive thoughts”. It also contains spoilers for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood so if you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga, be careful!

Common Route

common routeThe common route consists of eight episodes where, depending on your choices, Cardia will end up on a certain guy’s route. Lupin is an exception though, since you need to finish the other four routes before his is unlocked. After Cardia is rescued by Lupin, they are soon joined by Impey, a cheerful mechanic who dreams to go to the moon. Since it seems pretty obvious that Cardia is being targeted, Lupin decides to go to London since a friend of his has a mansion nearby. On their way, however, Cardia gets lost and is tricked by some vandals, only to be rescued by Victor, an alchemist who’s seen as a wanted criminal by the government. Cardia decides to take Victor to the mansion so as to make him join the group. That night, she also meets Saint Germain, the mysterious owner of the mansion. Finally, they all encounter Van Helsing, a war hero who killed a lot of vampires and made humans victorious, at a sort of open market. Basically, the main reason they’re all together is because their goals are somehow related and because of Isaac Beckford, Cardia’s father, who has vital importance.

This game was really fun to play due to its good balance of adventure, comedy, romance and drama. When playing through the common route, I remember being quite entertained! Code: Realize is an otome game but, for some reason, the adventure made it very “shounen-like” to me. Heck, it’s even quite similar to Fullmetal Alchemist in some aspects: a war, heroes who don’t want to be heroes, revenge, guilt for causing a tragedy indirectly, alchemy, homunculus, the Philosopher’s stone, and others. I’m actually happy this game is getting an anime adaptation because it will sit VERY WELL with the adventure-like story! 🙂 Throughout the chapters, you’ll meet a variety of characters that will be deepened upon depending the route you are in: Dellacroix II, son of the vampire leader whom Van killed; Herlock Sholmes, a famous detective, Queen Victoria, the ruler of Britain, Leonhardt, Victoria’s most trusted royal guard; Finis, leader of a secret organization called Twilight; Aleister, the vice leader of Twilight; and Nemo, a…mad scientist lol. Oh, there’s also Sisi, a dog with a prosthetic leg that lives in Saint’s mansion, but he’s just a secondary character with not much screen time.

A couple of choices that will help determine which route you’ll fall into is deciding who will train Cardia in combat and other important stuff she must know: Impey teaches her about mechanics, vehicles and such; Saint Germain teaches her about the geography of London; Van teaches her combat skills; Victor teaches her about chemistry; Lupin teaches her the art of being a thief ;). This is because they plan to capture Finis, the leader of Twilight, an organization who’s after Cardia. Speaking of Cardia, we also get to know more about her past. And BOY IS IT A TRAGIC PAST INDEED. The poor girl is traumatized because she indirectly killed the only person, at that time, who wasn’t scared of her: Elaine. This lady was not only not scared of Cardia, but was also very very kind and didn’t call her a monster. Elaine’s death, however, was not really Cardia’s fault. The villagers and the stupid fuck of a priest decide to “test them” by locking them both in a cave for some days: if Elaine survived, then they wouldn’t do anything to Cardia and even apologize. Haha, no. Not only does this not happen but even Elaine’s daughter adds to Cardia’s pain by telling her she should have died instead. WELL, SHIT. Except for maybe Impey, truth is everyone is haunted by their pasts. Of course, we learn more about each past on the guys’ respective routes.

So, anyway, after failing on the “train mission”, where Cardia finally meets Finis and learns he’s actually her brother, our heroes decide to enter a zeppelin race because 1) they’re out of money lmao, and 2) the prize also has a bunch of Isaac’s handwritten research notes. One of the people they compete against is NEEEEEMOOOOO, a creep, I mean, a super intelligent (mad) scientist who sees Victor and Impey as his rivals 😆 . Anyhow, they win the race and go to an underground facility, where Isaac’s lab is. Their luck isn’t on their side, though, since Twilight intercepts them and they all begin to fight. Cardia manages to escape but soon gets lost and, while trying to look for the others, she finds her father’s lab. Since it’s kind of dark, at first, Cardia can’t see where she is though. But dun-dun-duuuunnnn! The plot thickens! Finis is there as well and he shows her the truth: a whole lot of huge glass tubes with different versions of Cardia’s incomplete body. Haha, welp who knew! Seems like Cardia’s not actually human but rather a homunculus (hello, yet again, Fullmetal Alchemist!). This explains why she has the Horologium, a crystal embed inside her chest which causes the poison in her body, instead of a heart. And, guess what, the Horologium has the power to turn into the Philosopher’s stone (Fullmetal Alchemist once again); the real reason why Cardia was created, Finis explains. The way to do this is combining a pendant in Finis’ possession with the Horologium; something which, fortunately, doesn’t happen because Saint comes to save the day by stabbing the hell out of the crazy bro and eventually kills him. Before Finis dies, though, we also learn that Saint Germain is part of an organization called Idea and this apparently helped our heroes not being discovered by Twilight so easily. After the events in the underground facility, Cardia and the rest return to the mansion. However, Cardia gets so depressed about the whole situation that she decides to leave without telling anyone. From this point on, the separate routes begin.

Impey Barbicane

impeyImpey is the energetic and cheerful mechanic of the group, based off the character from a novel. He creates, modifies and generally takes care of the vehicles and gadgets that Lupin’s group uses. Although he is quite silly at times, Impey is a genius when it comes to machines and can really make anything he sets his mind on, even though many of his inventions blow up in his face a couple of times before the final outcome 😆 ; he’s also a GREAT cook (even for Van)! It could be interpreted that Impey falls in love at first sight with Cardia, since he flirts with her many times (even on the others’ routes lol); however, Impey just thinks he could probably fall for her and eventually does, when they start knowing each other better. As I mentioned before, Impey’s dream is to be able to go to the moon one day. Before he can do that, though, he needs to find his gravity-relief gadget (I forgot the actual name) which will allow him to achieve that dream. The main conflict in his route is actually getting back this device since NEEEEEEMOOOOOO, the mad scientist, has it in his possession (aka stole it). Before Impey and Cardia realize this, though, they find Nemo has been robbed by pirates (the irony…) so they decide to help him. Really, Impey’s route is quite the adventurous trip and, funnily enough, it somehow felt like Pirates of the Caribbean in some ways lmao 😆 .

