The demo of my mystery RPG Maker game, Panacea, has been released!!


Hello, everyone! How have you been? Gosh, it’s been a really long while, right? I even skipped my blog anniversary… oh well. There’s quite a few reasons why I haven’t been very active (I’ll mention them on this post), but the main one is because I’ve been working a whole lot on my game Panacea.

The hard work was worth it, though, cause’ the demo is now completed!! You can download it on my page over here!! It’d help me wonders if you could try it and tell me what you think!!

Anyway, I’ll also talk a little bit about what I’ve been up to plus my journey with Panacea. If you’re interested, keep reading! 😀

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Mystery game review: Misadventures of Laura Silver (Chapter 1)


Hello, everyone! I’m finally keeping my promises and reviewing the games I received a key for. First was SoulSet, now it’s Misadventures of Laura Silver (thank you, Studio Attic Salt for providing me the key ❤️)!! There’s actually one more game I was asked to review around September and the developer didn’t mind waiting since, at the time, I was extremely busy with the courses I finished this month. But I’m so dumb that I forgot to claim the key and now it’s unavailable… I don’t want to send the developer an email and demand for a key ‘cause that just doesn’t sit well with me. But, developer, if you read this and still want me to review your game, please let me know!

Back to the review~

Laura Silver is a paranormal (and paranoid) detective who loves guns receives the task of investigating a monster, called “The Vodnik”, alongside former policeman Orewell Cooper, in the country of Czechoslovakia. Unfortunately for her, these two find themselves stuck in a “normal” case of murder mystery inside the hotel they are staying at. How will Silver’s misadventures unfold?

NOTE: This review contains spoilers so read at your own risk. If you want to avoid them, though, just jump to “conclusive thoughts”.

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Otome-Mystery game review: SoulSet


Hello everyone! It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? I’ll probably be completely “off hiatus” around January but, since I wanted to rest a bit from all the work I had to do for the courses I took this year, I figured ‘hey, why not finish playing SoulSet?’ The key was provided by Nayru, creator of this game, so that I could make a review afterwards. Thank you very much ! ❤

In a world where magic, dragons and spirits are present, SoulSet follows the story of Mariko Blairnot, a woman who finds herself trapped in a mansion —surrounded by a magical barrier— together with five other people who have amnesia. In fact, Mariko has amnesia herself, and only remembers bits of her past, specifically having to do with her mother’s death, her dragon companion called Isshin, and a mysterious necromancer who goes by the name of Feathor. Since those two are nowhere to be found, Mariko resolves to investigate her surroundings and having to decide who to trust among the five strangers.

Will she be able to remember her past and manage to escape the mansion alive?

NOTE: This game is marked as NSFW because it has sexual themes, strong language and violence, so keep that in mind.

As always, if you don’t wanna be spoiled, just head to conclusive thoughts.

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I’m attending a Game Design Course!!


Hello everyone! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m sorry for suddenly disappearing, the reason is I’ve been quite busy because of a Game Design course that I’ve been going to since late April. As I promised on Twitter, I’m going to talk a bit about it!!

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First impressions – The Caligula Effect: Overdose


Hello everyone! It’s been a while since my last game review. I bought this game last month and, since it’s quite long, I decided to do a ‘first impressions review’ rather than a full one. I wanted to get this out of the way since there are other games I want to play and I didn’t want to get to them before writing about this one. Then, I’ll be able to resume Ashen Hawk.

What’s the story about? Basically, you’re someone who gets trapped in a virtual world called Mobius, created by Miku Hatsune two virtuadolls (Mu and Aria), together with a bunch of other people. In Mobius, people can live freely as the “best version of themselves” in a high school setting (meaning, no matter their age in the real world, they’ll be high schoolers in Mobius) while they escape their painful lives. The protagonist, however, wants to return to the real world, so she joins the “Go-Home Club”. However, there’s also another group, called the Ostinato Musicians, who support Mu and see the protagonist and the Go-Home Club as traitors.

For those who don’t know, The Caligula Effect was actually released for the PS Vita in 2017 (2016 in Japan) but it had a remake made (The Caligula Effect: Overdose) for the Switch and PS4 (which was released last month). Apart from the different platform, the main add-ons are a female protagonist and a “bad route” where you can choose to side with the villains (aka the Ostinato Musicians).

NOTE: This review contains spoilers for the first two dungeons so read at your own risk. Also, this review is for the Switch version since I don’t have a PS4. And… as always, be prepared for a lot of cursing ranting.

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