Otome game review: Winter in Fairbrook


As I said in my previous review, apart from Re:Alistair++, Winter in Fairbrook is another one of the first dating sims I’ve ever played and it’s very special to me. The game has its pro and cons but is very sweet and warm. Also, it’s a spin off of Summer in Fairbrook, where the mc is Steve, who is a bachelor in this game. I haven’t played that one, though.

So, what’s the story about? Here’s a short summary: Natalie, a lazy and spoiled girl, has just finished her first semester in college. However, this hardly means she’ll be free. Her parents want her to get a job over winter break or they’ll take her new car away. Luckily, her roommate, Clara, tells her about a friend in her hometown who needs a hand with her flower shop. Will Natalie learn how to be disciplined and responsible in her one-month work? Will she open up to others and find love?

Note: This review contains spoilers so read at your own risk. If you want to avoid them, though, just jump to “conclusive thoughts”.

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Otome game review: Re: Alistair++


I first played Re: Alistair++ a few years ago, when I still didn’t know many otome games. Being one of my earlier ones, it holds a special place in my heart (just as Winter in Fairbrook, which I’ll probably write about soon). After so long, I decided to replay it :-).

The story revolves around Merui, an impulsive high school girl who loves video games and plays one called Rivenwell Online. One day, as she’s about to beat a boss and get a cool item, a guy called Alistair barges in and defeates it instead. Merui wants her item back but Alistair has other ideas. After finding out he goes to the same school, but not being certain of who he is, Alistair challenges her to discover his real identity. If she wins, she’ll get her item back. If she loses, she’ll have to give him all of her gold for a whole month. There are 3 guys besides her who were also using the internet during lunch break (before it suddenly shut down). Can Merui figure out who this Alistair is, before the time runs out, and get revenge?

Note: This review contains spoilers so read at your own risk. If you want to avoid them, though, just jump to “conclusive thoughts”.

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A little tour through Pacthesis’ games

So, after some pondering of what should my first post be about, I decided to dedicate it to the wonderful world of Pacthesis’ games. For those who don’t know who she is, Pacthesis (aka Amy) is the creator of several flash sim dates in Deviantart (most of them made when she was in High School!). But right now, understandably, she is busy with life and has been on a hiatus for almost two years. If she ever comes back and starts making games commercially, my wallet and I will be ready to buy her stuff, since it’s thanks to her that I got into otome games in the first place. Pacthesis’ games are a perfect example of how art can improve over time and how, to my mind, STORY REIGNS ABOVE ALL.

Note: This review contains very mild spoilers but if you still want to avoid them just jump to “conclusive thoughts”.


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