After they help the creep, I mean, NEEEMOOO, the mad scientist invites them over to his lab and reveals he’s actually Isaac’s apprentice. He explains how his “master” created a homunculus to extract the poison out of the Horologium; that being the reason why the gem is pure but Cardia’s body isn’t. Anyway, Cardia and Impey stay the night but since Cardia is feeling kind of down, she goes look for Impey. While walking towards his room, she notices Nemo talking to Twilight soldiers, oh no, turns out he was in cahoots with them all along! And, of course, he is totally aware that Cardia is his master’s creation. But tough luck because our heroes are put to sleep with, well, sleeping gas. When Cardia wakes up, she realizes a piece of the Horologium is missing since she feels pain in her chest. NEEEEMOOOO comes laughing hysterically like a weirdo saying that just a piece of the Horologium contains tremendous energy. He wants to make the Philosopher’s stone and blablabla nobody cares because the awesome Cardia escapes melting the chains that were binding her since dumb science boy, who she also knocks out btw, forgot to make them poison-free lmao. You think Cardia’s awesome here? Oooh, you have yet to see more of her awesomeness!!! When she reunites with Impey, it turns out they can’t really escape because Nemo’s lab is also his airship, the Nautilus. And this is where Impey’s gravity core comes in, as he realizes a monstruosity like the Nautilus could never float so high up without his invention (the ship’s too heavy!). NEEEMOOO acts like a creep when he finds out Impey’s the creator and even suggests him to become his partner. Impey’s like “I don’t think so bruh”, then grabs Cardia and JUMPS OFF OF THE FREAKING AIRSHIP HOLY SHIT. This is one of my favorite scenes because, not only does it have a beautiful CG, but it also strengthens the relationship between Impey and Cardia 🙂 , it shows they are slowly getting closer. Of course Impey didn’t jump thinking they could fly, lol, he knew Lupin was out somewhere with the Ornithopter and would catch them! And that he did.

Since Cardia has had a piece of the Horologium removed, her body gradually weakens and, unless they retrieve the missing piece, she could die. The benefit from this, though, is that she can finally touch another person without hurting them. This leads to pretty adorable and romantic scenes like Impey holding her hand and kissing her for the first time. We also finally learn of our favorite mechanic’s past: Impey is actually a vampire, something which explains his strength at numerous times. However, unlike Delly, Impey doesn’t really hold revenge in his heart against humans. Impey lived alone, having lost his parents to war, until he met an old man who was rejected as much as him by fellow vampires. He also got his passion for machines from this grandpa. Both of them took comfort at watching the moon and dreamed to be able to go there one day, which is why they create the gravity device together. What made my heart hurt was that the grandpa dies from the poison during the vampire war and leaves Impey a note saying he’ll wait for him on the moon (´;д;`) uuuughhh! I really love this about Impey’s route, nobody can deny the guy had a rough past, yet he’s still able to smile and wants to achieve his dream more than anything else; he’s definitely not interested in revenge. Blah blah blah, other stuff happens and our heroes make a plan to invade the Nautilus and get the gravity core back by setting off another device Impey created, to make the ship lose it’s gravity. When they get to the central room, NEEEEMO awaits for them and cries like and idiot because he can’t understand why Impey won’t understand his pain of being a lonely (and weird) scientist. Impey’s like “lol, who needs that when you’ve got a Cardia”. Nemo sends out Twilight soldiers to attack but Impey’s fighting skills sends them to the moon (figuratively speaking). Honestly, the only reason I saw for Impey being a vampire is him not being totally useless as a fighter (I say totally useless because except for his path, his fighting skills are treated as comic relief on others’ routes). I mean…I’m not saying he should have had a super important plot involving the vampire war but at least SOMETHING. This just seemed like him being a vampire was an excuse to make him stronger. Anyway, back to the point, Impey kicks Nemo’s ass and he screams to sky like a fool because ISAAC SENSEI WHY WON’T YOU NOTICE ME, WHY DOESN’T ANYBODY WUUUUV ME. Blah blah, so long, freak! Impey gets back the missing piece of Cardia’s Horologium, not without burning his hand, and puts it back where it belongs.

I didn’t play the normal endings because, unless I absolutely have to because of a CG or because it’s needed for the true end, I’m totally a happy ending person hoho. So, back to story, even though the ship was about to crash, they landed safely and Impey kissed Cardia one last time before the poison returned awwww (and dammit as well because WHYYYYY MUST GOD BE SO CRUEEELLLL). In the epilogue, they are living together in Saint Germain’s mansion with Sisi. The little doggy doesn’t like Impey very much 😆 but this will change in the special chapter because they become friends soon 😉 . Impey and Cardia plan to eventually travel to the moon together. Unfortunately, Cardia’s poison matter isn’t resolved here…but, hey, shirtless Impey CG!

Saint Germain

saintSaint Germain, based off the historical figure, is the mysterious count who owns the mansion Lupin and company use as a hideout. The only piece of info we get about him, before entering his route, is that he’s a member of Idea. After the incident in the underground facility, Cardia doesn’t want to bother anyone anymore but fortunately, or unfortunately, Saint stops her. He tells her that if she really doesn’t want to worry the others she should follow him to one of his other private mansions. Well, that’s not creepy at all. NEVER TRUST PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO APPARENT REASON FOR BEING NICE IN AN OTOME GAME. Saint is all smiles and dandy-like but he actually has a shit ton of secrets.

Turns out he brings Cardia to the other mansion (which, btw, is identical to the one they were using before) to kill her. Saint drugs her tea and while Cardia is losing consciousness his eyes are open. When Saint opens his eyes you know he’s fucking serious lol. Luckily, Cardia wakes up in a room before the intended time so she resists when Saint tries to strangle her to death. The count actually wanted her to have a painless death so he had prepared a poisoned knife in advance, but Cardia woke up before so HAHAHA, no. Cardia’s saved, for now, because even though Saint wants to kill her, he doesn’t want her to suffer, so he’ll try again later. THANK THE GODS OF THE OTOME WORLD that Cardia is such an awesome heroine because instead of being all “oh, no, what should I do, someone save meeeeh” she escapes and leaves Saint more shocked than Luke Skywalker after learning Darth Vader was his dad. Cardia runs for her freakin’ life until she reaches the other mansion, where Lupin and the others are. The poor girl can’t catch a break, though, since a giant armored dude attacks her. Luckily, Van and Victor save her and they soon reunite with the other two in another one of Lupin’s hideouts. I was surprised that Lupin and Impey didn’t think Saint could be such a person. DUDE, the guy helps you for his amusement, and that doesn’t raise any suspicion at all? I don’t blame Cardia, though, the girl was practically a lifeless doll before Lupin rescued her. Anyway, after discovering Saint is actually connected to Isaac as well, and isn’t just amused by his friends, the group decides to return to the underground facility. There, they find Finis’ pendant, which Victor takes to investigate further, and a note from Cardia’s dad saying that he was fighting an organization called Idea, since he was going too far with his experiments. Basically, Idea is a group that watches over human history and makes sure nothing goes out of hand (aka humanity is destroyed).

Idea is led by an old woman called Omnibus, who I don’t like, despite her being a very good antagonist, because she’s a freaking hypocrite. Why do I think so? Cardia being targeted by Idea is basically because her daddy was playing to be god, and her poison is so lethal that it could kill the entire world if not dealt with soon. Welp, ok, but aren’t you playing god as well, old woman? I mean, Omnibus has the power to see the future; but if fiction involving this power has taugh me something, is that predictions aren’t always accurate and they can even FAIL. Anyway, Saint is part of Idea so he was assigned the task of killing Cardia but, since he was taking too damn long, Omnibus sends Guinevere (the armored knight that attacked Cardia before, who’s actually a woman). When Cardia meets the old granny, she can’t believe such a sweet looking lady could spit out the word KILL. Well, my dear Cardia, this old woman isn’t sweet at all. As I mentioned before, Idea takes care of people and matters that defy god so, since Cardia shouldn’t even exist, they need to kill her. Omnibus is also shocked and pissed because Saint is really hesitating (aka defying her orders) to kill Cardia and he apparently did something similar once. Truth is Saint should have died a long time ago yet he was given an opportunity to be immortal by being a member of Idea. In one of his missions, he was suppossed to kill an entire village before a dangerous disease, that threatened to appear in the near future, took the lives of many, many more humans. Basically, something like: murder thousands to protect millions (haha, granny, if that’s not playing god then what is?). However, Saint had failed at that time because he couldn’t bring himself to kill a certain child, since he felt sorry for him; and that same child is the one who spread the plague, resulting in millions of people dying. This made poor Saint suffer from an immense guilt that had been eating him away for a thousand years. Yet all Omnibus cares about is not having history repeat itself so, unless he follows her orders, she will remove his immortality; so she tells Cardia that if she wants to be killed by Saint she should go to the Tower bridge the following night and, of course, tell no one about this and what they talked about.

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t think I’d love Saint so much, in fact I though I would be kinda neutral towards him. Well, I was WRONNNNG. Not only did his past made me feel sorry for him but what happened next made me look at him in a whole different way: when Cardia goes to see him that night, at the bridge, instead of killing her Saint confesses his love and TAKES OFF HIS FUCKING GLOVE AND PUTS HER HAND ON HIS FACE HOLY SHIT. At this point I was crying a river because it was such a striking, beautiful and sad scene that I just wanted to hug the poor guy( TДT). Not everyone willingly does something that they know will hurt them. He also tells her that he doesn’t care if she’s a monster, he’s a monster too so who gives a F. Seriously, this route was so sad I just wanted them to be happy once and for all. After this scene, Saint goes to kill every single member of Idea, intending to kill Omnibus last, so that Cardia can live. Cardia can’t do anything about it, since Saint drugged her on the bridge to prevent her from following him. When the drug wears off, though, she goes to find Lupin and the others to ask for their help and to tell them the reason they all met was because of Saint. At first they’re a bit annoyed that she kept all of this to herself but they all love Cardia so HELL YEAH GURL, let’s save Saint Germain! Victor has also finished his research on Finis’ pendant and explains that, indeed, that item is capable of turning the Horologium in to the Philosopher’s stone. Cardia suggests they should give the pendant to Omnibus in exchange for letting Saint live (because, at this point, the old woman pretty much decided he should be killed for his betrayal). Lupin finds out Idea’s hideout is a magical forest so they all go there but, unfortunately, everyone except for Cardia disappears, since Omnibus only wants to speak with her. Cardia reaches the old lady’s house and blablabla they talk for a while and she learns Omnibus’ sin was eating some forbidden fruit (is she Eve or something?) that lets her see the future. Blah, blah, who cares, Cardia threatens the granny by telling her that if she doesn’t let her husbando live then she’ll complete the Philosopher’s stone and bring misfortune to the world. Omnibus’ like “lol, you jest” but Cardia’s like “haha, I’m most certainly not, granny” and brings the pendant close to her chest making Omnibus finally react 😆 . This part was SO AWESOME; the old hag was pissing the hell out of me but Cardia managed to leave her speechless (AND SCARED MUAHAHAHA) and even succeeded in the negotiation (take that Omnibus!). The only condition Omnibus gives is that Saint has to defeat Guinevere.

In the end, Saint defeats Guinevere and Omnibus grants him one last life (meaning he’ll age as a normal human and eventually die) but she does let him keep his restorative powers. However, since granny is freaking annoying and a backstabber of her own promises, she suddenly pops up with a second condition where Cardia also needs to kill herself by stabbing the Horologium. Welp this old hag really wanted all my hate because at this point the to kill or not to kill matter was a fucking salad with Saint having done everything he could to save Cardia and now Cardia doing exactly the same thing to save him instead. But Cardia is a sweetheart and doesn’t care if she dies as long as her lovely count lives, so she says goodbye and tries to stab her chest. Before I was able to table-flip my desk, Saint stops her and STARTS BEGGING AND CRYING TO OMNIBUS THAT SHE PLEASE LET CARDIA LIVE AND NOT TAKE HER AWAY FROM HIM, that he will find a way to cure her poison. I was crying a freaking river because NEVER, in all of the fiction I’ve read, did I have the pleasure to find a scene like this. A scene where the guy goes to such measures to be with the one he loves. Sure, there are millions of stories about guys fighting for the girl they love, but how many stories are there about them begging to be with them because they’re not powerful enough to defeat their opponent? Guinevere asks for Omnibus’ compassion too and she finally accepts on the condition that Saint DOES find a way to cure Cardia’s poison, or she will come back to kill her for real. Blabla, finally Cardia and Saint can be happy!! The epilogue has these two travelling together to research alchemy and see if they find a way to remove her poison. Cardia mentions that she kinda misses the others and Saint gets jealous and kisses her fufu (˵¯͒⌄¯͒˵). The special chapter has Saint asking Cardia to help him put on a kimono he was brought, and Impey walking in on them and misunderstanding the whole situation lmao 😆 .

Abraham Van Helsing

vanBased off the character from Dracula, Van Helsing, or as I like to call him Van HMPHsing, is the cold hero from the vampire war who had a big part in making humans victorious. When Cardia decides to leave the mansion, she is tricked by a man because of his apparent kindness. This man who kidnaps her and takes her to the sewers turns out to be none other than Jack the Ripper. Much like the guy he’s based upon, Jack the Ripper murders women but, in this story, he also works for Twilight and is ordered to kidnap Cardia so as to bring her to Finis afterwards (but alive). However, being the awesome heroine that she is, Cardia doesn’t wait to be rescued and uses all that she’s learned from her training to escape, while the psychopath wanders about the sewers. Her relief is short-lived though, since Jack comes chasing after her and eventually corners her. Before he can capture her once more, though, Van comes TO THE RESCUEEEE. According to Van, Jack possesses “Hidden Strength”, an ability that gives humans a strength similar to that of the vampires BUT can make them go insane (which is obviously the case for Jack the Ripper). Jack was one of the test subjects to use this on and the only one who ever escaped (the others had been arrested), thanks to Twilight. Turns out, Van explains, that people with Hidden Strength constantly remember past traumas and have the mental age of a child…haha, that’s not creepy at all (sarcasm). Ok, so, Van kicks Jack’s butt with his pistols and this makes the dude cry for his mom to stop hitting him (holy shitto) and run towards a wall that has the word AZOTH written in blood. A voice then tells them that if they don’t want the mass murders to continue, then they should hand Cardia over. This was super creepy but, since I’m a sucker for mystery-like stories, I thought it was cool as well; and one of the reasons I really liked this route, actually. The only thing missing now is Sherlock Holmes haha…wait a second. Anyway, Van thinks Azoth is Finis, because he suspects he could be immortal. After this, Cardia and Van run into Aleister who’s apparently an ally of his and is pretending to be on Finis side. Cardia was even suspicious of him at first, and how RIGHT she was! Indeed, Aleister tells them that Finis is still alive so this confirms Van’s suspicions that he MUST be Azoth, also because he knows about what he did during the vampire war (oh how wrong you are Van). The “mystery” was kinda obvious, I mean, Finis is obviously more important in Lupin’s route so I had my eye on Aleister from the start.

Even though Van’s route is kinda predictable in some senses, it’s still a great route story-wise. After a really heartbreaking scene where Van tells Cardia that he needs her to find Finis (I really wanted to punch his face here), there’s another case of Hidden Strength, only this time with a vampire called Neuntoter. This vampire wants revenge for Delly’s father so he fights Van with all he’s got, resulting in Van being greatly injured and waking up in bed next to Cardia. This scene was adorable because not only does Cardia’s heart start pounding for Van but we also see him SMILEEEE. Delly also tells him that he’ll claim his life after Van gets his revenge on Finis. Blahblah, Aleister keeps hogging Van all to himself by accompanying him to find Finis, while Cardia desperately insists on joining as well only to be rejected (seriously, poor girl). Shit gets real when a bunch of crazy people with hidden strength begin losing control on the streets and screaming for FINIS-SAMA (wtf man). Blahblahblahblah Finis spotted + persecution + PEW!PEW! from Van’s guns + Delly telling Cardia not to let Van get consumed by revenge and fiiiiiinally we reach the scene were Van meets Cardia outside the mansion and tells her about his past and all the shit he went through (before saying goodbye, anyway). Van was actually a super polite and adorable man who wanted to get into the army so as to earn some money for his family (SUCH A SWEETHEART). Unfortunately for him, Aleister had to exist and he recruited him for Twilight instead, because he found potential in him (aka he found a new toy to make suffer). Van then infiltrates the vampire castle as a spy to see if they possessed any threat to humans. As he found no problems at all, and actually thought they were nice, he told his captain that the war was meaningless. However, he couldn’t convince anyone so he decided to leave the army…only to be threaned by “Finis” to have his family murdered if he didn’t kill the vampires. Poor, poor Van not only had to slaughter countless vampires but also had his family killed anyway…that’s why he swore on his life that he would get revenge. Ok so, the reasons aren’t the same, of course, but the whole killing innocent people at war and getting revenge matter reminded a lot of Fullmetal Alchemist; you only need to change vampires for Ishvalans and ¡voilà!

Cardia asks Lupin and the others for help and they all go to St Paul’s Cathedral (aka Twilight’s headquarters) to find Van. Not only is Finis there but also Aleister, who reveals himself as the true mastermind, aka Azoth (you don’t say). The crazy old man then orders his hidden-strength army to take Finis down and everything is KEIKAKU DOORI in his book. Van and Cardia are like wtf dude and he’s basically HUMANS ARE SO INTERESTING MUAHAHA. To add the cherry on top, he confesses he was the one who killed Van’s family and the whole “Finis is to blame” was all his plan (again, KEIKAKU DOORI); hidden-strength army was also his doing. Anyway BLAH BLAH BLAH, Van is more lone wolf than ever but Cardia won’t leave him no matter what so she keeps chasing him until he finds him and tells him she loves him. Van then PUSHES HER AGAINST A WALL HOLY SHIT (one of my favorite scenes from his route fufufu) and says SHE’S IMPORTANT TO HIM OMG so he doesn’t want her to be hurt. Cardia won’t listen so he knocks her unconscious, takes her to Saint’s place and goes to fight Aleister. Aleister, being the scum of the earth that he is, brings a hidden-strengthened Delly puppet to show Van…And it gets worse because when Cardia and company go St Paul’s Cathedral, they find a puppet Van NOOOOOOO щ(ಥДಥщ).

Turns out the reason Van was always so strong is because he has Hidden Strength himself. Aleister shows no remorse at all and literally treats Van like a fucking piece of art, this old man is so fucking crazy istg. Cardia rages (HELL YEAH) and goes to melt the fucking bastard but his crazyness and scumbagness reach fucking infinity and beyond because he stabs himself WTF and orders Van to kill Cardia, telling him she’s the true culprit behind his family’s death щ(ಥДಥщ). Ok but, to be fair, while I thought Aleister was truly a piece of shit, he was also a great antagonist and I really liked this scene were Van attacked Cardia, especially since she was MEGA BRAVE AND DIDN’T MIND HIM SHOOTING HER. Of course, old man’s KEIKAKU doesn’t go DOORI because they both survive. Van also stops being a HMPHing cold man and confesses his love wheeee! The epilogue is a month in the future where Van has a party at his work but he doesn’t want to bring Cardia since other dudes will see her :lol:. Instead, he gives her a dress and takes her to the palace rooftop where they dance together awwww (´∀`)♡. The special chapter has Cardia going to wake Van up only to find him naked lmao. It was priceless to see Cardia embarrassed :lol:. Biggest complain: WHY NO KISS CG?! (」゜ロ゜)」

Victor Frankenstein

victorMOE MOE KYUN! Based off the character from the novel, Victor is a incredibly moe alchemist who knows a great deal about chemicals and the like, loves experimenting and is VITAL to Cardia because, if someone can cure her poison, it’s him. Despite being super adorable, Victor hides a lot of secrets, many of them having to do with the fact that he’s running away from his past. Talking about running away, when Cardia tries to leave the mansion, he stops her and promises to find a cure for her poison…then he goes missing for a while. It seems Victoria has once again called off Victor’s protection so they’re all in danger again. Cardia’s also not feeling very well since, when she was still at the lab (during the common route, where we also learn about a chemical called Zicterium), Finis had touched the Horologium with his pendant with the full intention of turning it into the Philosopher’s stone. During the time Victor’s still missing, she decides to go to his room only to find a journal of his that says it was his fault she was created, making her think Victor could be his father. She also finds a note from him that tells her there is a traitor in their group so she should meet him at the Tower bridge. Of course, this is a trap by the scumbag of Aleister, who was intending to capture her. In the nick of time, though, Victor shows up and saves Cardia by carrying her wedding style and jumping off the bridge (I LOVE THIS SCENE SO MUCH, also IN YO’ FACE STUPID OLD MAN HAHA!). When they escape through the forest, Victor wants to leave Cardia again but Lupin’s group shows up and tell him to stop being such a pain in the ass and let them help him for pete’s sake :lol:! And I agree wholeheartedly. I think that’s the only thing that annoyed me about Victor’s route, the dude wouldn’t let anyone close because he didn’t want to burden them with his problems but there was a point where this matter got too recurrent and I was like OMG VICTOR STOP BEING EMO AND LET CARDIA AND THE REST HELP YOU HOLY SHIT. Luckily, this was the case and Cardia’s freaking awesome in this route so HELL YEAH.

Anyway, apparently the matter of Victor being accussed of terrorism is a plot by Twilight so they decide to hide at one of Lupin’s hideouts with the idea of talking to the Queen and explain the situation. Also, it’s been a while since Victor last examined Cardia, so they go back to Saint’s mansion to get his equipment in order for him to examine her properly. When they get to it, both get really embarrassed and it’s super cute 😆 (Victor MOEEEEE!). Afterwards, they decide to enter the castle by using the sewers as a secret passage. However, Impey’s bomb fucks everything up so they are both captured :lol:. But, have no fear, for Cardia’s arrived!!! Being the amazing heroine she is, Cardia melts the lock in her cell, knocks out some guards and saves her husbando like a fucking boss YEAAAAAHHH!!! When they get to Victoria, Victor tries to explain about the dangers of the Zicterium yet she’s super calm about the whole situation. She’s super calm and all smiles because, as she reveals, she’s actually the real mastermind of the Zicterium plot. She used Twilight to launch the terrorist attack AND made the vampires a sacrifice to show Britain’s fucking strong. Basically, in Victoria’s mind: Britain vs Rest of the world. HOLY SHIT, MAN, WHY IS EVERY VILLAIN IN THIS GAME SO FUCKING CRAZY. Blah blah, turns out Victor’s the creator of Zicterium (so he’s not really Cardia’s dad) and Victoria wants him to make it yet again. He refuses, of course, and Leonhardt gives Cardia a watch which tells her she only has a day left until she becomes a monster (aka the Philosopher’s stone) and kills everyone. Cardia tells Victoria to fuck off because she’s gonna trust her husbando and they runnnn awaaaayyyyy until Impey rescues them with the Ornithopter. Poor Cardia passes out from the pain and when she regains consciousness, it turns out there are only 9 hours left until she turns into the Philosopher’s stone. FINALLY, Victor stops being all secretive and tells Cardia about his past. Young Victor was an alchemist who worked for the government and was really enthusiastic about discovering new things. He was suppossed to find out how to create the Philosopher’s stone but ended up creating Zicterium instead. Since Zicterium is an extremely dangerous chemical, he warned Victoria not to use it but, did she listen? Nooooo. So, what happened? The Zicterium was used as poison gas in the vampire war and killed thousands of them (Victor actually reminds me of Doctor Marcoh from Fullmetal Alchemist in this sense). Victor blamed and still blames himself for the whole thing (no baby, it’s not your fault ;A;) and says he’s a coward…Cardia’s a real sweetheart and tells him that she wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for him (he created the Zicterium that Isaac used to create her after all) while giving him a BIG HUG (*´ω`*).

Victoria starts her horrible plan by throwing Zicterium gas bombs in several areas, one of them being Lupin’s hideout. Thankfully, Victor acts quickly and starts telling other people nearby to run the hell away. Cardia doesn’t want to leave him and stays to help too. Also, even though she’s surrounded by poison, Cardia’s actually starting to feel better (that’s so ironic for some reason :lol:) and this makes Victor realize how he can cure her poison: having her drink the Zicterium to nullify the poison. Cardia tells Victor that she loves him but the stupid asshole of Aleister comes and fucking ruins everything because he kidnaps her uuugh!!! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ The hours keep passing (lol, this kinda reminds me of the series 24) and, since Cardia’s poison stops working for a bit, she uses the skills Lupin taught her to escape (HAHA IN YO’ FACE OLD DICK!) fuck yeaaaahhh!!! When she finally gets out of the place she was kept in, Twilight starts following her but Impey saves her just in time. Blah blah blah, Victor meets up with Van, Lupin and Saint, still looking for the Zicterium and Aleister surrounds them with his Twilight soldiers. Aleister thinks he’s got the upper hand but Cardia and Impey arrive so nope :lol:. Blah blah blah, Victoria shows up and apparently everything is KEIKAKU DOORI. Her royal army stops Twilight and she tells Cardia to join her if she doesn’t want everyone else to die but she’s like not bitch I’m staying right here with the love of my life!! Anyway, the others stay behind to deal with the royal guards; and Victor lets Cardia know he wants to save her so they go cure her poison because he’s done running away!! When they’re getting near the place where Zicterium is, Victor is a complete sweetheart and confesses his love to her ksjbgksdjbgksejbgkjgb AAAAHHHHHH!!!! Cardia’s poison is weakening and he can finally touch her so he takes his glove off and touches her cheek with his hand and her forehead with his AGHHHH WHY IS THIS GUY SO SWEET AND ADORABLE MY HEART CAN’T TAKE EEEET!!!!!!!!!!! 

When they finally arrive at the Zicterium room, which happens to be a BIG ASS TREE, they also find Victoria, who’s together with Leonhardt, waiting for them. Blah blah blah, Victor and Leonhardt start fighting and Victor’s like WHY WON’T YOU UNDERSTAND YO’ QUEEN IS WRONNNNNG. Victor fights with WORDS and Leon’s like WTF but he finally gets it and says he won’t fight anymore. Victoria’s pissed off because he won’t do what she says so she stabs Leon but he’s more powerful so he punches her unconscious and takes her out of the room. Meanwhile, Victor’s already hacked the program so that it can’t be used anymore and is also figuring out how to extract the Zicterium. SHIT GETS REAL BECAUSE THE FUCKING ROOM IS ABOUT TO SELF DESTRUCT AND CARDIA’S FREAKING TURNING INTO A MONSTER SO VICTOR OMG HURRY THE HELL UP SKDJGBDJKSGBKSJDGB. AAAAAH SO JUST BEFORE EVERYTHING GOES TO SHIT, VICTOR MANAGES TO TAKE THE ZICTERIUM AND HE GIVES IT TO CARDIA MOUTH TO MOUTH OMG KSJDGBKSJGBKWJBSKJGBDKSJGS. Thankfully, just before everything goes kaboom, Lupin’s group saves them and they GTFO. In the epilogue, Fran and Cardia are living together in Saint’s mansion and he tells her he wants to sleep in the same bed from now on OMFG YES PLEASE sdkjbgsdkjgb. Cardia’s like what are you talking about, I’m still poisonous!!! But Victor’s like lol I’ve got the cure baby so he gives her a potion to drink that supresses the poison fufufu (✧≖‿ゝ≖). So, now, she only has to drink it regularly and she’ll be poison-free in no time!!! Victor gives Cardia a FUCKING SEXY KISS and kyaaaaa (/▽*\)!!! The special chapter has Cardia and Victor gardening until a caterpillar falls inside his shirt and Cardia starts stripping him off to remove the bug lmao 😆 I WAS LAUGHING LIKE A HYENA FOR FIVE WHOLE MINUTES.

Arsène Lupin

lupinBased off the character from the novels, Lupin is the gentleman thief and master of disguise that steals Cardia from the mansion (and eventually steals her heart as well 😉 ). He also teaches her a lot of stuff about how to be a thief so she ends up being something like an apprentice. To be honest, Lupin’s route was the most disappointing; not because I didn’t like it, but because it was much less than I expected. Lupin is obviously the main love interest in the game and the fact that his character fell flat in his own route was a bit of a bummer. I absolutely love him as a character, I really do but, poor Lupin, his route just didn’t make him much justice imo. Still, I did like his route and there were certain moments that made my heart go DOKI DOKI (ෆˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈ෆ).

After Cardia leaves Saint’s mansion and goes back to her own place, everything goes from bad to worse. She finds a letter from Isaac in her room but, guess what, the stupid angry villagers come raging at her mansion blaming her for yet another plague (OH MY GOD WHY WON’T YOU LEAVE HER ALONE DAMMIT). Still, it’s pretty obvious that they are all being manipulated but the fucking scumbag of a priest who even has the gall to tell them that, if they kill Cardia, all of their troubles will be solved wtf. Poor Cardia starts running through the woods but, soon, the villagers surround her and start throwing rocks at her as if they were in the Medieval Era for fuck’s sake. One of the rocks makes her head bleed a bit but then Lupin comes to save the daaaay. I really loved this part because Lupin told them off like a boss saying the real monsters were them and he was just there to rescue a poor girl from them (IN YO’ FACE ASSHOLE VILLAGERS AND PRIEST). Before leaving Wales, Elaine’s daughter, Ettie, apologizes for what she had said before and gives her Elaine’s journal (where she had written stuff about their days with Cardia). Then Cardia cries with Lupin by her side. GOD DAMMIT POOR CARDIA DIDN’T DESERVE ALL THIS SHIT HAPPENING TO HER AAAAHHH. Anyway, Cardia then remembers about the letter she found: it talks about Isaac’s fear of Idea (sound familiar, anyone? 😆 ) and how the terrorism plot he’s planning with Cardia is called Code:Realize (finally the name of the game appears, yay!). Lupin and Cardia head towards London and they hear that apparently everything’s fucked up because terrorism attacks are taking place. When they finally arrive, they sneak into the palace to save the Queen. Inside, they run into Leonhardt and decide to split up so that Lupin can distract them and the other two can go ahead. They succeed and decide to wait near the garden but DUM DUM DUUUUUUM Finis appears!!! He’s aliveeeee!!! Taking advantage of the situation, Finis starts blabbering how he and Cardia are both monsters and they’re vital in his OTOU-SAMA’S plot to become GOD (ok, this seriously reminds me of Fullmetal Alchemist; Father wanted to become a sort of god too). What bothered me about this part is that FOR SOME REASON Cardia starts doubting about what she should do and ALMOST TAKES FINIS HAND. THANK THE GODS that Victoria was there and she freakin’ stops her. I love Cardia, but the reaction she had here made me seriously wonder wtf she was thinking knowing Finis is super crazy and manipulative…Whatever, Lupin comes flying with a zeppelin so everyone’s saved, yeaaaaah!!!! And Finis screams like a psycho when Cardia leaves lmao :lol:. I found that part funny but holy shit Yuki Kaji is a pro at voicing characters like him, I love his screaming voice.

Meanwhile, Omnibus is her annoying self yet again because “she must stop Isaac’s delusions” before they become true; so she summons Guinevere and all the other apostoles, who gives a shit, nobody likes you granny. Now, back to the good part, inside the zeppelin, we’ve got a really adorable scene between Cardia and Lupin because she’s finally starting to realize her feelings for him and when she tells him he pulls her hat down and gives her a kiss on top of it AAAAAHHHHH THIS SCENE IS ONE OF THE BEST IN THE WHOLE GAME (●ฅ́дฅ̀●). Unfortunately, Leonhardt has to interrupt, instead of continuing sleeping next to his lovely queen like he was doing before (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ ugh. Blah blah, they arrive safely and meet up with the other guys. This is where the plot kinda draaaaags and the next day (or actually evening) Saint takes Cardia to Omnibus who, of course, is her allmightyqueenofdestiny-self and tells her that’s she’s gotta die. Saint’s like NO I WON’T ALLOW THIS (when he was the one who brought you to her wtf) BECAUSE I BELIEVE IN CARDIA-SAN AND HER FUTURE. Okay dude…Granny’s like *sigh* ok man, but here’s a death pill in case shit gets bad with yo’ daddy. Cardia gets all emo and doesn’t know what to do so she leaves the hideout yet again during nighttime. She especially doesn’t understand why Lupin’s so nice to her and WOOPS it looks like she doesn’t have to wonder anymore because he finds her. Lupin finally stops being evasive about certain questions and tells her about his past: young Lupin was a homeless boy who needed to steal in order to survive. One day he was caught by man who was a genius thief and he took him as his apprentice. But everything went to hell when Lupin realized the old man had used the money Lupin stole to create a criminal organization. Lupin decided to destroy the organization by stealing their stuff and returning it to their respective owners. Unfortunately, the members also started fighting between themselves and, in the end, Lupin’s teacher was fatally wounded. Before dying, his teacher smiles and Lupin thanks him for everything he learned. So, in the end, Lupin tells Cardia that one of his reasons for doing what he does (trying to stop Twilight’s terrorism) is for himself and the other reason is because he loves Cardia. Of course, he HAD TO use the neutral pronouns so Cardia misunderstands thinking he’s talking about someone else. No, seriously, as much as I love this game, these kind of scenes piss me off because they are super cliché and dumb. Well, anyway, Lupin then tells her she’s the one she loves and everything’s great ksbgksjgbksjg.

The next day, our heroes (even Delly!) go to St. Paul’s Cathedral to stop Twilight. One of Lupin’s reasons for having rescued Victoria before was also to have her help him with her army and stuff. Blah blah blah, they find Finis there, to which Van rages and starts shooting like a maniac. But then multiple clones of Finis keep coming and he’s like “lol, had enough?”. Like with the other routes and, actually, like shounen series in general, Saint and company tell Lupin and Cardia to go ahead while they take care of the rest. When they get to the central room, they spot a big ass globe which is actually’s Finis main body (I admit I wasn’t expecting that when I played it and it was pretty awesome hell yeah)!!! Finis’ other bodies are actually puppets so when one of them dies it’s no biggie for globe!Finis to create more as if it was a freaking Finis factory :lol:. Finis also lets them know that OTOU-SAMA’S MIND IS WITHIN HIS BODY TOO. So the plan is basically: Finis + Cardia = Isaac GOD version. Lupin’s like fuck you, I won’t give you the love of my life!! But then NEEEEMOOOOO shows up with Impey’s gravity relief core and starts “vacuuming” the whole room making Cardia and Lupin separate nooooooo. Lupin promises he will save her so he asks her to believe in him. After this, Cardia wakes up and Finis touches the Horologium with his pendant, which makes it start turning into the Philosopher’s stone and poor Cardia screams because of the pain. Finis is pretty much in ecstasy after feeling how OTOU-SAMA gradually takes over his body holy shitto. Then, we see Isaac in Finis’ body (puppet body?) calling her “lovely daughter”. Turns out, though, that he doesn’t actually love THIS Cardia but rather her real daughter Cardia who died in a fire together with her brother Finis (the other Finis is also based off Isaac’s real son); they look like their children because he used the DNA that was left. When Finis regains control, he gets mega pissed off at Cardia because she got love from daddy but he didn’t. Cardia’s like wait bro he doesn’t actually love me either and Finis’ like I DON’T CARE IF IT WAS PRETENDED LOVE, AT LEAST HE SMILED AT YOU. Gosh, I know Finis is a scumbag but I actually felt really sorry for him; the poor boy just wanted some fatherly love.

Then something quite curious happens: we start seeing the story from Lupin’s perspective. Now, don’t get me wrong, I quite like it when we can get into another character’s mind that’s not the heroine and Lupin was a sweetheart worrying about Cardia and how long the plan was taking. The problem is that this scene took too fucking long and draaaaaaaagged until getting to the POINT. The summary of this mega long part is that Lupin is super irritated that he can’t go get Cardia right freaking now so he wants to go alone yet he knows he doesn’t have much chances, really. Van’s like DUDE CHILL and the others show up as well and tell him he’s not alone awww skdgbksdgk. Omnibus appears to lend a hand too (and Lupin’s his awesome self by thinking he won’t let the old bag kill his girlfriend) and Lupin convinces Victoria to push the plan forward to the following evening. BLAH BLAH BLAH LOOOONNNNGGG. Back to Cardia, she tries to escape but Finis catches her and stabs her leg and beats her like a psycho. Cardia almost drinks the death pill but she reconsiders and decides against it and says she wants to be with Lupin. Finis’ rage goes fucking BOOM and he’s like WELP YOU’LL KILL EVERYONE LIKE THE MONSTER YOU ARE BITCH, SO YOU GET NO LOVE. Blah blah, Isaac’s up again but who cares lol, because Lupin comes just in time and saves his beautiful lover(*/∇\*)!!! In the normal end, the Nautilus explodes and Cardia and Lupin die…It’s the only normal ending I played because it’s apparently necessary to get Lupin’s CG in the special chapter ;A; uuugh and it hurt, especially because Saint WAITS AT HIS MANSION FOR THEM TO RETURN WHYYYYYY SOB SOB. Fortunately the true ending is much happier. While the Nautilus is freaking collapsing, the rest of our heroes are dealing with the enemies. Except for Victor, who’s also fighting against Nemo, each of them is battling the villain from their respective route. This is why I feel Code: Realize will do an amazing job as an anime; in Lupin’s route, everything is solved because the secondary characters also achieve their goals. The problem is that, due to this, Lupin loses a lot of protagonism and Cardia doesn’t shine as much as in the other paths. I mean, even HERLOCK gets screen time by revealing he’s actually SHERLOCK HOLMES (you don’t fucking say) and killing Aleister (who reveals to be Moriarty holy shit). Again, I still liked Lupin’s route, but it left me dissatisfied. Finis had a big part in me enjoying it actually, he’s the best villain in the whole game.

Anyway, back to the story, Cardia’s Horologium finally converts into the Philosopher’s stone and her hair turns white. Finis screams for his daddy and Isaac takes over once more. Cardia’s worried about how her poison’s gonna kill everyone but Isaac tells her not to panic since his new body is taking her poison and blah blah blah. Cardia calls her a monster for not giving a shit about Finis and, well, he doesn’t because Finis is just his puppet. Isaac gets mad at Cardia for all the stuff she’s saying so he absorbs her. When inside the globe, Cardia’s able to witness Isaac’s past. Isaac was a genius scientist who went to London in order to do research, something that proved incredibly fruitful because he learned a lot of stuff. He stopped after a while, though, thinking he should also give an opportunity to other scientists to discover other stuff so he married his lover and went back to his village to become a doctor. The couple had twins, Cardia and Finis, and they were all happy until the village was hit with famine. Much like with Cardia, the stupid villagers started blaming Isaac for everything even though he was doing everything he could to save them. He returned to London for a bit so as to get more research material but, when he came back home, he found his family had been almost murdered. Of course, nobody helped him and his family died so he pretty much went crazy and decided that humanity had to “reset itself” with a new god (him). Blah blah blah, Lupin saves Cardia by pulling her out of the globe and blows up Isaac and most of the ship with bombs he prepared in advance. Isaac dies blah blah Finis wakes up and since the globe went BOOM he only has one body left (the puppet one). He’s about to fall but Cardia grabs his hand and OMG THIS SCENE WAS SO HEARTBREAKING BECAUSE EVEN THOUGH CARDIA TOLD HIM SHE WOULD LOVE HIM FINIS ONLY WANTED HIS FATHER LOVE SO HE LETS GO OF HER HAND TELLING HER HE ALWAYS HATED HER BUT AT THAT MOMENT A LITTLE LESS AND I WAS LIKE WHY WON’T YOU LOVE ME GOD DAMMIT щ(ಥДಥщ). The Nautilus freaking collapses and Lupin apologizes to Cardia because he couldn’t fulfill his promise of letting her touch another person but then he’s like WAIT I DON’T CARE ANYMORE so he touches her hair and burns his hand a bit but then POP the poison runs out and they kiss (´∀`)♡. Unlike the normal ending, where they end up dying, here they are saved by Impey and the others with a zeppelin Victoria gave them. Blah blah blah, in the epilogue, everyone’s living their life the way they want to and Lupin and Cardia get marrieeeeeeeeddddd!!!!!! This scene was adorable and Van getting angry at the rest for not keeping quiet was freaking hilarious :lol:. In the special chapter, Cardia panics thinking Lupin will die from a cold because he came home completely wet from the rain. She rans into his room with a change of clothes and a towel but finds his husbando almost naked lmao 😆 and he teases her because she looks as red as a tomato (˵¯͒⌄¯͒˵). He also kisses her neck and tells her they will continue that night OH MY GAAAAHD!!! (//∇//)

Conclusive thoughts

This game is freaking amazing but I’m never doing a review this long ever again; it literally took days to write *sigh*. Anyway, I must say this is really one of the best otome games I’ve ever played. Starting with Cardia, this girl gets 1st prize in most wonderful heroine from an otome game (so far, at least). The girl literally started off as a lifeless doll but then gained so much development, so much personality throughout the whole story that it leaves you totally mind-blown. Whenever she was in trouble, she didn’t wait like a damsel in distress to be rescued; SHE DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Kidnapped? Let’s escape. A bad guy wants to fight? Let’s fight too. Love of her life’s in danger? Let’s save him. YOU GO GIRL!!! It was also incredibly heartwarming to see her fall in love and be her sweet self, I absolutely adore Cardia!!!

Another thing that’s truly amazing about this game is the story. Even though some aspects are quite similar to Fullmetal Alchemist, the story is still pretty original and well managed. Some routes where better than others, true, but overall they were very deep and enjoyable. The main characters were all pleasing and charming, something that’s quite hard to achieve in an otome game, or any kind of fiction for that matter; because not everyone empathizes with the same stuff. Some of the villains were a bit annoying to me but they fulfilled their role the way they had to and made the routes more interesting in some cases. Finis is definitely the best of them all imo and no one can deny the way Yuki Kaji portrayed him was A+ (HE’S FREAKING GREAT AT VOICING CRAZY CHARACTERS).

What’s not so great about this game imo is that, being incredibly long, it kind of drags a bit at times. There were scenes where the pacing would go reeeeaaaaally slow and I actually got bored. Honestly, some parts weren’t even necessary and they even distracted you from the main plot in a route. Also, I don’t really saw the point of making the characters based off novel ones or actual historical figures. I admit I’m no expert on them, but the only one who truly seemed “in character” was Lupin; so was there really a point to the characters’ adaptations? Another thing, even though Cardia’s hella awesome, there were certain routes where I really couldn’t understand why she fell in love, since it seemed out of nowhere…I don’t mind an otome game that’s more focused on the story but at least give me a hint of when she started feeling that way 😆 . The music was nice, but nothing special imo (except for the opening that’s FUCKING AMAZING).

Finally, the matter of Cardia’s poison isn’t really resolved in all of the routes but, since a fandisk’s coming to Japan soon, I guess they’ll leave all the answers there. Art is gorgeous, of course, and the steampunk theme made this game all the more great!!

My verdict: is this game perfect? No. Is it enjoyable? VERY! Do I recommend it? HELL YEAH!

Hope you enjoyed the ride! See you next post! (≧∇≦*)/

PS: Seriously, I’m not writing a review this long ever again omg. I mean, I actually uploaded this the day of my birthday o_O (though for some reason it says that it was published on the 20th…but today’s the 28th lol, maybe it’s because I had it saved as a draft).











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